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  1. I believe the slippers are T200 and/or TR. Pics attached. I think to groove is wider than on a GT6, but there might be enough meat available on the GT6 one to re-engineer it if you were so inclined. My original GT6 carrier was the bronze flavour, with roll pin recently added to move bearing point away from original 'dint'. Ian
  2. Nick Suggest you take her out , give her a right good spanking to get her nice and hot! Would probably work with the TT as well! Ian
  3. The 1973 Authi Austin Victoria De Luxe on Page 65, looks like the lovechild of an Austin Maxi and a T2000. Weird ! Ian
  4. Nick Using Canley's website as the reference again, the Mk1&2 and the Mk3 Spitfire catalogues show the vernier vac unit, whereas the Mk4 does not have it (it looks like yours). Your distributor body and shaft must be of GT6 heritage (as it got 6 lobes derr!), but it looks as though a Mk4 vac unit has been fitted, assuming that is even possible. Not sure how the Mk4 Spit and GT6 vac spec differ, but might be worth investigating. Happy to post down the vac unit on my spare dis for you to try if you can be bothered. Ian
  5. Your post mortem is very through and even worthy of an episode of Silent Witness. When we rebuilt my GT6 engine I was warned off reusing my original oil cooler (due to the potential of introducing debris I assume) and it has remained in a box under the bench ever since. Could a non ferrous particle 'possibly hard carbon deposit' be capable of causing the damage you are seeing?. I hope the forthcoming rebuild goes well and that you have no reoccurrence of the problem. Ian
  6. That's two more things to have to watch and worry about now ! I told you that you'd worry! Ian
  7. Looks as though you are getting close to be able to make broom broom noises ! Ian
  8. I must admit this is on my radar as a tuning device as a lot of my set up is non-standard. Which make of AFR gauge have you gone for ? My current tuning aids are research, plug/exhaust colour, absence or otherwise of lean hitching and mpg. A future change away from K&Ns to a cold feed airbox will also require a re-evaluation. Ian
  9. That's two more things to have to watch and worry about now ! Ian
  10. Mark Nice looking Vitesse. I see you are running the later inlet manifold and a set of 1 3/4" SUs. Vitesse/GT6 of this period would breath through a Smith PCV, which is intended to apply slight vacuum to the rocker box under all conditions and direct vapours to the inlet manifold. I have retained this arrangement on my GT6 but have added a small catch tank which the PCV effectively 'breathes through'. It collects a bit of oily 'stuff' and allows the inlet to run a bit cleaner. Might be of interest. PM me if you would like more detail. Photo attached. Ian
  11. Nick The opening credits show a car on a rally stage....have we been miss-sold ? Ian
  12. After all that work, just imagine if they were to bin it on a rally stage.....assuming it ever gets finished ! Ian
  13. I might find out this weekend at Prescott if the red mist comes down!. No rev limiter on mine, other than my right foot. Ian
  14. Nick What gap would you suggest for points (0.025"-0.030"). (I have a set of these now, but just wacked em in!......car seems to like them!) Ian
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