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  1. spitfire6


    Hi Nick, Many thanks for that. If I may; I wonder if this is correct because of 20W50? Cheers. Would show the PRV pressure and help with measuring oil filter DP. BSPT & not NPT? What I thought, but best to check. Pressure blockage would show up if you knew pre/post pressures. I would hate for the bypass valve to ever operate and dump crap oil that I have been filtering for hours. A dirty filter is better at filtering until the PRV pops. Something I need to think about? Many thanks, Nick. Again. Hi Greta, is 20W50 is a very poor choice for a rebuilt or non-worn out the engine? It's what I believe. Rebuilt should not be old clearances. Mobil 0W40 FS is what I run. Worn out engine burning smoke? Get it off the road. Iain. Hi Roger, Unless your engine is very loose at normal to hot temperatures, why would you want to choose a 10W60 oil? Penrite is a poor choice IMHO. The Penrite oil is not even synthetic. The Americans might call it synthetic, but it is not. (Thier website says oil is Group III) So, as mentioned by a previous poster: once it gets abused it will get ultra thin. ie. return to SAE10. Do we remember that fast flowing oil cools much better than thick oil? There was something else... Penrite Data-sheet: https://www.classic-oils.net/Penrite-HPR15 Something about base oils: https://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/29113/base-oil-groups Cheers, Iain. PS. If you want to increase your oil pressure; Fit a better/blueprinted pump and ensure your bearings are good. More pressure and of course cooling flow. Use thick oil and get more pressure on your gauge and a lot less flow. Most damage occurs at startup because of low flow.
  2. spitfire6


    Hi, In my quest to find the super oil I found this excellent read for a rainy day: https://members.rennlist.com/oil/Motor Oil 101.htm 20W50 will never touch my engine. A couple of questions please regarding Triumph 6 cylinder CP/R engine please: Oil pressure relief valve does not flow as good as it should? Oil bleed from PRV is returned back to pump inlet? Galley to oil PRV has no connection for pressure gauge? Oil pressure gauge/switch is a post filter connection? Max oil pressure reading is PRV pressure plus filter differential pressure? Thanks, Iain.
  3. spitfire6


    Hi, Its contents and belief in a fair amount of it, caused me to get a friendly warning from an admin. It is a good read. He does repeat the same stuff a lot & when asked to review the document with a view to "cleaning it up"; He replied that he has no time & its free. Fair point. I have had to google precis.. The contact breaker points paragraphs are only valid IMHO if comparing to transistor assisted systems. Cheers, Iain.
  4. spitfire6


    Hi, This makes an interesting read if you have a few hours to spare: https://540ratblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/motor-oil-wear-test-ranking/ I don't think I have linked it here before? I did post the link on the TSSC forum, but it was too much for them as unless it's 20W50, high in ZDDP & is less than a page long; its kak. I use #6 on the list. Apart from a leak on front crankcase seal, no problems. I run the same in modern, so always have some available. Cheers, Iain.
  5. spitfire6

    Ignition light on, but Alternator appears to be charging

    Hi Alan, I would suspect the voltage regulator module. But, I suspect the voltage you are measuring as suspect as well. At that voltage; you would have lights like the sun and your bulbs would have half the life of a fruit fly. As mentioned above; your battery would be past dead by now. If it's a modern replacement alternator you have, I have loads of new 14.2V- 14.5V regulators. You are welcome to one FOC. In the unlikely event that the battery is charging at over 15 volts; you will be generating a nice explosive mix of hydrogen and oxygen! Cheers, Iain. PS. send a picture of the rear of the alternator where the regulator is mounted.
  6. spitfire6


    Hi, Just spoke to NGK about plugs and mentioned the video. They are aware of the video that NGK Germany produced. They were not 100% happy with it.. I have been sold on BPR6EIX plugs. Multi-electrode plugs getting replaced. Cheers, Iain.
  7. spitfire6

    Spitfire / GT6 (squaretail) door handle parts

    Hi, A tenner from me. & interest from me. Cheers, Iain
  8. spitfire6


    Hi Zetecpit, But the coil voltage is reversed when the primary coil current stops. Centre electrode is hot to emit electrons & a precious metal if you want it to last long. The video goes against everything I thought. I'm not going to argue with NGK though! Still confused, Iain.
  9. spitfire6


    Hi, is that video correct? I would have sworn that electrons jumped from centre to earth on a conventional system? Confused, Iain.
  10. spitfire6


    Hi, mpbarrett, remember to change your plugs around as you run wasted spark. I have my wasted spark coil connected 1& 6, 2 & 5 and 3 & 4. I swap from front to back every time I take the plugs out. Cheers, Iain.
  11. spitfire6

    Leccy TR6

    22Kw my last guess! Must be running it close to 100Hz as well then? The short cables look about 75mm2? Any German speakers advise power kW and battery voltage? 500+DC? Cheers, Iain.
  12. spitfire6

    Leccy TR6

    Hi, A few comments: #1 I think its a very nice looking car. #2 Boot rack on the wrong way round? #3 Is it the same guy that turned an old Indian car into a 206? #4 The music is from around 70's. The classic German movie " Schnell, schnell Hans, mien assen mit feur" . Available on VHS. Is the motor 55Kw 2 pole? Cheers, Iain.
  13. spitfire6

    Talk Talk IP

    Hi, Anybody use the internet provider called Talk Talk? What a collection of *ankers. Days of my life wasted speaking, texting & using "chat-box" to communicate with these foreign idiots. They have blocked the software that I use to hide my location. I also use it to "appear" in a different country. Want me to pay over 300 quid to terminate my contract!! Africans trying to help. Well hows that going to work? Iain.
  14. spitfire6

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hi, The link i showed was for a crowbar suppressor is fitted across the power input connectors to STOP any voltage above 15 volts, for this model.I would fuse both sides. Voltage suppressors are used with a fuse. If it ever requires replacement; it died to protect your electronics Cheers, Iain. PS. The part looks the same, but more normal price
  15. spitfire6

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hi, eBay item number:162684974768 would protect your ECU if the DC/DC converter died and spat out more than 15 Volts. It costs three times the DC/DC converter... Cheers, Iain.