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    Audi emissions group action

    I think what is so upsetting about VAG is that they actually set out to cheat the test, not just find a way to pass it. That is pretty blatant. Perhaps the other manufacturers did think of doing it but decided it was just too deceitful and considered it to be not worth the risk (of getting caught). I do not drive a diesel vehicle, never have, never will, although I do have one in my sailing boat as there is no safe alternative at the moment. I have never believed the environmental argument for diesel and I am pleased that the writing is now on the wall for the devil’s fuel. (Porsche being the latest to signal their abandonment). I know that sitting behind a diesel vehicle that is belching smoke could not right even if it was doing a few more mpg than my petrol car. (probably quite a lot more actually, but let’s not go there) The fact that road tax is still based on CO2 emissions only is frankly a scandal and there are now so many vehicles on the road that pay ridiculously low or no tax that the system really is broken. In my humble opinion there should be four elements to road tax: % for road use that everyone pays % for CO2 % for NOX % for particulates And another thing whilst I’m on the subject, cars (and all other diesel vehicles) fitted with particulate filters should not be able to just blow them out on the open road, they should collect and store the soot and the car should cease to function when the filter is full. Is electric or hybrid the way to go. Who really knows, but there must be lots of nasties in all those batteries. Ian
  2. gt64ever

    GT6 hatch seal

    Hi Nick I have the lip type seal on my Mk2. I thought it was OK until last night until I realised that the top section of the seal (ie along the hinges) had flipped itself inwards. I have held it the correct position with some temporary gaffer tape and shut the hatch to try a re-train it. Please keep us posted on your investigations. Ian PS Pleased to see you back in the garage where you belong !.
  3. gt64ever

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    OK this is good, we now have a nice new topic to keep Mr Jones' mind off his gentleman's areas. We bought all of our NAD stereo stuff in the mid 1980s, at a time when the Dire Straits CD was playing in all the hi-fi shops (amp, cassette deck, tuner and CD player) Paired up with DUAL record deck and Dad's Goodmans speakers it is still going strong to this day and sounding as good as ever. The display has long since given up on the CD player, but if you can count, it is still possible to programme it. They don't make em like they used to ! Regards Ian
  4. Martin I was forgetting that we fabricated our own chassis extension bracket and in doing so used a 1/2" bolt. (also used it to 'correct' the fore/aft alignment issue). You might be able to have a couple of shouldered washers made up to allow you to use a 1/2" bolt, which would avoid having to change the bushes in the Konis. Ian
  5. Martin I have the 80/1717 Konis on my GT6 Mk2 with NJ CV conversion. (GT is correct) The tube in the damper bush has a thick wall and can be drilled out to suit a 1/2" bolt that should suit the top and bottom bolt fixings. Ian
  6. Frederick You have been a busy chap! Based on what you have modelled, I think the way ahead is fairly clear. 15x23.9 ellipical stub stacks, seem to work best (interesting that wider did'nt give any improvement), with possible further gains by smoothing the throat entry fillet and thinning the throttle splindle. For now the stub stack will be the first priority as both other options would involved machining work and we are about to assemble the carbs onto a newly rebuilt engine and get it running, which is waht it is all about really!! Will post photos of stub stacks in due course. Thanks for all your efforts, it has been truly fascinating. Regards Ian F
  7. Frederick More fantastic stuff! Thank you very much for your time and effort. Once again the plain inlet model shows the flow lines deflected into the centre of the inlet, whilst both stub stack options show a more attached flow. Both stubstack profiles (semi-elipse or 1/4-elipse with radius outer) appear to achieve broadly similar results, but 15mm thickness seems to be optimum, presumably due to the shallow depth of the filter. So I'll probably go for 15x25mm in either of the profiles. (just need to decide which ??????) Going back to one of the earlier themes, its probably best to match the inner radius of the stub stck to the filter aperture, as this will substantially mask the chamfer on the inlet, which I think you concluded was not beneficial. Now all we have to do is build an engine to put the carbs and stub-stacks on ! Regards Ian F
  8. Alex/Frederick Your continuing work much appreciated. Very interesting results and observations. Fair comment on the shallow filters being the restraint, but I think I'm already tight for room, possibly due to the TT adaptors and the plastic heat spacers between the carb body and manfold, nether of which you have in your photograph. Is a Stromberg body longer than an SU by any chance ? Also bugetry retraints at the end of a major rebuild comes into it as well, so don't really want to be buying new filters just yet. The K&Ns are nice and shiney as well !!!! The stubstack profile as originally drawn was very much a first stab. Must have been a lucky guess!! I have attached a further two options, one maximizing the outer diameter but retaining a simple elipse, the second being a semi ellipse inner with a circular radius outer. Any further thoughts very welcome. Regards Ian F
  9. Hi Frederick & Alex So a theoretical 9.5% increase in flow with a stub stack..... quite surprising! Would this have a similar beneficail effect at part throttle openings? I have attached a further revision to the sketch for the Stromberg 175, showing piston dimensions as requested. Alex's HS2 simulations seems to show a more stable flow in the inlet with the ram pipe, with the flow lines appearing to attach better to the outer part of the throttle body and then move up over the bridge (thus accelerating), whereas without the ram, they are directed inwards reducing the effective diameter and the deflection over the bridge. Is this also achieved with the more modest stub stack? The next question then is:- what profile should the stubstack actually be within the constraints of the existing filter, for best effect ?? Regards Ian F
  10. Frederick/Alex Amended drawing attached with bridge and throttle spindle dimensions. Also photo of manifold end of carb body showing butterfly. I don't have piston diameter, but can measure tonight. Profile of stub stack shown on drawing is just a representation of possible shape, based on what I think would fit, using the hole diameter in the filter backplate as the inner edge of the stub stack. (or should it be matched to the actual throttle body?) I have always run the car with just the plain filters, so a very sharp edge !! Hoping this might make some difference due to your observations of the sharp entry effectively reducing the diameter of the inlet! Regards Ian F
  11. Hi Guys Thanks for the response. What a marvelous resourse this forum provides. I have attached PDF drawing of carb body and filter, with general indication of space available for stub stack. Also photo of carb mouth, showing chamfer. Those stub stacks fitted to HS8 look the business, but I have been unable to find anything commercially available for the 175CD so will probably have to make something as you suggest. So your guidance on the best profile would be appreciated. Would probably machine up in Delrin or similar hard plastic ! Regards Ian F
  12. Alex Fascinating stuff this! I am looking to put small stub stacks inside K&N filters on 175 Strombergs. The Filters are only 43 deep internal and couldn't be any deeper due to clearance issues with the wheel arch (GT6 Mk2), so stub stack would be limited to about 15-17mm. What sort of profile do you think would work in this context. Interesting, the throttle bodies are 41.4 I/D and have a 1mm chamfer at the outside edge. Would you try and bridge the chamfer by matching the stub stack bore to the throttle body or try and work with the chamfer. Any thoughts welcome. Regards Ian F
  13. Hey Nick Nice socks mate !!! Ian F ;D
  14. gt64ever

    Craig's GT6 MK3 in Aus.

    I fiited the TT 330 lb springs to my GT6 Mk2 in conjunction with fixed seat Koni dampers. Produces a nice gentle lowering (nothing too extreme) and made the car more stable. All round improvement. No experience of going any stiffer !! Ian F