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  1. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hi John, you may be passed this photo now but this is what I used to remind me how everything lined up..... The original pulley is at TDC with the original timing mark and indicator. The (dirty greasy oily) VR sensor is aligned with the 6th tooth from the missing tooth which is at about 3 o' clock in this photo. If you find that the coils are firing in a different order than expected, you may have the same problem that I had when my coil "sequence" was different to all the diagrams I found. This was in the 4 connection plug. The connectors were numbered 1,2,3,4 left to right on one pack, but 4,3,2,1 left to right on the other. Hopefully the sequence should be indicated somewhere near/in the socket. I did notice that both coil packs firing sequence were A C B where B is the pack in the middle. Why did they do it this way? Why not A B C (Left, middle, right) Is this a "heat protection" sequence????? If you do need to swap you coil sequence around to get it running, perhaps you should aim to repeat the Left, right middle, sequence????? Cheers, Doug
  2. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    John, if I may step into the realm of silly questions for a moment, are you using the plug leads that came with/suit the coil pack? You haven't cobbled together old Triumph plug leads to "get it going?
  3. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Are you you guys sure the Motorcraft drawing is incorrect for a Triumph? The numbers "inside" the box is the coil pack labeling. The numbers outside the box are the Spark Plug numbers (P1, P2 etc). Plug Sequence 153624 goes with Coil pack ACBACB. Both drawings should be correct??? Cheers, Doug
  4. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hi Alan, yes it is very confusing especially as I am pretty sure I am "numerically dyslexic" ( Dyscalculia)!!!! I think it is the numbering on the coil packs that throws everything into confusion. The coils fire in the A, C, B order, so we have to match our Triumph firing order to the coil pack order. Both coil packs are shown with plug No1 and Plug No6 connected to Coil A, Coil C has plugs 5 & 2 , Coil B has plugs 3 & 4. Where I also ran into trouble was not reading the 4 pin plug correctly and just counting from left to right as per Johns diagram. I hope this make sense!!! Cheers, Doug
  5. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hi John, If your plug part number has an "R" in it , the plug is a resistor type. eg BPR5ES-11. What brand of coil pack do you have? The one I was having trouble with was a different configuration to the diagram you have posted. My coil pack on the left looked for all intents and purposes to be the same as all the others except you will notice that the four pin plug is numbered in the opposite direction and the plug wires (P1 - P6) are a different sequence. With the plug wires correctly sequenced correctly, it fired first pop! Cheers, Doug
  6. Rover 100 Axle Length

    I thought I had a driveshaft catalogue!!! and another CV catalogue with pictures!!!!! DriveshaftCatalogue.pdf joint_illust.pdf Section 2.pdf
  7. Rover 100 Axle Length

    Has anyone had a close look at ATV axles? Axles.pdf
  8. Rover 100 Axle Length

    Hi Guys, I found some CV joint catalogues that show the spline counts. They maybe of use ...... I wish I had an axle chart though. Is the MGF the only donor hub that we know of? Cheers, Doug C.V.JOINT.pdf CV_JOINT_APP_GUIDE.pdf cvdisc.pdf CVJoint_08CVJointsApp.pdf FWD-CV_Cat_Dec2008.pdf
  9. Do we need an IT forum?

    PEBKEC? Please Explain? Cheers, ID10T.
  10. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hi John, are your spark plugs the resistor type. I didn't believe they would make any difference until the car started immediately after I changed plugs. Cheers, Doug
  11. Hi Steve, thought I would post up here the photos I have of a 3.08 Subaru diff. The back plate has significantly different mounting holes to the "normal" R160 diff. However the main difference for us is the distinct lack of bolt holes around the axle entry.
  12. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hi John, I do remember attaching the VR sensor shield to Pin 7. I "THINK" I also connected the shields for Pins 1,2 & 3,despite the diagram saying "Ground". Pardon me for asking but are you using a single grounding point other than the negative battery terminal? Correct grounding (rather than typical "earthing") is paramount with this mystical ECU business. Cheers, Doug
  13. Being a bit of a tool nerd myself, my I pass on a bit of nerdiness about vernier calipers. We shouldn't generically call them "verniers" especially the digital variety. The word vernier refers to the vernier scale marked on the caliper not the actual tool itself. Vernier calipers are calipers with a vernier scale. "Plain" calipers were often used just to transfer/copy a size from 1 item to another without actually giving a "measurement" reading. Before digital readouts the most accurate way of visually measuring was to read the vernier scale. You would read the main scale to ascertain the "major measurement" such as each millimeter and the vernier scale would give you the fraction of the millimeter, eg .6mm. The most accurately aligned indicator on the vernier scale was the fraction. In the image below, the caliper is measuring .36 The zero on the vernier scale is past the .3 indicator line so it is .3 and a bit. The number 6 on the verier scale is the most accurately aligned mark to the main scale therefore the extra bit is .6 So the true measurement is .3 plus .06 = .36 Being a woodworker, I have never really worried about about vernier calipers or digital calipers, for as my trade teachers would say, "nothing that half a pound of putty wont fix!". I often apply this advice to my auto body repairs!!!!!!
  14. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Yes it was Tim Ward who produced those "thin" trigger wheels. I believe he donated the money to charity. Well done Tim. I too bent mine over believing I needed a bigger "surface area" for the VR Sensor to read. I now believe it shouldn't matter and it was another one of the myriad of gremlins that was giving me grief at the time!
  15. Hello

    When my GT6 grows up I hope it becomes a TR5 like yours!