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  1. I was properly excited to pick it up, but theres still quite a bit of finishing off of the interior trim and roof to do! As always its the last 10% of any project which is hardest to complete.
  2. After being dismantled and partially restored by one guy, who had it for 5 years. The Herald went on to Derek Wadsworth of Autopride to be completed. After all the metal work was complete he was unable to paint it. Next move to Hampton to be painted then back to Derek to be assembled. Derek has done a fine job considering that he did not take it to bits, and finally we are going to go down to collect it tomorrow. There is still a bit to do, internal trim and roof, but its running and on the road so I can start to enjoy driving it for the first time. first picture is the day she left us - second 2 are today. John
  3. Hi Nick Yes head is coming off this week to see just how much damage there is. I think that you have confirmed what I thought - that there is little or no chance of anything from Audi - we are going to crack on get it repaired and move it on. Now I just have try to persuade SWMBO to look at something other than audi as a replacement, I'm keen on Skoda at the moment but that is a work in progress. John
  4. Good evening all My wife runs a 2009 Q5 2.0l TFSI with just over 100,000 miles on the clock. 2 days after we had it serviced prior to a planned trip in it to Spain i went to start it and got nothing but spinning over and a fair bit of clattering noise. After investigation it appears that the cam chain tensioner has failed and cam chain has jumped 8 teeth on the inlet cam sprocket. These are known to be a weak part and have been modified since its first incarnation. We are going to crack on and repair as necessary as without an engine it is worth nothing and I recon that we can get it back on the road for £3K. In May 2016 Audi rebuilt the engine as it was consuming excessive oil due to them fitting incorrect pistons/rings when they built it. Now my question is do you think that i've got a hope in hells chance of getting any money out of Audi for not suggesting that we should replace the tensioner. As when they had it stripped down they would have seen that it was an older tensioner and was prone to fail. thanks in advance. John
  5. Good morning Gents The new site looks great - thanks to all who have done so much work to to keep it going. I can only find one image of mine that I posted to the modifications gallery have the historical gallery pics been lost in the transfer from old to new? John
  6. Evening all - just wanted to publicise the sale of my friends MKIV spit. She has had it dry stored for a long time with no use. eBay listing: 332081718013 Thanks for looking John
  7. Hi Fred - I'd be happy to bid on your behalf - just let me know when you want to bid and how much? The engine is not far from me either. Regards John
  8. I' m glad that you had a good weekend John, the pictures look great. You certainly had some fine weather. John
  9. How did you get on at the weekend John? John C
  10. Good morning Gareth Are you saying that the Protech shocks are not fit for purpose - in this instance my purpose is a pretty much standard 13/60 convertible used mainly on public roads for pleasure trips with the familly. This is a rhetorical question really, your experience and knowledge are massive but for a lot of our cars Massive loads will never be experienced. We are not all racers Thanks again for your input John
  11. Thanks Nick - good to hear from the voice of reason. John
  12. I've just looked at the protech website and their products are anodised as apposed to the hard annodised that GT was talking about. It looks like the Hard annodised is more involved and requires a bigger electrical supply (expensive) and puts a thicker coating on the products. I dont know what the additional cost would be or whether the extra thickness of coating would prevent the adjuster working on the thread / or whether using the thread would remove the coating. Anyway my shocks are ordered now and I will have to hope that they will be sufficient for my Herald and the fairly light use that it will get. John
  13. Thanks for your input GT - just after I had ordered what I thought was the best option for adjustable spring seat front shocks you come along and tell me that it's not. In your opinion will the Protech shocks be adequate for my 1360 convertible driven occasionally spirited but mostly with 3 children on board. Would it be worth coating the shocks with a laquer of something similar to reduce corrosion once set up? John
  14. Those look really good Chris, I ordered Protech as they seem to have had good feedback generally, they don't seem to be the first choice ie stocked by the usual suppliers and thirdly they are really nice and shiny! The latter would not have been the main factor for choosing Protech. The guy I spoke to on the phone was really helpful so fingers crossed that they live up to their reputation. John
  15. Just a quick update - I placed an order with Protech for new front and rear shocks, and Canley's for a swing spring kit. My Herald is at present stripped down to the chassis so swapping all this over will be much easier. John
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