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  1. zetecspit

    VHI Declaration

    John, there is no fee for the declaration, and I doubt many/any owners will bother with inspections. The owners to worry about are those who are pleased they no longer have to worry about the MoT and the associated repair costs. Besides, the club assessor would be a one-off. And I have heard it is all running just fine, people taxing classics and just ticking the box. Cars will be assumed to be MoT exempt until they are next taxed, only then will you have to make the declaration (so you can drive without the declaration or MoT for almost a year if you have recently retaxed a car) MoT around here £40....(cheaper some places that I wouldn't use)
  2. zetecspit

    Throttle Snail cam

    Have you looked at the jenvey linkages? they are very nice, but not a budget option. May help with ideas. Somewhere I have one off an SU carb. On my bike ITBs I used the original, then adjusted the cable attachment on the pedal so I get a full travel, and I think now it is too much. I keep forgetting to bury the throttle in the carpet (or maybe my legs are getting even shorter)
  3. Exactly what I have done. No complaints here, and just picked up a shonky set of 6x14 alleycats that need a fair bit of work (think I will make up and acid bath to remove corrosion, then a clean up with abrasive and etch prime. On a warm summer day or two....) Good choice in the 14's, I had a set of Michelin Crossclimates on for a couple of trackdays that were wet/damp and a bit chilly. Grip was very good, but hoping that will also be the case now the weather is improving. Time will tell!
  4. zetecspit

    Instant Breakdown Coverage.

    As a curveball, we have comprehensive breakdown for the "moderns" included in our bank account. Nationwide I believe, organised by the lady of the house. Think it is £12 a month, but also included a very good worldwide travel insurance and a few other benefits. (mobile phones, even for the kids while at Uni is one) Handily, you don't have to supply a reg number until you do a callout, and it covers 2 cars anyway. Nice reassurance.....and I think no age limits (for the cars)
  5. zetecspit

    Your Racing, Trackday, Fast driving Videos.

    Yep, great respect for those who went topless. We made a brief appearance, I believe that was when Molly was driving. All great fun!
  6. zetecspit

    EFI issue. K3.

    Nick, I am a tad confused. You say 15.2 too weak, but your target table goes to similar figures, or even weaker? (though not sure where cruise would be with the MAP figures, but assume approx 50ish kPA?) Or have I missed something? Maybe I could go leaner.......And I think a new exhaust collector setup to stop the air leaks may help with economy too.
  7. zetecspit

    EFI issue. K3.

    Presume you have a target AFR table? Where you want max power you want 12.5. And I have used 15.2 at light load cruise areas. And some interpolation. And I have had trouble with idle, and got mine set at 14.2 I suspect the coolant temp calibration is a bit off....or the compensation.
  8. zetecspit


    I had a recent result when I was given the heads up on a £1 fees day (but plus paypal fees of course) Bit of a result, sold a set of wheels for £250 and a roll bar for £85, so a substantial saving. On top of that the lovely wheel buyer (German) bought an extra wheel, and without asking payed extra for packaging. A delightful buyer, far removed for the horror stories I hear. But I rarely sell on fleabay, but ought to get my arse into gear and list stuff as it is does have a big audience, but high charges. Hopefully another offer will come up....
  9. If you can find one, a courier spring is excellent. Stiff and flat..... I used on in my herald estate that did loads of rallying/autotests/solos etc. A swing spring, even the uprated one sold for heralds, is a bit soft and can sit too low. On my vitesse it sat very low! That was with no lowering blocketc. No experience of a camber compensator....
  10. zetecspit

    Tr Register Track Day Castle Combe 28Th June

    On the subject of tyres, I can add the Michelin Crossclimates held on really well, the only chirp being on my last run of the day, which happened to be when the engine vomited some oil up the dipstick tube causing a smoke alert in the cabin. Which leads me on to an important point. That run I hit the rev limiter (7250rpm) and despite the forum talk (not this one I hasten to add), the engine DOES need the block breather as well as the cam cover one. A job for this weekend methinks, before Silverstone next Tuesday. That reminds me, I need to check the balance of my slush fund
  11. zetecspit

    EFI issue. K3.

    TPS shouldn't be far off a MAP sensor. I think you need to go through the basics, check TPS calibration, and get the AFR working accurately. Without that it is all a bit of guesswork. Another thought, what is the throttle linkage like? it really wants to be nice and progressive, first half of pedal movement giving maybe 20% throttle opening. That required some work onmy car as I am using bike ITBs, and solved by changing the attachment point on the pedal. That was not an exact science either.....
  12. zetecspit

    Tr Register Track Day Castle Combe 28Th June

    hmm, maybe i ought to have a quick look at mine, although they haven't been in as long as yours. BTW what are you putting back in? same again? or are you trying Mintex? I ask as I tried ordering a new helmet (failed!) from Playskool motorsport, and noticed they were well priced on mintex pads.
  13. And I can add that the £3 rechargeable bluetooth adaptor I bought off ebay works a treat, so I can stick muzak on my cell-dog and play it when I get in the car with no wires. Voodoo magic I reckon, but it seems to work. I can't charge the adaptor when driving though, it screeches something terrible. Hopefully the chinese were not lying too much about the 8 hour battery life...
  14. A friend often refers to Spen King as the spawn of Satan. On a more positive note, just been out in my spitfire, and the map tweek I did at low revs/throttle seems to have made pulling away slowly less of a gamble (it had a habit of going weak and stalling) and I can live with a couple of seconds of rich mixture each time. Not that rich either. Probably a bodge, but not sure what else to try.
  15. I have seen some pics of the headmaster. Substantial is an understatement! Nick, I think a flogging is simply not enough. Indeed many wouldn't even begin to express my displeasure at the design. But have you ever tried to change the points on a TR7?? That may put things into perspective! Bad enough on my car. And that is with comparatively "good" access.