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Found 1 result

  1. Hi y’all, After an age mucking around with my GT6, it’s getting close to running again. The short version: it has MS3-pro running the injection and wasted spark ignition. It ran for about a half hour before I left Brisbane two years ago. When I first started it, it ran beautifully. Then after pulling the engine to repair a bad oil leak, it developed a misfire, like it was running on four cylinders. Then it started blowing the ignition / fuel pump / CPU fuse. Instead of driving it to my new home in Narrabri, it was trucked down. That went badly when the towie dropped it off a tilt tray, and a lot of time was spent straightening the chassis. I’ve also worked through the de-snagging list that its first drive in Brisbane threw up. Driveshaft touching the floor, screws in a brake caliper touching a disc, disintegrating urethane bushes, an oil leak behind the front engine plate... And so so onto the final and hardest part, figuring out the electrical issue. I’ve pulled apart and rebuilt the wiring loom, isolating and testing each circuit. Today I managed to power up the MS3 Pro and link it to my laptop, proving that it hasn’t been fried. Huge sigh of relief. The fuse blows, however, when I connect up the coil pack and driver. The wires between them seem fine, so I figure that either the driver (a Bosch 0 227 100 203) or the coil pack, a 3-coil wasted spark unit, has been damaged. The driver seems more fragile, but if it has died (maybe not all at once, explaining the poor running) then it’s likely to be because either it isn’t compatible with the coil, or I had the settings wrong. What coil pack and driver combinations have other megasquirters used?