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  1. Yes vertical link Rotoflex. You see nicely where the PO left the marks of the hacksaw. I milled it down to 74,5mm width. The narrow ones I measured where between 74,1 and 75,3mm. Ineresting that the thick washer is not shown in any of the parts catalogues. I have 4 left from dismantled vertical links. Thickness 3,22 ... 3,35 mm. Martin
  2. .... and some sundays work
  3. Now it is a real Vitesse
  4. Change, Inevitable Change...

    very happy to donate again. Thanks for all your efforts. Martin
  5. @ JC: will inspect the Estate in Birkenfeld, have a good trip @ Alan: thanks, but silk purse? hmm, already by far too many trade offs done if you have a closer look. But I agree it should be a nice car for travelling when ready Martin
  6. Sorry, outside gap no longer for sale. After changing the LH hinge from the new stanpart to the used stanpart one and using somepiece of Wood and a hammer, now the outside gap is o.k.ísh. rear hatch fits nicely at the upper and lower rubber seal. It fits nicely at the RH seal BUT not at the LH side. Why? Martin
  7. Nick, seems I have a gap to sell. RH side fits very well, but ...LH I have no idea what´s wrong. And to delight me, while mounting the reverse lamp, the glass from the Vitesse MKII reverse lamp slowly slided out of the lamp and via the chair fell to the floor. O.k. dustpan, handbroom, when is the next Stoneleigh? Martin
  8. next challenge did the C pillar shrink?
  9. Consensus seems to be that the 7/8 roll bar is too strong. However I have it in my GT6 and Im yery happy with it. 5,5 x 13 with 175 / 70 / 13. These are semisports thus veeery sticky. Quite neutral in curves and it does not hmmm how to express "lean on the nose" ????? Martin
  10. This is really fun. Why did I wait so Long to buy a press?
  11. shims sourced with a short visit at the mate´s workshop. However, the snap ring seems to be weakened. I measure 1,6mm Diameter with an outer Diameter of 24,5mm. The grove is 2mm wide. Can you confirm this data? Martin
  12. Hi Nick, are these shims special ones for driveshafts (with a spline pattern?) or "normal" round ones? For nomal ones I always "visit" the storage of a mate with a machine shop. Martin
  13. Hi, didn´t want to use the Guide to cv thread. The Volvo 340 lobro has appr 0,75mm lateral clearance on the Rover driveshaft. Do I need to shim that somehow? Cheers Martin did want to contact you directly Nick but my private and business mail has problems
  14. I admit the chance was "influenced". Reason was that on the continent I was not able to find any 45mm fuel filler hose which I need to connect the tank to the tank filler pipe. Now I do have enough for some more Estates Martin
  15. sorry Nick, coming back to the heater, it was from car builder solutions (heat4). Design seems to have changed recently but the T7 TS400 looks like the blower that is used in my heater (had a Spal sticker). We were on holiday in Kent near Bethersden this May, and incidentally we passed by that company when visiting a garden I swear, just by chance we passed by. Martin