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  1. Modern cars and POs

    Off track.....I really enjoyed the 1984 Gremlins. Greatly appealed to a juvenile 18 year old, especially with a beer and pizza.....A good friend even named his cat "Gizzy"
  2. I used "bowden" type cables. Actually the mgf ones with the MGF handbrake (which has exactly the same pivot points in terms of dimensions as the Triumph one) On my spit, I drilled the double skinned/box of the heelboard and popped a plate on there, very simple. Once all callipers etc on, chopped the end off the inner cable at the handbrake end, then cut the outer cables to fit the car, then the inner ones. Then popped down to a local "wire rope" specialist who crimped threaded ends on for me (£10 the pair, bargain) Onedownside with the spit is I discovered the cables fouled the very front on the inner wheel arch, and had to make alterations to the metalwork. And in hindsight, I should have used a lighter calliper (golf/polo/saxo or whatever)as lighter, and probably would have got one with a better cable location. Still, not swapping them now.
  3. .....Club Triumph?

    I am biased, so would say yes. However, would you derive any benefit? You need to be a member to take part in events, otherwise in your long term Triumph ownership you will have seen most articles (one way or another) that get published. But a decent club...
  4. You may have been wanting to visit the best seaside town in the UK? Sample the delights of the nightlife? Fish and chips on the lovely pebble beach, that sort of thing. But odd how stuff turns up at the most unexpected of times. It was right in front of me as I got out the car. https://www.galvanizeit.org/images/uploads/drGalv/Stainless_Steel_in_Contact_with_Galvanized_Steel.pdf Looks like stainless fasteners should be OK. Unless I read that wrong. (just looked at the little table)
  5. If you fancy a trip to Hove..... Visited the local amenity tip yesterday. And couldn't help but notice 6 sheets of that phelonic ply (about 4x3 from a quick glance). each had a pair of handles attached, looks like it may have been from some sort of storage thingymajig.
  6. Altitude Correction

    As a post-10CR followup, I can report the approach of giving the wideband 20% correction, plus bodging the injector size by 5% meant we never ran rich even at 2750m. On top of that I am beginning to understand a bit more about all this malarky. I fully intend fitting a map sensor to give me altitude correction. But that will be sometime over the winter...
  7. Altitude Correction

    Its all done with smoke and mirrors......
  8. Altitude Correction

    The Triumph PI cars certainly go rich. Less oxygen per volume of air, but same fuel is injected? This may be different if a map sensor is used, maybe more like a carb car? I did read somewhere that a second map sensor, wired the opposite way round and connected to the plenium one, was a good solution. Sort of makes sense. Anyway, I got brave and switched my wideband controller on (having calibrated it. Usefully the LD one toggles 10/20 afr for a few seconds when switched on) On 10% authority it was still running a tad rich at idle. Think I may tweek the base map a little. Again. I also spoke to the ecu maker. He suggested I really needed a map sensor for baro correction, and closed loop was not a proper solution but would help. His suggestion was taking the lappy and altering the "injector size" setting! great minds etc on this.
  9. Altitude Correction

    In retrospect I should have thought about that. Turns out MS3 would do everything I needed Ho hum Anyway, I have a MAP sensor in a cupboard somewhere, just need to work out how to use it! And find the spec sheet....
  10. Altitude Correction

    Running sequential with ITB's, so no map sensor. Bodging the injector size is looking a favorite short-term fix, and a map sensor to atmosphere to sort baro correction at a later date.
  11. Altitude Correction

    Hmm, I did initially play with injector size to get the thing running half decently (the supplied so called "good" map had very wrong injector size and indeed fuel pressure) So yes, I guess increasing the injector size by 10% in the settings will lean it off nicely. I was also thinking if that was done at the outset, and give autotune 10% authority, it would correct at sea level and also at altitude. Then the realisation kicked in that autotune doesn't work when the engine is cold etc etc....Ho hum. But tweeking the map is very quick, ideally during a coffee and cake stop. As to back, slowly improving, physio booked for today. Sadly I still have 2 student houses to complete the refurb on by Monday, and things are a bit tight. Pulled in some extra help, and No2 daughter is doing a fantastic job of single-handedly assembling 12 bedrooms worth of ikea furniture. So I am placing myself in a supervisory role (ie tea maker) ...... I am hopeful I will be OK in time, and am stocking up on ibuprofen just in case.
  12. Altitude Correction

    There is talk about switchable maps, but that is all. No info at all. Looks like the lappy is going on holiday......
  13. Altitude Correction

    No idea! will investigate. Plan b, lave the lappy plugged in, and just keep playing with the map.....
  14. Altitude Correction

    Oh, and the ecu has no map sensor at all. I guess I need to get one with a spec sheet, set it up to reduce fuelling with pressure. But no time in the next 7 days....
  15. Altitude Correction

    Target table is a bit homebrew but sound principles. 15 at the cruise sites, and 14.7 everywhere else up to 25% throttle.And then gradually richer with WOT at high rpm at 12. How hard can it be Worst part is I an headscratching about getting the closed loop switched on. Instructions are just not there in the manual, largely because they have not yet released their own version of a wideband setup.....But there are clues, I just need to be brave.