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Found 1 result

  1. first excuse all lower case, but have a problem operating caps and shift key! ok this is on the red spit which is a bit of a bitza, but basically has vitesse/gt6 uprights, stub axles and hubs, with early herald calliper mounting brackets to take princess or m16 calipers. just got the hubs off and appear to have two types of felt seal arrangement, and the manuals and parts lists aren't helping. first two pics below are the rh, where I appear to have a felt seal on the stub axle against the mounting plate, and what looks like a rubber seal in the hub. the second two pics show the lh, where it appears there is a felt seal bonded to a metal outer that is pressed into the hub. not 100% sure the felt is bonded but it doesn't want to come out easily, and if you look you can see that the surface of the hub is highly polished which looks like the felt seal has been rotating on it, which does indicate to me that the felt is stuck to the pressed in metal carrier, whereas on the rh side the felt has stayed put on the axle against the mounting bracket doesn't have a steel carrier and it looks like the rubber seal in the hub rotates on it? if i look in my vitesse/gt6 manual it says after removing hub assembly avoiding damage to felt seal drift out the seal holder 45 which from the picture appears to be the metal cup pressed into the hub on the lh side. however if I look at the rimmer parts lists for both vitesse and gt6 neither show a felt washer or the metal seal holder 45 but both show ghs146 a rubber/plastic seal, which probably looks like what i can see in the rh hub. If I look in the spitfire diagrams/parts list they also show no felt washer but the same ghs146 rubber/plastic seal. however if i look in the Herald diagrams/parts list low and behold i find ghs110 felt in steel retaining and zero use of ghs146. so i'm guessing that the vitesse/gt6 workshop manual is wrong about drifting 45 seal holder and that is a bit that got carried forward from the earlier herald manual it was based on. however my conundrum if i have ghs146 fitted on the rh side it shouldn't also need an extra felt seal (not in retainer) as I have got, but on the lh side where i have ghs110 fitted is it really correct that that felt seal goes wizzing around fixed in the hub rubbing against the mounting bracket face? i'd like to have the two the same, but which is correct, or do they both work equally well. alan
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