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GT6 fan belts

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I presently have an alloy alternator mounting block on my Vitesse, in the Triumph 2000 Mk.2 shape, replacing that heavy old lump of cast iron.


When the weather warms up, I will be replacing it with one of the recently made alloy GT6 style blocks from CC, thereby considerably lowering the alternator, and thereby the centre of gravity.


I have one of these alloy blocks after pestering Mr.Pearson, plus one of the GT6 alternator adjustment straps, or links, or whatever they are called.


I am rather puzzled at the moment as to which length of fan belt I will need?


GCB11125 GT6 to KC7905E


GCB11088 GT6 from KC7906E


GCB11125 GT6-2 to KC76718


GCB11160 or GCB11162 from KC76719


GCB11150 GT6-3


These are the Unipart numbers that I have listed for the GT6s...


Obviously the earlier ones are for Dynamo/Generator equipped cars.


Does anyone know the correct number/length of the fan belt as fitted to cars with the Vitesse MK.2/GT6-2 engine fitted with a Lucas Alternator?


This would give me a starting point, as the Unipart numbers are not much use in the USA.


















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Hi Leon


my experience with fan belt are less good. It always turns out that the pulley has been change sometime in the past. I usually take the  old belt and go to a local autosupply and asks for a fan belt. In your case -just take a measure - and bring the old belt for reference.





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I suppose my question is more like "how long is a piece of string"


It might be that the belt presently on my Vitesse will fit, as I had to change it for a slightly different length when I fitted the Bosch Alternator.


I will no doubt find out when I try to fit the new bracket.


It does seem odd though that there are so many different belts for the GT6.





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here is how to find out.


With the Alternator in a suitable position of adjustment.

Place string around the pulleys.

You will find the length is in the order of 1.1-1.3 Metres.

The exact length is model dependant.

But say its 1metre 13 cm, that is 1130mm


Knowing that, we look at the belts themselves...


The fan belt numbering goes:

  • AAA (Manufacturer bollocks)
  • 1 (belt type, v groove in our case, others included ribbed and toothed - no not condoms!)
  • xxxx (length in millimetres)




So for my example car, I'd need AAA11130...geddit?

Should help you out a bit...

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16 hours ago, Nick Jones said:

Only 11 years....... :biggrin:

Hello Nick, that was just a thread update, we all know bits and bobs go out of date, so now we are all updated on GT6 Mk3 Fan belts, ( it took a while to think up this reply) :lol:

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