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  1. Camshaft Bearings

    Hi, Like it. Nice n clean and no rust. Do i see a dizzy & a coil pack? Cheers, Iain.
  2. ZDDP ppm mis-labelling

    Hi, The Mobil 1 FS 0W40 is what I run in my TR5 (CP) engine powered Triumph. Not that it's running at the moment. I don't care about ZDDP, but thanks for the chart, as the "ZDDP" sames much higher than I expected for a SN oil. Cheers, Iain.
  3. Hi, As posted, many legitimate equipment uses the 2.4 and 5 GHz range, and could cause interference to you. neighbors on nearby channel, Radio Hams & Microwave ovens are other sources of legit interference. You need to see what channels your neighbors are using and either mover away so there is no overlap or use same channel for best effect if this the problem. You can use this SW to scan you WiFi; https://www.passmark.com/products/wirelessmonitor.htm It's free to use for 20 days. Try moving to a different channel or better the same, as strange as that sounds! If WiFi signals are not the source; I spectrum analyser is required to sniff. I have a handheld one from the hundreds of pounds range that you can borrow. It will be OK for what you need. An upgrade to a faster Modem/Router/Access Point unit is also always an upgrade to what the Internet provider provides, at a cost to you of course. Try the SW first and see what you find. Cheers, Iain.
  4. Cam Sensor

    Hi', If you have enough output drivers & your ECU supports it; You can run sequential on the injectors, Idle might be "better" You can run individual coils for each plug. If moving from wasted spark; this will improve plug life and output voltage at higher RPM's. Cheers, Iain.
  5. ******* To measure down-force, one can use the car’s suspension springs a spring-scale. To do that, fabricate a clamp-on lever that clamps to the center of the sway-bar. Use this lever to actuate a throttle position sensor (TPS) as in the following drawing: *********** From the Innovate logworks 3 manual. Cheers, Iain.
  6. Hi John, Pot could be for throttle? To measure anti-roll bar angle? Cheers, Iain.
  7. Strange looking crankShaft

    Hi, Sorry for delay. It's for Kamaz in Russia. Cheers. Iain.
  8. Strange looking crankShaft

    Hi, The Ecoboost engine is amazing. Of course helped by ultra precision grinding of the journals that only our equipment can do.. So that's what improves the balance the engine? Not much to look at? The crank above is a monster. I could not even lift it. Any guesses? The cranks are all scrapped as they belong to the customer and most of the time the customer does not want to pay for there return. Most need additional work, so really of no use. Cheers, Iain.
  9. Strange looking crankShaft

    Hi all, I thought the disk acted like a flywheel. LOL. Yes a robot will fit a gear onto the disk deal. It's not a Ford part but as they did own the company, I guess you are correct. Yes they are unfinished and the hundreds that are at work were used for trials and commissioning. All will be scrapped and will all be thrown in the skip. Our machines just grind the journals and on site will be passed and loaded into other machines for additional machining and balancing. In my defense, I did think it was rather small for a flywheel. Cheers, Iain.
  10. Hi, Just seen this crank at work today for a new low capacity mass produced engine. It's made for ***** and I am not allowed to name the well known and large car supplier of cars! Is the disk a new idea or are more new cranks looking like this? Somebody at work did say it was Lancaster or Lancashire technology from a hundred years ago! Cheers, Iain.
  11. Knock Knock

    Hi, While trying to find more information about the module, found this: https://dspace.lboro.ac.uk/dspace-jspui/bitstream/2134/9175/2/Walsh-Optimum_Knock_Sensor_Location_(Final_Paper)[1].pdf Have not read yet, so if is kak, Sorry. Off to read, Iain.
  12. Knock Knock

    Hi Doug, The sensor i assume as mentioned earlier is "just" a piezo microphone. It will have a very high impedance. I guess your measuring device meter, 10M Ohm is loading it when you measure the voltage and the input impedance of the module is much lower than 10 meg? What does your digital multi-meter show the ohms to be? You could buy an adjustable frequency generator on EBay for a quid or a non NE555 one with adjustable output and waveform for under a tenner. You could connect to your 3.5mm audio speaker jack on a PC. With free software you can generate any audio frequency you desire. Quote the EBay # for the device please as can only find devices from the USA that cost more to ship! I will buy two and open one up for you/us. As you say it is probably potted though. I assume the module is an active device and tuned to respond only to a certain range of frequencies and amplitude? I also assume the transducer and module are not the correct match? If this is the case, a quid adjustable amp off EBay could interface the parts by amplifying the signal between them. Cheers, Iain. PS. You could parallel two or more transducers to increase the voltage. Correct placement and mechanical noise on the Triumph engine might stop this being a success...
  13. Knock Knock

    Hi Doug, A while a go I was looking at the knock sensor you showed on CT. I managed to win one on EBay for £0.99. Seller canceled sale and I went no further. I was going to post on here as to where to mount it on a six. I was going to connect it to an cheap EBay adjustable band pass filter as saw conflicting reports to what frequency the knocking was resonate at. As Nick, I wanted a system that I could listen to and not control. But. What is the module? #16236469. Is it a signal processor that sets a pin low or high when it detects a knock? Could be interested again. Cheers, Iain
  14. Low Oilpressure At Tick-Over

    Hi, I was using the below to check my pump: With reference to below, my Witor pump on Fig 35 and 36 is actually OK. How do I reduce Fig. 37? Put the oil pump true in a "machine" and machine until I have 1 thou? I'm guessing metal will be removed from body and or outer rotor to achieve this? Cheers, Iain.
  15. Low Oilpressure At Tick-Over

    Hi, Two measurements on Witor GT6 Oil pump at room temperature: Outer Rotor and Body= 6 Thou or mills. Inner rotor tip to Outer Rotor= 5 Thou or mills. (Max should be 4!!!) A bit disappointing. The Rotor end float was not measured as I only found out what to measure tonight. I have been told that the equipment at work can work to sub .05 Thou/Mills. Is there a problem reducing end float to less than a Thou? Cheers, Iain.