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  1. I did not know they were Gay as well. It was twenty 25 years before I knew my brother was Gay.
  2. The track rod ends make no difference. Shame for thinking they could. LOL
  3. I trick that I found to eliminate bump steer was to use Morris Marina tie rod ends which, due to their different angle, maintain the factory steering geometry. Any comments? Cannot delete & found Answer.
  4. CCA means Cold Cranking Amps to me.
  5. 9 phase HV truck motor. 3500Nm from zero RPM to 3700.
  6. I always carry my Ga with me. I need to buy some more Na. Great stuff.
  7. Hi, Black is normally Iron Oxide from corrosion of Iron. It is magnetic. A high temperature magnet in the header will capture some. Morris Corrosion inhibitor at 2% will help. Cheers, Iain.
  8. Hi, That does not look very professional. I would have expected much, much better from Newman's as Prior to this I would & have recommend them. Sorry. I haven't read the rest of the posts but If they do not sort this out within next 24Hrs I will stop recommending their grind technology. Should not have happened. Sorry. Iain.
  9. Hi, front ARB. If it is no longer lies lays flat when laid on the ground & with standard drop-links: My understanding is that it will not cause the car to lean to one side. My understanding is statically you would never know it was "twisted" and dynamically it would also make no difference? Adjustable drop-links would enable you to have the bar horizontal & this is better? Cheers, Iain. Questions before I recommend incorrectly on the USA forum.
  10. Nice one. You have planned way ahead! Great job!
  11. Hi SteveJM, I'm interested in how you will use regen? Wise use and the rear shoes will last forever & front pads much longer? Algorithm wont be fun. Cheers, Iain.
  12. I have never heard/read about a correctly torqued ARP nut, bolt or screw that failed. A shame they rust, not look pretty and are damm expensive ?
  13. Thanks. More future than in all honestly the best manufacture of Cam & Crank grinding machines that I work for. No money in making machines that last 30 years. I now would not touch a Cam or crank that was not ground with a Fives Landis machine. Brilliant machines with no future.
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