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That's great news JC. Legally on the road very soon!

Ref the wheel centering, with the possible exception of the TR7, all Triumphs with the 3.75" LCD (and indeed all others except the Acclaim) are designed to be stud centric rather than hub centric. So in theory the fit over the hub spigot doesn't matter. Indeed, the standard roto hubs have no spigot at all beyond the brake drum face.  In practice this seems to work reasonably well with the standard steel wheels but not always so well with aftermarket alloys. On my PI particularly, with KN Minator alloys I had to be careful to evenly tighten the wheel nuts as much as possible before putting any weight on the wheels or they'd run slightly off centre and cause vibrations.

So centering rings are a good idea I think. My 100+ alloys also have centre holes that are larger than the spigots, but only by about 2mm, which makes centering rings a bit difficult!

Looking forward to hearing that you are officially on the road!


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Went to the car registration administration and they accepted the TUV papers without any discussion. On the V5 the new power is written down and all the other modifications are dealt with the TUV papers.

Afterwards MoT time and again no trouble at all, so car is legally on the road for the next 2 years :banana:

:thanks: for keeping your finger crossed that the car will make it :yes:

ps : I realized that I started the restoration 10 years ago :wink:


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