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  1. Thanks John, great to know - Yes CV conversion all the way, in fact I sourced my last one from Nick.
  2. Does anyone happen to know if the GT6 MK1 'Swing-axle' suspension can be converted to rotoflex. Presumably it needs the lower brackets welded to the chassis for the lower wishbones (available from canleys) but is it possible? Thanks, Dave
  3. I've got a GT6mk2 with a rather rusty windscreen frame. There is a rubber seal under the screen which looks to have helped with the rot and IMO looks a bit naff. I understand that this could be some anti-vibration mechanism but I also see the design changed on the GT6mk3 and later spitfires. I am considering doing away with the rubber seal and effectively bond the frame to scuttle where the wipers mount as I repair it. Any thoughts would be appreciated? Thanks, Dave
  4. Hi Nick, Thanks again for the very thorough reply, much appreciated. I'm going to try and strip it all down this week, I do have another box, so I will assess the clearances and compare. The layshaft 'dropping' should like 'fun' so I suspect it will take me some time. I'll let you know how I get on/run in to trouble. Cheers, Dave
  5. Hi Nick, Thanks for the quick reply - I've checked the input shaft and there is some play but it is minimal (1-2mm) so I think this is OK. I've done what you suggested and pushed the far left synchro baulk-ring against 4th gear (I am assuming the largish cog on the far left is 4th gear as the exploded diagram does not name it). Here is a picture with it pushed against it while 3rd gear was selected: I've also taken a shot of the synchro baulk-ring on the other side of the 3rd/4th gear selector for comparison while 4th gear was selected: As you can see the far left synchro baulk-ring is very close to the 4th gear and looking at all the other synchro baulk-rings it appears to be too close. What do you think? Thanks, Dave
  6. I have a rather annoying gearbox crunch when changing from 3rd to 4th on my GT6 mkII Overdrive box. If I change gear fast it crunches If I change gear slowly it crunches If I change gear in a smooth 3rd->Neutral->4th motion it doesn't crunch I've got the gearbox out and on the bench. Basically as I am not too familiar with gearbox internals and would appreciat some help regarding what would be making it crunch. Visually looking at the box everything looks ok, but I suspect there is some wear? I am guessing that it could be the Synchro Rings at fault but would like to know what to look for from the experts. I've posted a pic pointing out the syncro rings around 3rd/4th - perhaps someone could point the wear/problem out? It would be great if someone could point out which bits of this kit (or not) I need to change to fix my 3rd/4th crunch problem: Many Thanks, Dave
  7. I have a good non-overdrive gearbox and a not so good overdrive gearbox. As the title suggests, I am wondering if it's possible to move the internals from a non-overdrive gearbox into an overdrive box? Thanks for thoughts in advance. Dave
  8. Hi, I want to upgrade the suspension on my road car GT6, and I'd like adjustable ride height. Can anyone recommend a make of shockers and springs (rating)? I was also going to polybush the mountings too. Thanks, Dave
  9. Does anyone know if its possible/difficult to convert a rotoflex GT6 to a swing spring? Is it an easy job, or does it require fabrication, wedling etc? Dave
  10. OK does anyone know which rear suspension setup gives the best handling - rotoflex or the swing spring? Sure the rotoflex has some issues but these can be sorted out using canleys CV conversion kit: http://www.canleyclassics.com/products.asp?article=cvkit1.xml An you can also change the mounting of the shock absorber fromthe body (scroll to bottom of page): http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/rimmer/triumph/gt6/susp-front So If one was to fix the rotoflex 'weak points' would it be better or worse than the swing spring, has anyone tried both setups? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the geometry of the rotoflex? Dave
  11. Cheers chaps - I will consider the options.
  12. Hi, First post! Does anyone know if you can get a quick release boss for the steering wheel on a GT6? I've like to be able to detatch the steering wheel as a security measure. Thanks, Dave
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