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Found 1 result

  1. Good Day Gentlemen, I'm new to the forum and Triumphs in general. Around 2010 when I was a kid, I first saw a GT6 by way of trying to buy an MG. Fell in love, and I've always wanted a GT6 since then. Finally got the opportunity to purchase one this year. In the preceding years I had a simple dream, and that was to build a PI GT6. What if Triumph made the best possible GT6, with a PI engine and overdrive and whatever other goodies I could think of. I've been reading SteveA's old blog and trying to gather parts and information for the build. So I've accumulated two sets of late PI gear and am having one MU recalibrated/refurbished, and I got hold of a cam and wideport TR6 head, which I think I'll need to shave to bring the CR up to something like on the UK spec GT6s. I've never built an engine before in my life, and i'm not 100% sure what all I need to do to accomplish this idea, but I'm committed to making the dream a reality. My first step will be to build up the head, so I've got to get all the right studs for manifolds and such, get the head height right for a GT6, and sort out the valves and springs and rocker gear. I'm still looking for an engine block to build on, but it's not much of a priority right now simply because I'm loathe to lift a built up bottom end up and down the stairs of my apartment. Here's some pictures of the car, and the new head with some of the components slapped on. Needless to say, I'll be posting an awful lot of neophyte and naive questions in the coming months. So as my first question: Did the PI cars have different valve springs than the non PI cars? Kind Regards, AJ
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