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  1. Hi, late to the party. The 6V SLA battery should be marked with cyclic & float voltages. For your application do not exceed the float voltage or it's toast. If you cycle the battery it will not last very long. Lead acid is a poor but cheap choice. I am surprised ye old transformer rectifier battery charger's are still being sold as "digital" are cheaper, safer & lighter.
  2. Smart meters have cost me A fortune. Has taken two years to pay back what the shit things did to my bank balance. If you live in the NW do not waste money getting them fitted. Dumb shite. My house is mostly IOT. Now that saves money. Eon have on file the request not to ask me to read the meters. I tell the person to F*** *** before putting the phone down. Utter waste of money for the country & loads of money for installation companies who don't give a ****. Biggest & most expensive Technology mistake I have every made.
  3. Hi, Very nice all round Steve. Are you using a pre-charge resistor for the Inverter? What BMS are you using? Will this ultimately control the charge/regen & discharge contactors? Are you having a charger onboard or charging with HVDC? I might have a 500VDC 7KW heater destined for skip or good home. (Porsche). Cheers, Iain.
  4. I assume all the Subsea links are two cable DC?
  5. Hydraulic crimpers cheap from China. Do not Solder.
  6. Hi, The fabrication is not my work. Not sure why it was installed offside. Inside would have been a better choice? Losing capacity is a pain.
  7. Mine is Freelander. On my second. No idea of specs. Will fit a pressure transmitter one day.
  8. My heater matrix is mostly passive until air is forced thru it. Then I can drop peak temps by 20 degrees.
  9. I would have measured the cap before ordering?
  10. My melon. 1st pic looks better.
  11. Hope its not on a 1362 plug. Hope the socket switch is not used for control. I would not be putting it on a spur.
  12. I do not know the KW of the heater or to where/how it is connected to the ring, so likely it is dangerous if more than a couple of KW?.
  13. Immersion-heater should be on a separate circuit. I would be paying for a site inspection as clearly wired incorrectly. Have a competent person take a look. Good luck.
  14. I did not know they were Gay as well. It was twenty 25 years before I knew my brother was Gay.
  15. The track rod ends make no difference. Shame for thinking they could. LOL
  16. I trick that I found to eliminate bump steer was to use Morris Marina tie rod ends which, due to their different angle, maintain the factory steering geometry. Any comments? Cannot delete & found Answer.
  17. 9 phase HV truck motor. 3500Nm from zero RPM to 3700.
  18. I always carry my Ga with me. I need to buy some more Na. Great stuff.
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