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  1. So after my happiness that I received my parts from UK without paying any taxes, I was caught today. A letter from GLS arrived. With the bill. Puh. 24 Euro for taxes, handling, ....... For a value of 60 Euro. Hmmm
  2. Just an Update. Tried to order parts via Ebay. No possibility to send to Germany. Ordered via an online shop. Parts no Problem. Invoice was without Vat on products and no Vat on postal service. Parcel arrived today. Hadnt to pay anything. So one State was cheated by me. Cheers Martin
  3. Hi all, experience from the other side of the Channel. Just wanted to order some Parts via Ebay.uk. From a supplier I already used before. Never had an issue so far. Today when coming to the payment the Message popped up that due to tax reasons no delivery to Germany possible. Will give him a call tomorrow. Cheers Martin
  4. Seasons Greetings to all of you. Have a peaceful time. Martin
  5. I‘m curious as well, as to repair the Head they had to install bigger valves. .
  6. Well that took time. I sent the cylinder head for repair in May. It returned in November. Thats fine as I´m not in a hurry. And I´m happy, as at present, it would be stuck somewhere. Peter Burgess did a superb work on it with new valves and guides.
  7. What a year 2020. Only one upside, time for the cars. Yes its running, but at present unable to establish a good idle. But that will be sorted out in spring when I paln to get MOT. Wheels will change to steel 5.5 13 Golf I GTI ones. With 185 60 13. I´m considering Yokohama 539. Any experineces? Cheers Martin
  8. Hi Patrick, I do have +10 mains for Spit 1500 CB 91612.10 here on the shelf. If you Need them gibt a shout. Other Good source is the Spitfirescheune.de . The Owner Chris Maus is a very nice guy. Cheers Martin
  9. We have only a soft lockdown at present, but my son thought I need some work to keep me inside.
  10. Owning now the Spitfire for 16 years and it was (and is) fun to drive. We liked to tour with it for shorter tours as well as for a week of in southern Germany. The last years weather is changing and it is getting hotter and hotter. We liked May and September for such travel. Normally nice temperatures in the 22 to 26 degree range. But last years more 30 / 32 degress. Alway accompanies by a MGB with friends. Target: open car with air condition. But not a boring one. You know, life ist to short for driving a boring car. Friends changed recently that MGB for a Porsche Boxter. You can g
  11. What a Great Job. for fitting the Root brackets I allways took the Front Suspension Holes in the chassis as a Datum line to be parallel to the Front. The diff mountings I took as a reference to Centre them properly . cheers Martin
  12. The 2.8 is a good choice. Especially when it comes to repairs. Concerning back problems. I had (and still have) for many years problems with the neck and the lumbar areas. Sport is necessary, but my experience, stretching is essential for success. Get well soon Martin
  13. Hi Nick, yes the brake is fine now , no binding. Stopping power very good with Mintex 1144 pads and Silicone fluid. there are issues with the Powerstop Servo. I had a similar problem. After first braking the pressure was not released. Faulty Servo. Unfortunately Servo was bought some time ago in Stoneleigh at a major supplier and lost the receipt. Here in Germany Bastuck sells them with a „premium“. But they seem to check / change the valves. The Bastuck one works fine. Cheers Martin
  14. Previous owners I do love them. Lever for the aceleration Pump wrong Drilling. Thus Piston movement 17mm instead of 11mm. Made a very sophisticated special Tool. Oh my god. The new lever cost 23 €
  15. Already chasing a gearbox. Need a 4 speed GD one. Luckily they are cheap.
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