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  1. Martin


    All the best and get well soon. Cheers Martin
  2. I like the Carolus stuff. There is Gedore inside. Reasonably priced. Cheers Martin
  3. Martin

    Gearbox breather

    Mx GT6 / Vitesse gearbox has a small hole there. And it works. I put the gearbox upright to test the tightness of the front seal with a little bit of EP90 left in the gearbox, and there came oil out of that little hole. Martin
  4. Martin

    Wheel Studs

    sorry clicked somehow too many times on the pics
  5. Martin

    Wheel Studs

    see pic, critical with steel wheels, I ordered the bearmach stuff.
  6. from the "Chinese" range I bought 2 years ago a Stahlwerk TIG. They offer Mig / TIG in the UK as well if I remember correctly. Decent quality https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WELDER-STAHLWERK-AC-DC-TIG-200-PULSE-and-PLASMA-CUTTER-S-WELDING-MACHINE/151377349527?epid=1942400008&hash=item233ecb0b97:g:HmMAAOSw3qZa0Ke6 Martin
  7. I agree, Avon´s are expensive. I paid 170 Euro plus VAT each. But worth every penny. Now second season. I hope they last appr 5 years. Then it is 160 Euro a year. That was the businessplan how I persuaded my wallet. Martin
  8. Hi Will, if milage is not soooo important and you like a period look with a fast road or track day compound, splash out some money for Avon CR6ZZ in 175 70 13. I use them on 5.5 x 13 ET9 and this is superb. Cheers Martin
  9. Martin

    Spitfire Diff Bearings (1500)

    .... please take care that the output shaft bearing should be with C3 clearance. For the diff carrier I have the SKF numbers 67048 and 67010 Martin
  10. just overlooking the garden from making home Office today
  11. Martin

    TR3a hill climb tyres

    I splashed out the money for Avon CR6ZZ last year for my GT6. Should be available in 185 70 15. Bloody expensive, But they are GREAT, and even work in wet. Martin
  12. @ Nick: yes it is still rust free