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  1. zetecspit

    Spark plug

    All this talk of plugs has had me thinking. I ought to grab a spare set for the ST170 engine. Suddenly it gets tricky, it seems a choice of OEM or denso... no chance of bosch or indeed anything kept by most factors. Flipside I ought to be grateful OEM stuff is still available. And as to the Toledo, I ordered a set of bosch multi-prong plugs on engine, but I have been sent resistor plugs. And they are made in Russia, which is a bit of a worry. I ought to try them, once I have diagnosed the engine "foibles" (and that comes after a new loom in the spitfire...)
  2. The glass is completely plain. The pattern created entirely by the reflector. Mine have a curve to the "glass" (actually a plastic), no pilot/side light. Made or at least branded Wipac. I have had the "normal" wipac H4 units in the past, and they have corroded. Not these...
  3. similar...mine were from a LR "specialist" on fleabay, they don't have the "cap" over the bulb. I can check in a bit but I don't think they have the sidelight bulb, and are a bit domed.
  4. Bit late to this... But about 12 years ago (I was shocked when I realised it was that long ago) I bought a pair of the crystal lens lamps plus nightbreaker bulbs for my last spit, for doing 12 car rallies. The difference was astounding, and on the current spit (they survived the demise of the previous car) they are related and even better. Bulbs have not been changed, so not a bad life as the lamps have done a lot of night stuff, including one full night of rbrr, many night rallies, 2x10cr and plenty of general use. Bulb and lamp quality seem more important that wattage.
  5. I am afraid I need to explain what my point was. Too many people were promoting scare stories that have proved to be untrue. That means many many people will be saying that CC is nonsense, or at least do not take it seriously. So I would suggest those who made those outlandish predictions have made the situation worse. After all, if those men in white coats got it so wrong then, why should be believe them now? It needed a less headline grabbing, but more honest approach 30 years ago. Then people would be more inclined to do something now...
  6. Sadly teh "experts" have got form with these sorts of warnings. When I started teaching science 30 years ago (ouch) "global warming" was all the rage, and we were expected to teach how coastal towns would soon be under water and other such stuff. And the timescale was 15-20 years. ANd it hasn't happened. In fact it all went quiet as I suspect the scientists, and worse, pseudo scientists, had to come up with something more realistic. Now we have a CC superstar from Sweden, and it has rallied the troops, and given the CC people another chance to make a case. But it will be foolish to put timescales or be too unrealistic. All it does in encourage trump and those who deny CC at all. Very counter-productive. I guess the big problem is all the models/theories etc are just that, and they are completely untested. Hopefully accuracy of the models is improving, but I wouldn't bet a dime on their predictions.
  7. RBRR 2008 I believe. Wasn't repeated (unless I missed something) Back then the payment went towards a few projects in Africa, more efficient stoves, human powered water pumps and suchlike. Not sure how that offset the 100 cars each doing 2000 miles...(probably 150 tones of CO2 at a rough guess)
  8. Ian, you are spot on with my Canute comment. The sheer numbers of people using "social media for their classic car online experiences is growing all the time. And that is just the way it is. Forums are becoming inhabited by a pretty small number of regulars, with few new people. If we ignore or expect the social media bunch to change, we will, like Canute, be rather disappointed, and become irrelevant. Rather like the chap Craig mentioned....
  9. I agree, it seems everybody wants an answer NOW, supplied by typing in a question. Same issue with people expecting instant replies to emails etc. The art of phoning and speaking to somebody is also dying. But if we are unable to adapt and help these poor mites, we become rather like King Canute.... besides, how else will they learn? Be gentle with them, and lead (rather than push) them in the right direction.
  10. I would have another MX5 at the drop of a hat. In fact, Gill wants one so it may happen in the nearish future. However, I have a hankering for a Porsche (choices limited by budget, but a 996 is a possibility and as near to a "proper" 911 as I am likely to get)downside is the bills could scare me off.... Otherwise, I am unbothered about my everyday hack. So the soul-less Toyota I drove for a few years was fine by me, and the (elderly/partly immobile parent-friendly) grand c-max is a pleasant enough car. I even like the pug 107 we have on the drive...... I probably won't struggle too much as dino-powered cars disappear in the future (I reckon they will be about when I am old and doddery anyway, it won't happen fast) My weekend cars are to enjoy. But in reality it is what I do with them that is more important than the actual car.
  11. I think the libdems have always been clearly anti-brexit. At least they are honest, if only they were significant.
  12. Could be a faulty regulator? At a guess (and no more) he has a facet or similar electric fuel pump, feeding a regulator set to 2-3psi. It could be a malpassi (best??) ot sytec or some other brand. The simple solution if that is teh case is to replace with a new one, though the malpassi ones are probably fixable.
  13. I have a polycarbonate (NOT perspex, that shatters) screen across the hoop, so would be rather leaky. But I do have a hood and windscreen.
  14. I know john has had a "big one" in his old vitesse estate. And I have had a low speed roll in my spitfire. The "incident" that caused the roll was at higher speed, but oil? on a corner of an A road took me off-road, a slowish series of spins though bracken and finally hit a rock that rolled the car over, back onto wheels. Fibreglass hardtop fitted, which probably helped. So it can happen, and did to me. So I have a roll bar, with diagonal, in my current car. A decent compromise, it will offer a fair amount of protection with little interference. Except I can't use a tonneau cover. (I can live with that)
  15. This is where simple, observational, science trumps those who look too closely. I can assure you time does exist. And there is nothing we can do to make more of it. ie my MoT is on Wednesday 8.30am. I have to flat/topcoat the rear panels on the car, fit the lights/bumper (as it has number plate lights on it) plus put seats in. And they need the new foams fitting. So I could do with a bit more time. And the only fudge I can come up with is to postpone the MoT.....
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