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  1. Hi, the coil pack will consume less average current than the single coil with distributor. No doubt about that. The problem I have had for over 25 years is that as soon as you start installing relays to reduce the load on the "white" ignition wire is that the WL terminal will feed power to keep these relays on when ignition is switched off. A diode will fix this problem & I have one fitted. The location might have an effect on the regulating voltage? The inclusion will effect the cut-in voltage on engine start. Could be problem with poor fast idle control. Since I have installed an LED ignition light and parallel 47R/Diode My new problem has manifested as that the cabin fan now keeps the ignition on if it's rotating prior to engine shutdown. A diode will cure this when placed in series with the blower motor feed. A way I will not bother with; is adding a relay and making the ignition light & feed separate with another relay. Or will I? Cheers, Iain.
  2. Hi, type 063 battery for a Spit/GT6 is a poor choice as its rather small on a car with a lot of electronics. Much better sizes out there. A have a three wire solenoid that performs TSO. Bosch I think. Cheers, Iain.
  3. Hi, the GPS blockers should be banned & made illegal. Easy to fit & conceal GPS trackers are available for a good price. Some as programmable trackers/alarms. Cheers, Iain.
  4. Hi, Have just foreseen a problem: Noticed when I refitted the new TPS that the throttle arc was limited by a jubilee clip on the brass ICV. Thought nothing of it as I know on the original PI system; did not appear to go any faster from say 88% to WOT. Even though the wiper is now on a clean track, my fuel will be richer & timing retarded? I will have to remove the unintentional throttle stop, rotate the TPS to ensure that WOT keeps away from integer 1023 & recalibrate TPS. Off on the 27th MG Pendle run tomorrow, so the popping can stay and will sort all out when I get thirty minutes during the run. Maybe not during the run if the engine seems to run OK. The Lambda 4.2 sensors AKA Innovation, probably failed as they are Kak. The 4.9 I assume failed due to the MK1 PCV system drinking oil or inadvertently preheating the sensor prior to cold start? Cheers, Iain.
  5. Hi, I would love MAP. Alas, I would need to drill the ITB's to fit as OEM ports are blocked by fuel rail. Air bleed is used for PCV mk2. MK1 drunk oil. I had the LC1. Sensor failed. 4.2 sensor I had the LC2. Sensor failed. 4.2 sensor I have the AMEX?? AEM. Sensor failed. Behaves like an NB sensor. 4.9 sensor. I have a new Chinese £25 4.9 to fit. Lambda sensors are like TPS's on my car. Consumables. Cheers, Iain.
  6. Hi, my TPS went to rats poo yesterday. erratic idle. TPS signal stable with engine off. The range is 150 to 730 units. Span around 580 units Full-scale @ 5Volts is 1023. Engine running & I can see signal changing between 90 & 170 cruising @ light throttle. New TPS fitted of a different design. Idles like a bag of kak. Was difficult to set the range as full span changed at the top-end every calibration run. Original refitted and rotated slightly on the elongated slot. A nice repeatable range of 540 to 1005. Ripple on idle a few points. Only. The car ran but not right. Downloaded original map; recalibrated span, idle control & fuel cutoff. Much better. Much much better!? Filled up with fuel & calculated 15MPG. Kak. Cheers, Iain. PS. car burbles, pops & cracks on overrun now. Too lean? It's staying as I will see if the economy has increased on next refill.
  7. Hi, If you do not want LED. Fit ceramic bulb holders & a pair of fused relays. Fit quality high wattage lamps. Fit crystal clear lamp units. keep the dipped beam on with the main beam. Feed the relays from alternator output. That's as bright as you can get with a shortened lamp life if all resistances are nice and low. Cheers, Iain.
  8. My Spit was ALL electric once. The railway track knocked out the dodgy connection on fuel pump relay. Around 1500M/Hr. Peak distance around 20000CM's. I didn't want to wear out my starter-motor, battery & cables. I didn't want to pause on a rail crossing. Have done it on previous SM's. Cheers, Iain.
  9. Hi, Purchase a one quid squarewave generator from eBay. It will give you an adjustable frequency to check your meter? Cheers, Iain. PS Buy this for frequency display as well as output. eBay item number:283405071477 Measure tach input frequency with a cheap DVM on Hz? For a 4 Cylinder; Frq=RPM x (#Cylinders/2)/60 so, Frq=3000*(4/2)/60. Therefore Frequency = 100Hz. 6K RPM would be 200Hz.
  10. Hi, rear slave getting changed on Friday. I have decided on 5/8". Will take up the slack quicker & make setting up the rear brakes easier! Cheers, Iain.
  11. Hi, As I suspect my rear slave brake cylinder is shot I need to replace both. The slaves are available in; 10/16", 11/16" & 12/16" diameter. No idea what is presently fitted. My master is 12/16" and minimal travel. I believe I want 12/16". The 10 or 11 would only give less travel? I have all the total area's for the front pistons if it matters. Why would I not pick 12/16" for rear slaves? Cheers, Iain.
  12. Hi melmac, What size the bore for the master cylinder? I think I need to take this route on my car. Cheers, Iain.
  13. Hi, starting to wonder if I'm now drinking oil. Rethinking orifice & flow path. Total redesign. First to measure DP with a tube down the dip stick tube. Phosphoric acid wiped on chrome only appears to remove the brown stuff. Cheers, Iain.
  14. Hi, I have a manometer with a recording facility. #1 I can check I always have a lower pressure WRT to the atmosphere & #2 the differential never goes too high? Cheers, Iain.
  15. Hi, opened the filter to check. Oil is going into it. Flow is splashing it over the aluminium alloy holed acceleration plate. The bottom nipple extends into the vessel by around 2mm. Hence the oil in the pictures. Will the constant flow of fluids into the vessel fill it with liquid before I stop for refuel on the motorway after 100 miles? I don't want it spraying liquid over the sintered bronze deal. Could it ever fill up & make a smoke screen? I don't know if I have enough flow at WOT. Would the fluid that exits the fuel pump aperture be restricted by the manual ICV at WOT? Electronic manometer down the dipstick tube? Cheers, Iain.
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