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  1. Here is someone's point of view concerning Ethanol in modern fuels: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/culture/commentary/the-problem-with-ethanol-in-gasoline/article29103634/ I disagree that equal amounts of water in fuel is detrimental in a E20 mix compared to an Ethanol free mix. I think he is using E95 in some of his negative E10 examples.
  2. I'm all for E10 petrol. You can make your own 95% relatively cheap with a £400 machine & £0.50 bags of sugar. I think you are allowed to make 2000L with zero tax.
  3. AliEx has throttle bodies cheap. Fuel rail & fuel rail things as well!
  4. JB weld & waterpump modification = help from AA two years later in December. In the rain. No heating. 10% battery on phone. Got to watch two young ladies so not all bad.
  5. The trick is to master JB-weld & cold weld. Lasted two years and fell to bits. I leave brazing, welding & soldering to somebody else unless it means <60Watt electic and only copper. LOL.
  6. spitfire6

    Car Alarm

    Hi, The below is surplus & I can't be arsed to EBay them. I have remotes & RFID transponders for the alarm & imobiser. Both are imobilisers because they both have RFID antenna's. I have no manual for both so I need to see instructions for the Alarm one to match it with the RFID's I have. Everthing is there. I have RFID's & maybe one 12v battery for the remotes I have. Anybody want to save them from the bin? Cheers, Iain.
  7. Hi, a bit of adverstising. LOL. I use AFC50 grease for all connectors now. Even new stuff. Cheers, Iain.
  8. spitfire6

    Car Alarm

    Hi, I have been collecting car Alarms for the last 25 years. The last 15 yers it's been the two way type mostly from outside of Europe as they have a greater RF power output. The last ten years it's been the GSM/GPS types. Never bought any ultrasonic types as no good for softtops so bought a few microwave types. Bad news is the boss has made me clean up all my car stuff the last few weeks and I have binned a few systems. I should have offered them homes on here. I still have some quality Sparkrite types that I will also never use. I will be doing the final cull tonight. I threw out a Russian market alarm (Made in Korea) that had a pageging range of over a mile.Nice colour screen as well! Cheers, Iain.
  9. Hi, apologies for delay. Here is the box of left over parts for my DIY PCV. The small separator can is a spare one. Too small. The different ICV’s are all available control types. Were to be controlled by crankcase pressure. My only source of vacuum was the ITB ICV. I gave up. I will revisit. I can’t offer advice When I don’t have a working system. LOL. My present system retains oil until I slow down & then smokes like a battle ship under attack. Cheers, Iain.
  10. Always good to have loads of fuses. Always buying new as I (read-Wife) missplaces the boxes and they are cheap enough. I use a few MCB ones that I can reset with my finger. The glow shows me wich one has blown. I have them on my Cooling fan, Fuel pump & Water pump since removed. I always use a dab of electrical grease on pins. it cant hurt.
  11. Hi, About £60 a 100AHr cell. I have also noticed they are getting cheaper from AliExpress A string of four are at lead acid charging voltages, they have a much higher voltage over its discharge time as a bonus. A 200-300 Amp BMS would probably be another £150. Would you need more Amps to start a car? If I was still tax exempt I would buy some. I'm not. I think the OP is not using a BMS on all the cells and relying on matched strings of cells? They are more a robust chemistry than Li Ion. Really good work! Cheers, Iain.
  12. Hi Pete, still got some life then. Being equal has its merits. Cheers, Iain. PS. mines 190. I have problems that a correctly installed PCV system would rectify. My main problem is acess to manifold vacuum. Keeping my eyes on this thread.
  13. Hi Pete, Have you any compression numbers for the cylinders? Cheers, Iain.
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