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  1. zetecspit

    Vented Disc conversion

    Nick, had a quick look at mine today. The edge of the hub has been machined back, at the same angle as original. Not an issue as wheels do not sit on the edge of teh hub, and it is only a small amount, 2mm reduction in the hub diameter?? And the calliper had seen a grinder in that area, just a tad. My thinking for machining the back of the hubs was to give decent clearance to the TRE's, but that has a consequence of shifting everything out.... I also have a set of gnuine standard 8 TRE's that use metal washers rather than boots. Still in their stanpart boxes. Probably not going to be used by me now.
  2. zetecspit

    Brands Hatch, Sunday 15/7/18

    I would have popped up, but seeing as it is my Birthday, we have a family bash happening. Maybe next time.... Hope it is a fruitful weekend. My parents live a fair proportion of their lives at their bowls club. Great chef their, if a slightly uninspiring menu (very traditional and never changes) They also have a well stocked bar, but I won't drink the "guest real ale" as it has a low turnover.....
  3. zetecspit

    Spain and classic le man's trip

    Ah, the tinned beer issue. We had a word with the TSSC shoppers as we were buying supplies in the Carrefour. And explained that the entertaining conversation I had had with the gate security people meant that glass WAS ok in campsites, but not in the public areas. Sort of makes sense...and the club must have checked as they were later selling bottles. The security were OK bunch, when asked what they were looking for I got the reply "bombs and guns" as opposed to glass bottles as was the case 2 years ago.
  4. I think in the UK white is currently the colour of choice? Silver seems so dated now after years of dominance. And black always looks classy, as long as the car is cleaned daily. The Belgians seem to have a thing for black cars and aggressive driving (in France the cars that come up behind you and start flashing, even in a queue, always have a B on the plate). No idea why.....
  5. Pair of 3 day tickets and camping (site opens Thursday, closes Monday) Currently cost £340, but we got in early..... would like approx £200, or make mean offer. Drop me a message if interested. (These are available as 2 members of our family group had a clash with a wedding thingy. Pah.)
  6. zetecspit

    A lesser man's Le Mans trip

    could be teeth off the diff. Or gearbox. IIRC you have a volvo inner CV joint with adaptor? Loose bolts there? Many possibilities, but a clear head, and a jacked up car should quickly get to a diagnosis. Hopefully a simple fix too.
  7. zetecspit

    A lesser man's Le Mans trip

    I was a tad hazy on the Monday. And the lack of any milk meant I didn't get my reviving cuppa..... And yes, the bright yellow spit with black wheels (not the immaculate yellow one between you and the track) is my car. Behaved well except a starter motor that started to fall apart, needs to come off and have the long internal bolts loctited and done up tight....
  8. zetecspit

    A lesser man's Le Mans trip

    John, I must apologise. Apart from helping you get your tent back in the bag I didn't see you wandering about. Obviously much more productive then me on the trip! Seems I spent a lot of time keeping our group supplied with food/drink etc. The weather was fantastic, and although we did not do car-orientated visits prior to arrival, we did visit the Menin Gate/Ypres, a whistlestop tour of some La Somme sites, and finally Pegasus Bridge. We encountered a torrential downpour on the Wednesday afternoon. We carried on at about 50mph, if we had stopped the car would have filled in seconds. We got away with it, just a wet head. Sunday evening we were disappointed that Mulsanne straight did not open up quickly. I asked the "guard" what time the barriers would come down in my very best French. Got a Gallic shrug as a response, and he muttered something about maybe 8. Went o dinner with friends, and when we returned it was indeed opened. And we sinned. Badly. However, the local French who were out gave lots of encouragement totally different to what we would get in the UK where the speedtraps would be up and people shaking fists. I quite like France..... Oh, and John...
  9. zetecspit

    VHI Declaration

    John, there is no fee for the declaration, and I doubt many/any owners will bother with inspections. The owners to worry about are those who are pleased they no longer have to worry about the MoT and the associated repair costs. Besides, the club assessor would be a one-off. And I have heard it is all running just fine, people taxing classics and just ticking the box. Cars will be assumed to be MoT exempt until they are next taxed, only then will you have to make the declaration (so you can drive without the declaration or MoT for almost a year if you have recently retaxed a car) MoT around here £40....(cheaper some places that I wouldn't use)
  10. zetecspit

    Throttle Snail cam

    Have you looked at the jenvey linkages? they are very nice, but not a budget option. May help with ideas. Somewhere I have one off an SU carb. On my bike ITBs I used the original, then adjusted the cable attachment on the pedal so I get a full travel, and I think now it is too much. I keep forgetting to bury the throttle in the carpet (or maybe my legs are getting even shorter)
  11. Exactly what I have done. No complaints here, and just picked up a shonky set of 6x14 alleycats that need a fair bit of work (think I will make up and acid bath to remove corrosion, then a clean up with abrasive and etch prime. On a warm summer day or two....) Good choice in the 14's, I had a set of Michelin Crossclimates on for a couple of trackdays that were wet/damp and a bit chilly. Grip was very good, but hoping that will also be the case now the weather is improving. Time will tell!
  12. zetecspit

    Instant Breakdown Coverage.

    As a curveball, we have comprehensive breakdown for the "moderns" included in our bank account. Nationwide I believe, organised by the lady of the house. Think it is £12 a month, but also included a very good worldwide travel insurance and a few other benefits. (mobile phones, even for the kids while at Uni is one) Handily, you don't have to supply a reg number until you do a callout, and it covers 2 cars anyway. Nice reassurance.....and I think no age limits (for the cars)
  13. zetecspit

    Your Racing, Trackday, Fast driving Videos.

    Yep, great respect for those who went topless. We made a brief appearance, I believe that was when Molly was driving. All great fun!
  14. zetecspit

    EFI issue. K3.

    Nick, I am a tad confused. You say 15.2 too weak, but your target table goes to similar figures, or even weaker? (though not sure where cruise would be with the MAP figures, but assume approx 50ish kPA?) Or have I missed something? Maybe I could go leaner.......And I think a new exhaust collector setup to stop the air leaks may help with economy too.
  15. zetecspit

    EFI issue. K3.

    Presume you have a target AFR table? Where you want max power you want 12.5. And I have used 15.2 at light load cruise areas. And some interpolation. And I have had trouble with idle, and got mine set at 14.2 I suspect the coolant temp calibration is a bit off....or the compensation.