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  1. Anyone know where i can get a base starting point map for a 123 Tune that would suit my 2.5 Vitesse?. I am Laptop literate but have no idea about advance,vacuum etc. Spec is: Base CP engine,ported and flowed head(GT),Jag springs,twin HS6 with flowed inlet,TR5 Cam,all balanced rotating parts,Vitesse flywheel. Goes really well but pinks and i`m sure a better ignition would improve it. Chers Steve
  2. Steve P

    Our tired footie lads

    I only watch rugby now,can`t stand poncey footballers feigning injury and the commentator saying "there was contact" yes,about the same as a fly landing on you. Steve
  3. Steve P

    Change, Inevitable Change...

    As more of a browser than a poster(for fear of lack of knowledge depth being exposed)i really like the new look.Thanks Craig! S
  4. Steve P

    E39 cooling help

    Trying to help my 80 year old uncle out with his 523i E39.1998 done 180k miles. Two weeks ago the rad split at the joint of the top hose,i fitted a new rad for him but on his first outing the expansion tank has split along the top seam,could this be a pressure problem or just unlucky? Cheers Steve
  5. Steve P

    Spitfire 1147 DHLA 40 setup

    If you need a four branch exhaust manifold for the 1147 i have one that i bought in error for a 1300,going on e bay next week. Cheers Steve
  6. Steve P

    something funny!

    Reproduced from this weeks Private Eye. "Bell-ending may be regarded by many Swedes as as a harmless joke"a spokesperson for the Rikspollisstyrelson told reporters in Stockholm."but Farbors Blas filthy actions have damaged the reputation of the police.He boasted on his blog that he and a fellow police officer had wiped the tips of there sex organs against the controls of a car driven by female co-workers,and his claim has caused widespread offence and disgust within the force. "Our staff disciplinary board has considered the matter,and has decided to dismiss the officer with immediate effect". The practice of Bell-Ending or `Ollning` (from Ollon)the Swedish for gland,involves a man touching an object with the tip of his penis,and has established itself as a recurring form of practical joke in Sweden.Writing under the pseudonym Farbror Bla(Uncle Blue),the police officer had revealed that "me and my buddy bell-ended the door handles,window buttons,gear stick,stereo buttons and the police radio buttons,as well as the receiver used to talk to the operations room.When the girls had driven around for an hour or so in the bell-ended police car ,we had a chat with them and revealed our`Ollning exploits`.Now we know what an expression of anxiety looks like.