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  1. N95 or FFP2 are the masks recommended by the US CDC for protection of the healthcare workers, and they are more readily available compared to N100 or FFP3. The virus particles are smaller than either the N95 or N100 masks will normally filter, but as they are so small they move by brownian motion, so they stick to the filter mesh.
  2. To me, the new rules look like something from Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia or Kim Jong Fatboy’s North Korea. I would want absolutely nothing to do with an organisation that was trying to control free speech in such a draconian manner. It is one short step away from being a Nazi organisation. Personally if I was a member of the TRR Forum, now would be the time to ask them to delete my account and all my posted content, regardless of the damage it might do to the continuity of threads - that should send the message loud and clear.
  3. This wont work very well without a massive balance pipe between the three. Triple Webers / Delortos work well because they are effectively six single carbs all working together. When three SUs or Strombergs are used, the timing of the Induction stroke of the paired cylinders is not 180 degrees apart, so the air flow in double pulses with a long gap between the pairs - this really upsets the way they work. If you could create a very complex manifold to pair up 1 & 6, 2 & 5 and 3 & 4 then it would work - just like a proper extractor manifold. If you could make
  4. Unlocked IPhones can be purchased direct from Apple stores in the UK. Nearest one to Hemel Hempstead is in Watford - https://opening-hours.today/en/view/openinghours/apple-store/intu-watford-shopping-centre/watford/55a3cdec1e782#lat=51.753241&lng=-0.44863199999997505&p=hemel-hempstead I just drop a local PAYG sim into my unlocked iPhone, works a treat.
  5. California State Route 1 - AKA the Pacific Coast Highway
  6. Dave Pearson of Canley Classics has something about these wheels on his website. http://www.canleyclassics.com/triumphmuseum.asp?article=dunlop.xml
  7. The bearing and housing (trunion) are just a press fit on the shaft - not the best engineering in the world, but it works. It looks like the trunion has been pressed on too far. Pull the drive flange off again, remove the backplate and use a puller to pull the trunion a bit closer to the end of the shaft and then reassemble.
  8. How about fitting a magnetic clutch from an air-con compressor - they only engage when a current is passed through the coil, so when you want the alternator disconnected you are not running the battery down with the clutch.
  9. Having followed the thread about GT's plasma spark plugs with interest, I have been looking around to see if there is anything else similar on the market and I found these "Halo" plugs. They seem to be making some fairly outrageous claims about them. Has anyone else seen them or tried them. http://www.haloplug.com/
  10. If you want to build your own spring testing machine, this is a good starting point and easilly put together in most home workshops. http://www.kartingtechinfo.com/tech/spring_tester.html
  11. Carl Heinlein designed and built a four cylinder metering unit and installed a complete PI system on his Spitfire 4. http://www.lucasinjection.com/4_cylinder_triumph_spitfire.htm He emigrated to Canada from England about 5 years ago and took the Spitfire with him, I keep hoping it will turn up at a show down here, but as he is in Ontario its a long drive. I had a good look at the installation about 20 years ago when I was over in Europe at the Club Triumph Holland event at Klein Vink. I seem to recall that he won the Concours for modified cars. It was a nice bit of engineerin
  12. Spitfire MKIV side window glass is flat, so the same bit of glass will fit on either side of the car. Original glass will have the markings on the inside if the glass is used in right hand door, and on the outside for the left hand door.
  13. We send a lot of stuff out to the Metal Improvement Company http://www.metalimprovement.com/index.php who have facilities across the USA and Europe, including England.
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