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This section is really mine.


I will be adding technical articles and reviews of products here which are covered by my "terms and conditions".


"Anything goes" that maybe of interest to the wider audience.


If you wish to make your mark here, on this forum, its very much welcomed, you are welcomed and encouraged to be proactive here.


This is not a place to BASH any product. Reviews submitted must be concise, free from personal feeling, reliant on FACT and sound engineering basis.


So why not write a short, or lengthy article, including images (clear and concise) on pretty much any subject and submit it to me for approval and posting here.


That can be polishing chrome, fitting a windscreen, building a race-engine, porting a head. I will publish articles at my own descretion. You are welcome to discuss it before-hand.


I really hope some technoheads put some effort in here! You will be fully credited and honoured.


I will allow further comment on articles here if required.

So make YOUR mark, I dare you!

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