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  1. Thanks to all, I will take a different aproach, I will let you know.
  2. Hi to all, I would like to keep the original fan on my '69 GT6 and was thinking about machining the iner part of the crankshaft pullet (where the timing numbers are) with the 36-1 pattern, the idea is to be very careful not to over heat the rubber compound. What are your thoughts? Alfredo
  3. Alfredo

    Any Megasquirt experts?

    Nick, thanks for thr info, the megasquirt was working on a 2lt VW, for some reason the owner is selling the ported head with the megasquirt, he had some shop do the work for him so he knows nothing about the specifics of this arangement. He is willing to sell only the megasquirt but I have to make him an offer... Thanks so much and I'll let you know how it goes. One last question, in case some one did something wrong and the megasquirt is not working, are they easyto repair? Alfredo
  4. Hi to all, I know there are many Megaquirt forums but I have found many knowledgeable people on this one. My plans are to EFI my 69 GT6 and I have been offered this Megasquirt but I want to know exactly which model and version it is and how much a similar one would cost if bought new. I also want to be sure this is not a counterfit. Thanks in advance. Alfredo
  5. Alfredo

    Custom Inlet Manifold

    Thanks so much, this will be for my 69 US spec GT6. By looking at my manifold the dimensions seems to be correct, I will double check any way before having them cut.
  6. Alfredo

    Custom Inlet Manifold

    GT6 Nick, thanks so much for posting this drawings, you have no idea all the time you saved me. Just wanted to thank you in public. This is a great forum, thanks for all the knowledge.
  7. Alfredo

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Keep in mind that vacuum is a negative pressure...
  8. Alfredo

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Nick, is this ported or manifold vacuum?
  9. Alfredo

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Sorry for the spelling, cant find a way to edit my post...
  10. Alfredo

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Lets asume you have 3 coils, being a waste spark ignition on a 6 cylinder car each coil will fire every 120 degrees... You found which one is firing first, use that for #1 and #6 cylinder, findwhich one fires next and use that for #5 and #2, the last one to #3 and #4. Once the car runs you can chanche the order on the wires from the dis to the coil...
  11. Alfredo

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Try your timing light on the other spark plug wires to see if you get a spark close to 10 degrees
  12. Alfredo

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    If No. 1 is at TDC, missing tooth at around 10 o'clock and sensor close to 8 o'clock it should be running. Double check the coil connection, looks like it is firing another set of plugs...