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  1. Hi Roger, I turn my ignition off and back on when rotation stops. Fun game of reflex. Cheers, Iain.
  2. Hi, Nice to see electronics. Respect it's all working but the attached schematic looks to have some errors. I was going to mod my wiper motor interface to keep alternator voltage as source. Electromagnetic though not solid-state. No bias to consider. If I was going to use a micro I would buy a couple of 8 pin PIC's @£0.33 each. You could then add programmable intermittent, auto-wipe & wash. LOL. I would get a copy of: https://www.labcenter.com/ There is no better. You can build an ECU, test it & then have the files necessary to have it built. PM me for a information. Cheers, Iain.
  3. Thanks. Interesting read. The reason for serial connection was a simple and easy passive way to get my 15 PSIA for 4.5V. I think they would work if source impedance was low and balanced & load impedance very high? Active buffers would be better of course because a low pass filter can be added. The synchromap is only summing the 4 MAPS and providing a fix low pass filter? I cannot see much on the board. Multiply MAPs & an active board seems the way forward. Now armed with a scope you can spend days syncing the butterflies. Happy days. Iain. PS. Off to look at the other links.
  4. Hi, found a couple of cheap 1/4"NPT "MAP" sensors. Fit them on 3&4. The specs show that if I wire them in series I will have a scale of 15PSIA & a range of 0.5V to 4.5V @ 5VDC. 8.5mm hole & tap? No hoses. I will keep looking for cheaper 1/4" 15PSIA 5V sensors but it is hard work.If I can find them cheap enough I will buy six of the little beasts & parallel them. Cheers, Iain.
  5. Hi Ian, I am also looking at IACV so i can drop the devils Spawn idle control AKA "Idle stabilisation using ignition advance". For now I want to locate a vacuum(s) source to provide a MAP source for engine control, presently I am 100% TPS. Remembering the Lucas PI metering unit that was throttle controlled and not MAP controlled has convinced me that even in electronic format, is still crap for a work car. Maybe good on a race car who knows. Cheers, Iain.
  6. Hi, I was looking at 3x MAP sensors. Connected passive or active to give the sum/3. I really despise the idea of pneumatic tubing or chambers, would rather it was all electronic as it does not have to be intrinsically safe. My Emerald K3 does not have an angle/MAP function. I do have function where I can select a totally different map depending on throttle position. IE MAP at low throttle positions and TPS getting onto WOT. No true blend facility. The vertically mounted plug sizes are unknown to me. I wish my fuel rail did not mask them as I have spare blanking plugs and nipples. Cheers, Iain.
  7. Hi Adrian, That looks like an idea I had not thought of. Cheers, Iain.
  8. Hi, the 4 of six circled deals. Can I drill & tap them? What size OD in the body are they? I desire to run MAP & not TPS. I cannot use the provided ports as you can see they are blocked by the fuel rail. Thoughts please? Cheers, Iain.
  9. All i'm seeing is X IFK X. Which in my mind translates to: X I F**K X EDIT: Which in my mind translates to: X I F**K X. Therefore, I have a small orange Fiat & truth be told a rather small member. PS. I have nothing against gay people
  10. Hi, Why can they not heat the water that ends up in your mouth to body temperature? Cold water is literally a pain. Cheers, Iain.
  11. Hi, any form of feedback is ill advised until the engine is running fine. Not easy set feedback of fueling with TPS. But that's another day. Cheers, Iain.
  12. Hi, If you have IACV avoid the ignition stabilization. Unfortunately I have no IACV & use a narrow band of the idle control spawn. Cheers, Iain.
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