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  1. Martin


    Rotoflex / Swing Spring a good idea (I like the Rotoflex more ), but please consider to upgrade the brakes to GT6 / Vitesse spec. Regarding diff I have the 3.89 in the GT6 and like the acceleration on tracks Cheers Martin
  2. T55 did the trick just minutes ago.
  3. of course, engine is the bare block on an engine stand. Unfortunately a bit slow motion rebuilding the engine Martin
  4. If the plug above the oilfilter is a simple 3/4 UNF, I will take it out as well and machine some screw to fit. Martin
  5. Martin

    What's happened here??

    HI John, had the same oil leak with my GT6, the square seal not properly seated, perhaps too much force used? Martin
  6. Hi John, the flat one I always take out. Drilling a hole and then hammering a Torx nut ito it. then I was able to turn it out. I got new ones from Canley (stick of 6 ) and glue it in with "WEICONLOCK® AN 305-42 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing" Something similar should be available from other brands. The one above the oil flter I did not take out as I could not find a replacement. Martin
  7. Martin

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    I can recommend Langlow paint remover. And a T9 in one pic in the left corner? Cheers Martin
  8. Whow an original Vitesse Estate. I did some small Progress with engine parts. Replaced a bush in a con rod. The others are within spec. Nost critical Topic to align it properly.
  9. The car has really rotten floor, a posts,inner sills, outer sills ... Some boxed section where the rear axle is mounted is, ..... hmmm crunchy. But: bonnet, doors, rear hatch very good nearly rust free. front wings are replacement ones with only some minor rust spots at the bottom, new front panel was neatly welded in and I will cut it out as spare. Thus the car gives me all the body parts I need. This was not expected and I already bought most body parts. Thus may sell some of them again, Martin
  10. Yes car will be white again. I by chance detected a 1976 Polo at a Bosch Garage in the backyard. Thus I bought it as a donor. My old car is missing so many (or nearly all) parts, that it made sense, and it was cheap and is absolutely complete. You see it on my new lift
  11. Martin

    Vented Disc conversion

    Hi Nick, interesting that the spacers you have measure 10mm. I have a kit from Canleys and the spacers are 8mm thick. My plan is to have 2.4 mm spacer at the caliper mount and to turn / mill back the mounting face of the disc at the hub by another 2,4mm. This then combines with the correct Diameter of the Capri disc. Then shimming the steering arm as required to free the track rod end. Martin
  12. Martin

    Vitesse project

    Goood luck, as here in Germany the fight with the officials is often a nightmare. Martin
  13. .... and you see the original colour, "manilagrün"