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  1. GT6MK3

    Throttle Snail cam

    None at all. Teflon self lubricates.
  2. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Going to be a lot of forcing involved I think!
  3. Exactly 7 years ago at this time, a computer nerd moonwalked down a hallway in the middle of the night in Melbourne, shaking his arse at the internet, 'cos after being pronounced dead, Sideways had come back to life. Thank you to all the Supporters and Benefactors, to the regular posters and lurkers, to the quiet, the loud, and the technically elegant. A special Thanks to Nick, the glue that keeps this corner of the Triumph world together, and to Dave Sideways, that crazy loon who founded our happy little corner of the web just over a decade ago, with the simple words "Welcome Friend" You all rock. Craig
  4. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Am now attacking the cowls upside down, using the seat bolt datums for reference. This may or may no work out...
  5. GT6MK3

    Mission, Ignition!

    Nick Jones... Paging Nick Jones...
  6. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Some days it's one step forward, two steps back, no steps forward.. I could put on as many clamps as I liked, but these two fenders really didn't want to line up. And when I slid in the inner wheelarch/shockmount, it was obvious I was on the wrong track trying to do it this way. So I went back to the photos and datums I'd taken, and realised that I needed to set the inner section first, than look at the fenders. So off they came, and out it came. Two steps back. I set the inner section up, and we tacked it in. Setting up the laser showed it's pretty close. Not perfect, not right, but getting there. No steps forward...
  7. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Time to start adding back her curves. I snuck up to my buddy Alan's workshop and hit the lathe Turned up these locating pins to go into the jig so I could positively locate the fenders with the spine. 16mm on the outer, 10mm inners, with an 8mm centre. Offered up the spine to the jig. Adding the strengthening ladder had tweaked it ever so slightly, and it did _not_ want to be moved back easily to line up that last couple of mm. That one, and the one on the other side took over an hour and a half of F-clamps, F-words, and then a F-ing big lever before I convinced them to play fair. Once the spine was over the locating pins, it took much less persuasion for the fenders to go over them as well, And the clamp fest began I've mocked these up before, but it's nice to be putting her curves back. These two however, are going to need some convincing before they're happy to marry up level with each other. The battle continues.
  8. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Said it before, and I'll say it again, everything take longer than I expect. Unmasked the flanges, then spent a couple of hours wire wheeling the panel join area metal. Then hit those bits with some cold gal weld through.
  9. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    After Marine Clean and Metal Ready, the interior of the spine got masked up, and hit wit a couple of coats of POR15
  10. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Given the 2 (ish) hp the original engine had, and the potential 20ish the new should have, I decided to reinforce the spine. I bent up some 10mm rod to fit the curve from steering tube to base, and pierced it through the mid point brace. Then we welded it in, and laddered it for strength. Negligible weight penalty for plenty o'strong.
  11. GT6MK3

    Drive shaft shortened to replace Rotoflex?

    What bearing are you planning to use?
  12. GT6MK3

    Long lived cars

    I'm coming up on 16 years since I drove Marilyn the Monaro off the lot. 280k later, she's still an awesome care to drive, even if a little tired. About to give her a new auto tranny, and finally give her a working handbrake after I killed the cable at about the 190K mark... C.
  13. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Yep. I've been told that using pressings is cheating, and I should have rescued the originals. I offered to send them to the critic - reckon they're rusty enough that I can crumble em up into a manilla envelope and send them... Basically, it's just an excuse to have a beer or two with Mat. C.
  14. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Column lock cutout on the new spine was in the wrong spot, so I made up a patch Which got welded in. That's gonna be fun to grind back. Meanwhile, the stock bracing is all welded in, with considerably more weld than the spotting the factory used. Again, it'll be fun to clean up. Currently deciding if I put in more bracing - leading towards bending up some 10mm rod and running it from front to back in the top corners of the spine. Now that the spine is solid, I test fitted the new rear cowl pieces. They're going to take some work, but they'll do. Beer O'clock.
  15. GT6MK3

    Vespa smallframe

    Not a lot finished today - some of this seems to take forever, but eventually the bracing was ready for install and plug welding Fair to say that the tig is running hot...