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  1. Its a fantastic topic to learn John I still use mig, as in sum situations, its better, but on the hole, once you have gone tig, you wont often go back. Its such a more mauluable weld, softer for working with a dolly etc, hand files a dream, you can tig with so much more control you will love it once you get past dipping the tungsten to often
  2. You wont go wrong asking us/these guys http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/ Gr8 Bunch of lads my advise would be to buy new, cheap and give it a go JUST to get the feel of things and see if its for you or not. I dont know of a single welder who has been welding that started out with the same bit of kit they have ended up with, your going to learn so much about welding and the limitations of the kit its best to buy cheap and then sell it on if thats what you wish to do. Most come with 12 months warranty if not more Good welding kits come from Fronious, Lorch, miller, lincon etc etc I would not buy SIP, clarke is good for low end priced stuff
  3. from the list Nick gave, I do like the Haltech but its a US product and its gona be a pain as I live in the UK The other interesting option is the DTA, The SA40 should be all I need, they also seem to use the Jenevy stuff, I was hoping to buy as set of there Heritage DCOEs (for that retro look I Like)
  4. Ive lost total connection with the world of aftermarket ECU, s I used to like the Weber Alpha units, but if I am correct, they are now now longer available, If money was not the issue, and it was down to pure quality of kit/parts, how well it done the job of being an ECU and lastly its longevity (dont want to buy into a make that will be out of production be for long) My intentions are to run injection and have a map able ignition system that does away with the distributor
  5. As nick says, its due to the alloy expanding with heat,
  6. Hi John Yr either kidding or you haven't read my post properly The Arial mast was a mear mock up Have a closer look
  7. I know you lot luv a photo or ten, (I know I do,) Here as some of the GT6 roll cage I designed and made myself It started out as a TV aerial mast, cheap and easy to bend, made the pattern I wanted, once that was perfect, I set about making the proper one, I have added three photos of the Spitfire roll cage at the end of the photos, (as with that, I have a harness bar, ) Due to storage in the GT6, I didnt want that, so I have extra lugs (not shown) on the diagonals for a harness
  8. Saab not San. Bloody spellchecker on my phone
  9. Here you go. Bought this lot from San. Could not find the part numbers for the rubber dust cover
  10. Saab is the most common one I have come across, its used on our fiat twin cams, I have a new one sitting in my stores room, ill dig it out and post the saab part number for ya
  11. the Mill has now been collected, so its definitely sold
  12. not excatly sold as yet, deposit has been left, and he seems a genuine guy what happened to you then Nick
  13. Sold Via Gumtree. But many thanks for the use of the advertising space
  14. Hi There I have for sale a Denford triac PC Milling machine for sale. Its had very light use, comes with the original Denford Heavy milling machine table, adjustable legs for height, rubber leveling feet as well. there is 4 milling chucks inc collets and one drill chuck and its arbor. This mil comes with a large control box, and you plug this into a PC There is also the Denford original software C/D and denford Collection would be in north london, mill hill I am starting this at a asking price of £1,400
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