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    • I LOATHE smart photo autoscramble!!!!!!!
    • I don't know about the MJL output not hanging messed with one but iirc they are marginal on RVC style tacho. Some work, some work up to 2k or so and some don't work at all. Same amp circuit as used with EDIS output would work. Nick
    • Earth sensor cable at EDIS (pin7 iirc). PIP and SAW less fussy but same applies if using screened cable. tacho connection depends on your tacho. It is possible to use the diagnostic pin (2?there is no dedicated tacho out on the EDIS-6) with some tachos, but others Such as Smiths RVC voltage sensing need an amplifier. I made one.  If you have a Smiths RVI current sensing one, just connect the coil supply through it as normal and it will work. There is also an option that involves three zener diodes to tie the outputs of the three coils together which should work with an RVC tacho. Using RVI tacho is easiest  Nick
    • Ok Wise Wiring Wranglers!   I have a couple of questions, had been about to put a spurt on and see if I could get the Vitesse running on Edis in limp mode, just to see if bits were working, and following John's tribulations see if I could get the initial wiring correct. However hit first stumbling block on discovering that new coil pack plug sent with my kit was for an Edis4 (3pin) not Edis6 (4pin) so going to be a few days delay whilst that is sorted. However whilst going through wiring diagrams I have hit a couple of questions. 1) Shielding and earthing.  Looking at the diagrams and the current wiring loom on my EDIS plug,  I can see that the shield on the VR sensor doesn't connect to earth at the sensor end, but does connect to the shield connection (pin 7) at the Edis Plug end. From the wiring on my EDIS plug I can see that 7(shield) was connected to the shield around the Sensor wires (5&6) and also to the shield around the Pip and Saw wires (1&3). Looking at my existing Edis plug wiring there is an Earth wire (pin 9) but no connection from 7 (shield) to pin 9.  So my assumption is that the Edis Plug (or Edis Unit) makes a connection to earth (9) internally from (7).  However this is slightly confused by looking at the wiring diagrams where everyone shows a connection from the shield on VR to earth at the Edis Plug.  However just  to add to my confusion I notice that in the wiring diagrams that the shield on the PIP and SAW are also shown with their shield connected to earth at the EDIS plug end, but also shown with their shield connected to earth at the MJ plug end!  Now what I do know is that only one end of a shield wire should be earthed! So unless someone tells me otherwise, my assumption is going to be shield runs from VR sensor and connects to pin 7 (shield) on Edis Plug, shield runs from MJ plug around PIP and SAW and connects to pin 7 (shield) on Edis Plug.  And that I don't make a connection to earth (9) from (7) at the Edis Plug, and I don't make a connection from shield to earth at the MJ end either.  The only reason I can think otherwise would be if there is no connection at Edis between (7) shield, and (9) earth, in which case as the shields on VR and PIP/SAW are connected together at pin 7, then earthing the shield at the MJ end would make sense. Ok now you see how I can make a mountain out of a mole hill on just grounding the shield, my next issue 2) Driving the Taco(s).  I have an electronic Taco conversion that drives happily taking a wire from the coil "-", I also have a datalogger that theoretically should also take an input from coil "-" but never has always over reading by about 100% (there are various circuit mods out there that are supposed to fix this) but as the data logger came with an inductive clamp as well  that works perfectly I never bothered to do anything. So in implementing MJ I have to provide a trigger source for the Taco and also one for the data logger (as with wasted spark the induction clamp will be useless). However I seem to have three sources of Taco single.  Pin 2 of the Edis plug is described as Taco Out,  Pin 14 of the MJ Plug in the wiring diagram (even more confusing as my MJ plug has 16 not 14 as shown in pictures!) is also described as Taco Out, and to finally confuse me with my kit I have been provided with a neat bit of wiring complete with inbuilt circuit board that is described as an old fashioned (ie. high voltage signal) Taco driver that has three wires one that connects to each of the Edis to Coil pack signal wires, run to this tiny embedded circuit board, that then has a single wire coming out that is to go to a Taco. So I'm assuming that the Edis plug Taco Out (pin 2) is of no use to me, that the MJ plug Taco Out (pin 14 or what ever) is of no use to me, and the taco signal I should be using for both Taco and Datalogger is the special wired one? Any inputs gratefully received (or outputs!) Alan  
    • Hello Nick                   This is the type of coil pack I am using on Spitty as the driver is built in and they are cheap and common! (the copy ones not paying Bosch prices!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-AUDI-SEAT-SKODA-VW-IGNITION-COIL-PACK-032905106B-032905106E-032905106-UK/271395612357?epid=1144571949&hash=item3f307066c5:g:Z-4AAOSwxH1T1pG9 I am using Microsquirt V3 and you can wire direct from ECU to coil pack(save one more connector!) You can see it on the right. Roger
    • Hi y’all, After an age mucking around with my GT6, it’s getting close to running again. The short version: it has MS3-pro running the injection and wasted spark ignition. It ran for about a half hour before I left Brisbane two years ago. When I first started it, it ran beautifully. Then after pulling the engine to repair a bad oil leak, it developed a misfire, like it was running on four cylinders. Then it started blowing the ignition / fuel pump / CPU fuse.   Instead of driving it to my new home in Narrabri, it was trucked down. That went badly when the towie dropped it off a tilt tray, and a lot of time was spent straightening the chassis. I’ve also worked through the de-snagging list that its first drive in Brisbane threw up. Driveshaft touching the floor, screws in a brake caliper touching a disc, disintegrating urethane bushes, an oil leak behind the front engine plate...   And so so onto the final and hardest part, figuring out the electrical issue. I’ve pulled apart and rebuilt the wiring loom, isolating and testing each circuit. Today I managed to power up the MS3 Pro and link it to my laptop, proving that it hasn’t been fried. Huge sigh of relief. The fuse blows, however, when I connect up the coil pack and driver. The wires between them seem fine, so I figure that either the driver (a Bosch 0 227 100 203) or the coil pack, a 3-coil wasted spark unit, has been damaged. The driver seems more fragile, but if it has died (maybe not all at once, explaining the poor running) then it’s likely to be because either it isn’t compatible with the coil, or I had the settings wrong.   What coil pack and driver combinations have other megasquirters used?
    • Hi John, you may be passed this photo now but this is what I used to remind me how everything lined up..... The original pulley is at TDC with the original timing mark and indicator. The (dirty greasy oily) VR sensor is aligned with the 6th tooth from the missing tooth which is at about 3 o' clock in this photo. If you find that the coils are firing in a different order than expected, you may have the same problem that I had when my coil "sequence" was different to all the diagrams I found. This was in the 4 connection plug. The connectors were numbered 1,2,3,4 left to right on one pack, but  4,3,2,1 left to right on the other. Hopefully the sequence should be indicated somewhere near/in the socket. I did notice that both coil packs firing sequence were A C B where B is the pack in the middle. Why did they do it this way? Why not A B C (Left, middle, right) Is this a "heat protection" sequence?????
      If you do need to swap you coil sequence around to get it running, perhaps you should aim to repeat the Left, right middle, sequence????? Cheers,
    • OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!! No need to cut, shut, fiddle with connectors!     Roger and Nick, you are the Senior Wranglers!    Just swap the spark leads!!!!!!!   Who cares which coil gets zapped!  As long as long as it goes to the right cylinders. Try it tommorow, too late now. John
    • Hi Tim Yes, Were heading for Toronto. but not sure exactly in the golden horseshoe we'll be based yet as the company have sent me back to Europe for a few months. Now the car is back in storage on the other side of the world! It would be great to catch up sometime.  Cheers Nigel
    • That's right Nick, about 220 Km away, @ 120KPH on the 401 highway. Toronto is an okay place to visit, nearly the most expensive housing in North America as a drawback. But only 180 Kms away from the Muskoka Lakes , great twisting roadways up there, watch out for moose though. Pretty exciting to have a member and his car move over here, I'm putting together a spit six for my wife, would be interesting to see Nigels version.
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