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  1. Enlarging a hole

    You got away with it with existing in hand tooling, resourcefulness in the right application for the moment . Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. A drill can be ground flat bottom like an endmill and can be used carefully to "move" an existing hole going to a larger diameter, carefully being key. Cheers Tim
  2. That's right Nick, about 220 Km away, @ 120KPH on the 401 highway. Toronto is an okay place to visit, nearly the most expensive housing in North America as a drawback. But only 180 Kms away from the Muskoka Lakes , great twisting roadways up there, watch out for moose though. Pretty exciting to have a member and his car move over here, I'm putting together a spit six for my wife, would be interesting to see Nigels version.
  3. Where abouts in Canada are you landing? If you need anything please let me know, if I can help you out with anything from this end just ask. Cheers Tim
  4. My weekend so far

    That Jag rekindles my lust for a series one. Helping out a new triumph convert with some NOS body parts I had surplus, I delivered the parts to his parents farm. His dad met me and we conversed at length about cars and the hobby and his son's enthusiasm for his spitfire. he mentioned he had an E-type and was looking to finish it someday. After some more conversation he invited me to have a look, it was actually in his barn. We went out, it was a large old wood barn, multiple level, and sure enough there was a work shop and loads of farm equipment, and some vehicles, and a distinctive shape under a canvas tarp. A red 1964 E coupe. Pretty good shape an older restoration that had been partly disassembled, complete with drivetrain though a 4.2 engine installed. It was beautiful, a paint job and interior refurbishment away from the road. He had it for 35 years, in his seventies now, still optimistic he will get it done or at least his son will inherit it and finish. Ill be doing my best to stay in touch, one never knows.
  5. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Outstanding, you are inspiring me to get creative and tackle a few projects in the same manner. Cheers Tim
  6. John, That is a flux capacitor, I would be wary of going 88MPH, you'll never know when you'll end up. A bearing puller I made to remove the bearings from GT6 transmissions Not a tool especially but using tools in a way they were not meant to be used. A lathe steady mounted on a milling machine bed, holding the ram of a 7" X 6 foot long hydraulic cylinder, the eye end in a rotary table chuck, milling a bevel all around the welded cap to separate it from the cylinder, by hand feed with a wrench on the jaws of the chuck. It was slow but successful, saved my customer $8,500 for a new one. Cheers Tim
  7. Refurbishing Lucas Injectors

    Thanks Nick, is it okay to ease them back in with a spot of vasoline (petroleum jelly)? Awesome hand forming on the metal for the GT6 project, I seem to recall you came across some hand rollers and shapers and such , you are putting them to good use. Cheers Tim
  8. Has anyone had the Lucas PI Injectors apart and replaced the Viton o rings? I have a set that were from Steve Attenboroughs GT6, GT overlooked redoing them when he did the pump and metering unit some time back. Shipping them back to the UK for refurbishment is not practical cost wise plus there are 2 that are the threaded in types and 4 push types, likely not a good idea trying to avoid core charges with mismatched items. I have them apart, is it okay to just replace the o rings leaving the spring settings alone? Cheers Tim
  9. I have received one of my Lucas PI systems, sent fully refurbished. Some serious delays but the items look new, I thought the fuel pump was a reproduction it looked so good. So on to installing and learning a new process. While there is another setup, minus a few injectors and maybe a PRV, left with the rebuilder I wont be pursuing a rebuild on it. I had thought of using the manifold to go EFI but it seems a shame to break up a system that someone else may need for a restoration. It appears to be a CR from a 2.5 Saloon. I am leaving it with the rebuilder to market it where he sees fit. Cheers Tim
  10. Speaking Of Gt6 Gearboxes

    Well the 4th time was the charm, slid in effortlessly, everything rolling as it should. Some pics of the offending mismatched helixes, not sure what year the change was made, I have 5 KC boxes and the 1 KF that was in a late 69 I have. I'm not sure what is in my MK111, haven't looked as yet and have another od and transmission on its way from a MK11. Cheers Tim
  11. Speaking Of Gt6 Gearboxes

    A little heads up on that , before you reassemble the box with the newly matched up 3rd gear it would behoove you to check 4th gear as well. BTW 4th gear is different as well. Lets hope the 4th time is the charm. Cheers Tim
  12. Speaking Of Gt6 Gearboxes

    Oops, mixed in a 3rd gear from the KF, 5 degree difference in helix angle, reflush the casing ,re-measure the float clearances and jam it all back together.
  13. Speaking Of Gt6 Gearboxes

    Still not working out, everything actually appears to be in order, The cluster gear I have in there should be able to mesh, it is a slightly smaller diameter and hopefully pitch diameter on the 4th. There may be a difference on the 3rd mesh but still very close to the other 2 clusters I have. Just staying shy by about .050 of lining up to the countershaft and bores. Any thing that can be holding it up? Almost like it may be rocking on the 2nd or 3rd gear.
  14. Speaking Of Gt6 Gearboxes

    Having waited on some internal parts from Rimmer bros I've finally came to the final assembly of 1 transmission. Lots of good guidance and tips and I have a mainshaft assembled, all floats and clearances in spec, synchros tested for tensile pull, cluster gear in and checked for float, appropriately shimmed under the thrust washer and dropped for the mainshaft to be loaded. made up a few tools to aid in the assembly, glued the split thrust washers for first gear, assembled 3 and 2 and a new circlip and bushes. pressed in the new case bearing, end floats ok on first gear, press in the input and bearing ,all good. Now for the cluster gear, got it stringed to help maneuver it and cannot get it to line up, just shy like it is a bit too big to mesh and line up with the bores for the shaft. Moral of the story is do not mix up cluster shafts from a KC box into a KF box, .042" difference on 4Th gear on the cluster, and it was a pain loading all 50 of those new rollers in there. Out it all comes and start over again, tomorrow cause I'm not going to deal with it tonight. Cheers Tim
  15. Some very interesting stuff to peruse, thanks guys. There really aren't many restrictions other than engine size, maintaining original body panels and chassis dimensions and stating naturally aspirated. Air dams of some sort would be needed to hold it down, lowering is fine, pushing it with another vehicle to start is ok. The exterior cant be altered for streamlining, as in removing the visor like airdam above the windshield. Underbody streamlining is okay, anything that increases safety is encouraged. It isn't so much a class of vehicle other than being a 2 seat import that is basically stock, class G/G GT( 2000CC / Gas 2 seat grand touring). At El Mirage the class is set at 138MPH for the time being, not many people bother with it. El mirage has plenty of dates to compete in, not quite the prestige of Bonneville but the same end result, Both are a long haul, in the 2000 Mile range one way, don't want to forget anything and have to go back to retrieve it. A car set up for those conditions would be difficult to drive on the street regardless of Brownie points,125 gallons of diesel, one way @ $3 per gallon for my tow vehicle Fuel for the car must be purchased on site but high octane @100 is available. If only I had a friend like Steve Smith nearby, or just borrow one of his GT6s. Cheers Tim That highly modified altered is scary, maintains an original back half but anything else goes, 287MPH IIRC. No, just No, too fast, 150MPH is too fast for me in a stock GT6.