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  1. 1966 Vespa 150 Super

    A little report a year and a bit later. What a fun toy, and what a good learning tool. Being a south east asian resto, she's a bit of a showbag (shiny on the outside, but lots of shit to be found inside). Has it broken down - yep, spectacularly! But it's never not got me home. 2 flat tyres - fixed roadside with spares or tubes Burnt out sparkplug - changed roadside for a spare - turned out the one in it was a long series, should be short - no wonder it died, happy it didn't hit the piston. Points went bad - this was a real challenge, had to nurse it home with about 10 stops in 15km's, bitch of a trip. I spent most of a week chasing down the problems, then remembered I like modern solutions to old automobiles foibles. So I shelled out for a Vespatronic unit - pretty much a Megajolt for 2 strokes. Awesome upgrade, starts and runs first kick warm, 2nd kick cold. Gear selection was more of a guess than a high milage hire car - throttle and clutch cables needed replacing. 30 minutes work and a huge improvement. Passenger seat wasn't there when I got home one night. Dho. That lead to a major hunt, identify and replace afternoon, changing out plain nuts for nylocs or adding shakeproof washers. New seat arrived in 5 days from India. Went on a Vespa Club classic ride across town, with Julz on the back. 12kms in, the back wheel, ahem, came off. This wasn't a fun moment, 2 up doing 45 in traffic. Luckily, since the wheel is inside the wheel well formed by the rear compartments, it wedged inside and we kept it upright. Turned out that the cassellated nut that hold it on had no split pin. Borrowed a socket from a friendly truckie, did it up tight, rode to a hardware store, bought parts and a spanner, and finished the ride (after checking there was a split pin in the front wheel...). Tune kept going weird because the carb kept coming loose. There's two studs that hold the carb box and carb to the motor casing. Front one was always tight, rear one kept coming loose. Eventually I pulled it apart, only to find that the front stud had snapped at some point in the engine case, so it had been cut off short, and glued into the carb box. Un wound it, removed the stub, loctited in new studs, and problem solved. Sounds really bad, but most of this was in the 1st 4 months. Of late, she's been as well behaves as any 50+ year old. The local Vespa club are an interesting bunch. They run all sorts of fun rides, are inviting and helpful, but they al look down their noses at any asian import, to the point that while they want the bike and rider to attend their events, they flat out wont allow her to be put on the club rego scheme (a $500 saving each year). So I've called her Hanoi Jane. Pretty to look at, a real goer, but hated by the establishment... Yesterday was a 16 hour door to door workday at the Skydive club, home at 11pm after leaving at 7am. Slept in today, then had a lovely day tooling a around on Hanoi Jane. Headed out to Alan's workshop in the hills 40k's from home, where we spent a few hours commissioning his big CNC mill. Then meandered home. Her current foible is jumping out of gear at high revs. Thats probably a new shifting cross, so an engine out, casing split full weekend of work is coming up. Ahh well. Here she is after getting home tonight. Hanoi Jane. What a ripper. C.
  2. Modern cars and POs

    I feel your pain. I did the timing belt and water pump in Mum and Dad’s Camry at Xmas last year. Turned into a two day swearathon, mostly trying to get access to oil seals and find ways to undo ungripable bolts. Timing a cam in a T6 is a doddle in comparison! C.
  3. Motoclassica

    This year, three of us skivved off... Nice collection of toys again. A gorgeous old gull wing and a shiny and very expensive new one, Some serious stopping power an all alloy e-type And another in progress A very shiny D type And a small piece of England This racer is just gorgeous the cockpit looked inviting can only imagine looking over this view trying to spot the next apex... The people at Rolls really knew best how to do a boat tail And how to make a Chauffeur work for his stipend and I can never walk past one of these without stopping and gawking Found a slightly different grey skip beside a shiny Aston but there was an even shinier one available My kind of exhaust header Fins like these are what inspired me paint the 6Fire. Now I know the work involved I can only say “Wow” when I see something so well executed. Headed upstairs, I reckon this would make a good addition to the Vespa the view down on the main hall, lots off dollars And lots of hours Finally found a token Triumph on the way out Onto an old favorite restaurant in Little Italy for lunch of a refreshing ale, pizzas, and a couple of reds. I’ve had worse days! C
  4. What’s that you’re trimming down?
  5. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Looking awesome Nick. Solving a tricky problem like that is no mean feat. It takes a combination of the bravery to decideto just “get er done”, the knowledge to be able to figure out a method that hasn’t existed till now, the patience to do it slowly enough not to screw it up as you go, and the simple vision to know how you want it to look when you finish. You genuinely have all of these. going to be an awesome car C
  6. I think of the internet as omething the world has set up for my amusement and education (in that order.) I have a wide range of ridiculous alerts set up. Makes for some fun some days. As for the pyrotechnics, I (ahem) may know a guy . Packaging is killer though (as always!) C.
  7. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Mines currently in hiding. Do the photos with this on help? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RARE-1972-GT6-Triumph-exotic-LHD-suit-porsche-tr4-tr6-ferrari-austin-p1800-volvo-/122731843029?hash=item1c93634dd5:g:lWEAAOSwOeVZzyGS (The forum upgrade was worth it just for the Drag and Drop feature for pictures!!!) C.
  8. Oops

    About a week ago, I heard a thud from the garage, as I sat in my office next door. I passed it off as a crow landing on the tin roof. A couple of days ago, I was getting set up to do a minor service on my wife’s daily. I found a small square of black plastic lying on the floor where she parks. It had a handle, and the words AC Delco on it. I kinda recognized it without knowing where it was from, binned it and got on with the job. Today I needed to turn on my compressor to blow out some dust, and noticed this tucked in the corner. Dho. I’d forgoten I’d hooked it up to the dumb as charger about 6 weeks ago, when it had a lid and a handle, which said “AC Delco” lucky me that (a) Julz’s Corolla wasn’t present when it blew, so no paint killage, and (b) it was tucked away in a corner where the acid couldn’t spray onto the 6Fire. note to self, use the smart charger, or check into the garage after using the dumb ones whoops! C
  9. Change, Inevitable Change...

    Gents, A quick thank you to those who've hit the donate button. There's a really interesting theory for the nerds in this world about how data stored electronically in chips has a measurable weight. Long story short, storing data in chips causes them to store electrons, and electrons have a tiny but measurable weight. In other words, the knowledge contain in this forum has a measurable weight. Turn it off, or delete it, and it would minutely but measurably reduce the weight of the world we inhabit. I could wax lyrical about the value of the knowledge stored in the Sideways electrons, versus the value of the fleeting conversations on Facebook, but what we've all done by donating (Yep, I did too), is ensure that those weighty electrons which close or open the switches that record and store the knowledge base of the Sideways community continue to hold the switches in position for visitors to come. Or in other words, the stuff written into the Sideways notebooks has escaped the bin/fire. Before the upgrade, we were running at an average of 23 spammers per day knocking down our door and registering. Manually shooting them without killing off the genuine registrations was a daily (and becoming weekly) chore that both pissed me off, and often made me wonder if Sideways should go on. Since the upgrade, we've had exactly Zero spammer rego's, so the upgrade works as advertised. Nice. I do my damnedest to run Sideways like a Leyland beancounter is looking over my shoulder, but it's awesome to have some beans in the plus pile. By my guesstimation, the kitty now has enough in it to keep us running, advert free, with all our current hooks and customisations till about 2020. I think the upgrade is now pretty much stable, so don't expect too much change for a while unless we unearth something that needs changing. One thing I am investigating is some Facebook integration - this (if it works) would let you see new content in your FB feed. Not sure if it will work for us, and it's not a free hook, but I reckon it might be a way to stay relevant and front of mind in this new era. Thank you all for your generosity. C.
  10. Give 'em yer money!

    Not sure why, it's working for me on PC's, Mac, ipads, iphone and android. Might just be a cache yhing. Does this link work? http://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/donate/
  11. Give 'em yer money!

    Have you turned it off and on again?
  12. Knock Knock

    I know DIYAutotune sell a wideband knock sensor and adapter for MS3, but not sure if MS2 will work.
  13. Go To Last Post

    Hi Phil, I've flipped around the "Posts" and "Topics" sidebars, which will help on PC's but may not help on a mobile. I'm looking for a better way but it's a steep learning curve at present - the admin/control section has been completely re-written and everything works totally didderently. On a mobile this button is your friend. It jumps you straight to unread content since you last logged in, and the links in it go to the post, not the top. Hope that helps, if I find a better way, I'll chuck it on. C.
  14. Change, Inevitable Change...

    Aaaand... that's the Garage feature fixed.