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  1. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Set-of-8-Ignition-Coils-Kit-with-8-pcs-Spark-Plug-Wires-For-Chevy-NEW/263248341584?hash=item3d4ad2ea50:g:mlwAAOSwhMFZ1rhh 8 COP coils, with leads, for less than $175 shipped. You know you want to... C.
  2. Craig's 6Fire In Aus

    I spent the weekend working at a country airshow (cue a couple of gratuitous photos of me paying the rent) Fun times. One of the attractions was a car ow by the local car club. They had some impressive Aussie and American iron, and then in the corner I spotted this little gem. Look closely, spot the standout feature. This may help Yep, there are only 4 intake socks under there. (I do love that cold air delivery system). The sign on the windscreen meant it was time to hunt down the owner... Finding him was well worth the effort. He (nice bloke called Greg) worked at AMI, who built all the CDK Triumphs brought to Australia. Like the sign says, this one was brought out here to be build and tested with the public, to see if a GT4 would be a goer, but it went no further after the build, and he bought it off AMI when they stopped selling Triumphs. The kicker is that AMI used the running gear out from under a MK3 Spitfire shell for this build, which left an orphaned shell, and the leftover parts for a GT6. When I bought the 6Fire off Todd, he recounted the story he'd been told, that it had been factory built at AMI of leftover parts, but that there was no way to track down the story. I think I just found the 6Fire's sister car, and I'm a step closed to closing that loop. Greg thinks so to. Happy days. C.
  3. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    Little bit of lap dancing.
  4. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    Blanked of mock cylinder Mounted
  5. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    I keep blowing through gaskets in the weakspot, so I bought some fancy silicone impregnated ones. Took a before shot prior to toque down It didn't help - I still had some blow by, so I hooked up my compressor via my car leakdown kit, would as low as it would go. That let me confirm the leak was audibly in the case, so off came the fly side again The gasket shows signs of definite compression and certainly shows this in the danger area I'm getting sick of trying gaskets, so I've painted the little bugger in ultra copperto see is I can find where my low spot is, and see if that will fill the leak.
  6. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    Getting closer to the problem.
  7. Pretty nice here at work in Victoria this morning That’s me slaving away on the left.
  8. I'm not a CT member, so I don't have any skin in the game. I'd join, but they insist that I have to pay double the UK membership rate, so they can slow boat a paper based magazine around the world to me throughout the year. I've always liked and appreciated the forum, it's been a huge help, if a little twee and mumsy. As a free user, I appreciated what they had. My guess is that someone (or ones) in power decided that the forum wasn't a "proper website that reflects the club", just a mere forum, and that "we need to update it so it has more information about the club, and we have more control". I've seen that exact circumstance play out before, and like now, a hugely useful and informative entity goes into the weeds so that a bright shiny "Website that does everything" goes up. Traffic goes down, the user interface in unworkable, navigation is impossible, and the constraints of the backend slowly strangle the site. Eventually the "forum"part of the new website dies. Those in power notice the drop off of traffic, and point out that the forum section is a drag on the website, anyway "Everybody uses facepage for that sort of thing these days, don't you see", so they entirely drop the forum, and put up a pretty, bright and shiny new website that does nothing at all. The work of thousands of people simply disappears. As it stands, CT is just woeful. I can't login, and attempts to recover my password don't work. The layout is completely shithouse, it so unintuitive its not funny. Every old link is dead, and there's zero re-direction in place. Club Triumph may proudly not pay staff, but sometimes you have to get professionals to do tricky things. I feel for the volunteers who've put this new site in place, they've obviously tried hard, but no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it's still going to smell like pigshit. Vale club.triump.org.uk
  9. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    This thing may break me. Im just gonna leave these here for today. I’ll come back and explain if it ever bloody holds air. C
  10. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    Went and made a few bits to help solve this on Alan’s mill today. Then I clocked up and milled out a spare clutch cover ready for a much needed bigger clutch
  11. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    Dammit! Not sure right now if it’s under pressure or vacuum, but right now it both sucks and blows... Went back out at midnight, and it still had a slow leak somewhere. Rude words were used. Only promosing thing is that even in the dead of night, it didn’t have an audible hiss in the hose-o-scope. So maybe it’s the cylinder/casing seal this time. I went to bed pissed off. Autopsy on the head this morning Head contact looks ok, the smear of permatex pushed wide on compression, leaving the contact ring pretty much clean. Ditto the cylinder to spacer join, Permatex has squashed out to leave a clean mating surface, spacer is clean too But, on the space to casing join, there’s a small web of permatex left on both surfaces on the bottom of the flywheel side. So I decided to try another approach, and get some RTV in there. After another cleaning session, I went Ultra Copper all round, using the put on a bead and push to squeeze method. The Cylinder head I was pretty generous with on the outside of the ring, but I cleaned up the inside to ensure nothing got in the bore. Everything was then put together, hand tightened, and left to cure for an hour. Then I torqued it all down and went to work. Came home tonight hoping that I’d find it holding air at last. Yeah, naaaah. 300mmHg becomes 200 in 50 seconds, than 100 seventy seconds after that, then nil after about 3 more minutes. I can still hear nothing in the case.. There’s no sign of a leak on the fly side, including around the studs and around the cylinder join. There’s nothing showing around the top of the cylinder join, the case join or the test kit join. Ditto the base of the cylinder and the exhaust plug. Clutch side shows no results Testing in the cylinder/ head gap was hard, but flooding it with bubbles showed nothing New plan needed.
  12. They're falling like flies. CT, TRR, TSSC, and now Triumph Experience Not a good time to be a Triumph webmaster (I promise I just paid our annual hosting bill for Sideways - many thanks to our generous supporters. I like the info at TriumphExp, but jeeze I hate the way it's bloated with ads. OldTuckUnder, I agree in principal about the mess left when websites change, but they had to bite the bullet and do it at some time. They were running on a bit of Software called eBlah, which was written by an American College student years ago, and has been a legacy unsupported millstone around their neck for years. Change was inevitable, and google was never going to let them do it elegantly. I don't know what they went to, but I know when I took over here (and we used to run eBlah), one of the reasons I chose to switch to Invision was because I could mostly roll the old data with it. It broke all the google links, but it was a not easy or painless, but certainly do-able process to get them restored, which we did (with only the loss of some old images) What CT are sorely missing is a bulk re-direction on all their old theads which takes visitors via google to a "Oops, sorry, here's a search page for the new site page". Took me all of 10 minutes to implement one of those when we did our change, and saved lots of angst. Clubs have 2 problems. They're run by Committees (where good ideas go to die), so they suffer from cronyism and well intentioned ideas that often suffer from the laws of unintended consequenses. Then those committees too often farm out work to volenteers or well meaning office staff, rather than hiring professionals with the time and experience to do it right. (I should know, I've been GM of our skydiving club for the last 5 years...) Long may Sideways stay online... Craig
  13. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    There’s a known weak spot. This one. That’s one mm of slippage, and it’s toast. So I cleaned it all down again. I cleaned it a lot - especially the recalcitrant flange. (Heineken helped make the work more beerable!) This time, I followed some instructions from the net. First, I put the sealant on the outer casing, not the gasket, and built up a bridge under the weak spot, but being careful to keep the corner and wall of the flange clean of sealant. Then I put the gasket onto the tacky sealant, centered all the bolt holes, snugged it in tight to the walls, and ran a broad blunt screwdriver blade over it to smooth it all down and squeeze out the excess. (Note the sealant bridge support) Icleaned off the excess, and tidied up the edges. After a thorough clean I put a smeared layer of sealant on the main case. Then married them up oh so carefully, and bolted them up in order, sneaking the torques up slowly and in order till they were all at 11ft/lbs. The head and cylinder both got a smear of Permatex, I mated them up on the bench, pushed down hard, then separated them and cleaned off all the excess, leaving a light little smear. I gave the casing matingsurface a light cover since there’s no gasket with the spacer, being careful to keep the ports clear, Then buttoned up the head, making sure I got no permatex in the cylinder or on the rings or piston. New hardware all around, and head sneaked slowly up to 14ft/lbs. Then, rather than pressure test it right away, I gave it an hour to settle, and re-toqued it all round. Then I razor bladed and cleaned off any excess permatex I’d squeezed out (I like a clean and tidy engine!). It’s time to pressure test it, but also time to eat. So I had some dinner, and posted this. I’m about to go out and see if it’s airtight. Not sure what more I could do if it’s not! Craig ps. Yep the beard is back - I’m a glutton for punishment over summer. Lost my razor in Vietnam in November, and I’’m fascinated to see how far it will go....
  14. I feel for them - the move from eblah is a beast. Equally, it could have been handled better by getting by communicating with and getting by in from the members of the forum. Change is scary and hard, but if we know its coming and we know when and how, we fear less. Could have been done much better, hopefully it will improve. Craig P.S. - John, my initials are CT...
  15. Hiya Steve! How's the boat?