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  1. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    I can read, and whoever wrote that statement was obviously wanting people to believe what it says. The statement is all one sentence for a start, the "let's" does not start with a capitol letter (if we are being picky, but notice they do use a capitol L for the more honest statement at the very bottom) So either written by an incompetent idiot OR meant to be clever enough to mislead but with wiggle room to deny it. Or both.
  2. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    Sorry, my post, in retrospect, is poorly worded. I agree largely with what you say, she was needed to drag UK PLC out of clutches of the shop stewards and so on. Going back in time, I meant to the 50's and 60's All looks lovely, nice simple times etc. Truth is. people had very little of anything. The house I grew up in, there were 3 cars in the whole road when I was born. Today each house probably has 3 cars. Few had foreign holidays at all, and medical care was nowhere near as advanced. Nope, people are much better off today. Partly because of the lasting peace after 2 devastating (economically as well as the more obvious ) world wars . And the cooperation between european countries has been a huge factor. But all that seems to be coming to an end. Not just Brexit and the chaos it is causing, but the changes that are bubbling up in other countries too. I think the eurocrats have misjudged how countries like to retain their sovereignty,and the EU has tried to push too far.
  3. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    Re Rees-Mogg, that is an interesting one with his investment co. I wouldn't say he is trying to cause a drop in UK PLC's fortune to make money, but he recognises Brexit will cause that and so his company is going to take full advantage.After all, that is what their job is. About Thatcher 2.0, yes I can see this. And again it is largely the older generation who will be thinking what a great idea it will be to go back in time. Sadly they have forgotten how much harder life really was back then and how much better quality of life is today. (rationing anybody?)
  4. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    On the plus side, politics is becoming "exciting" after years of drivel. And people are actually paying attention to what is happening, some even beginning to actually think. That is good. About he only thing that is really... We will find out later is we are having a new leadership contest. If we do, who, apart from Boris the Destroyer, will step up to the plate? Or would even Boris have enough sense to shy away?
  5. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    Well, will TM have a job tomorrow? Or will she be off on holiday (I wonder what she really wants!)
  6. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    Exactly. The remain ideology is nowhere near as sexy. More a sort of sensible approach... but somehow it needs to be made more positive. Indeed, the points above are spot on. I still pity whoever has to continue where ms may will leave off. And in all honesty, the damage to the country is done, even if we end up staying. It will take a long time , if ever, for the rifts to heal. Meanwhile, I am sill waiting for some more Mig wire (and a few tops) to arrive. I really CBA to travel 15 miles, when I can save £10 and get it delivered.....
  7. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    Only 3/4? I guess there are a fair number who as usual have no idea and care even less. But the world is such a different place to those civil wars. We are a global economy, pushed by many factors well beyond our borders. However, what we have in the UK today looks remarkably like what Macron is dealing with (except they are being more French about it) and probably other countries within the EU, not to mention our cousins over the pond. We are not alone. And in all honesty, I doubt there is a solution that will work at the moment. Views are just too polarised. I think we need to expect a turbulent few years, and not just the UK. (and why do we think the EU has a surging economy? Probably looking a little positive, but surging looks unlikely)
  8. zetecspit

    May's Brexit Plan

    Just talking to the lady wife (we do that sometimes) We both feel sorry for poor old TM. But the way others seem to think they could get a "better deal" is laughable. . Reckon TM should invite JC and friends to pop over to meet with the EU and see what they can bash out. In fact, I bet she is wishing she had lost the last election.... I think the choices are stay in the EU, or dump NI. The latter could have very serious consequences. The former will cause issues, and even if we get a second referendum there will be a rise in the UKIP (or worse) movements. Saw a clip on the bbc the other day, and in many ways it sums part of the remain campaigns problem/attitude. The lady was making a very valid point. (she is a remainer too, but obviously has rather more brain that Alistair Campbell) The remainers need to put a positive case to stay, rather than pick holes with Brexit. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/46492287/alastair-campbell-told-to-shut-up-during-newsnight-brexit-debate
  9. zetecspit


    I am going insane trying to make sense of all these surveys. This one has jag and merc near the top, Dacia near the bottom https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/consumer-news/91220/the-most-and-least-reliable-car-manufacturers-2018 While a peugeot seems to be voted the best car to own. And then there is VW/audi near the bottom of many, yet Skoda/SEAT nearer the top. (I am looking as I need to swap my ultra reliable/boring Auris for something that elderly parents can get in/out of easily. Other requirements are ideally petrol and under 120g CO2 but does well. Nearest match on paper is a BMW active tourer with the 1.5 petrol 138BHP engine....but it scares me re already a recall to change crank bearings and possibly seals..... The petrol/120g CO2 is to do with my local councils approach to parking permits...) The ford 1.0 ecoboost 125 c-max could work. Except engines are just not lasting. If anybody has any (sensible) suggestions.....
  10. zetecspit

    Nooooooo.......! End to Plucky British Effort?

    I had a rummage down the back of sofa. Couple of smarties, that was about it. I understand the issue with the £25million, but that is pennies for some people out there. But what it does for Britain is probably good value.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-46480342 Anybody got a spare 25 million?
  12. zetecspit

    Early Christmas present

    I guess this is eurocarparts or their sister company? A friend ordered 2 bulbs from CarParts4less. And yep, 2 boxes(2x10) arrived. Free postage too.... They have an issue methinks.. Saying that, a chappie who did some work for me bought a sledgehammer from screwfix. Kiddie struggled with a box, dumped it on the counter. To be fair, there was a pic on the end of a sledgehammer. Chappie walks out with the box, struggling a bit. Yep, 6 in the box..... Makes me wonder if some employees do it to stick 2 fingers up to their employers.
  13. zetecspit

    New Dr Who

    I have a problem with time travel. As john points out, where is everybody? And human nature being what it is, the future would not be able to stick to the rules. And science being what it is, there would be things go wrong. We have no real evidence that stands up to scrutiny. (dare I bring another similar theme in. The existence of God is the same sort of principle) Yes, the conspiracy theory people will say there is a cover up, and all that sort of thing. But the reality is that it is simply too big to remain hidden. Of course, it makes good fiction. "Time and Time Again" by Ben Elton is a good read.... (Darren, I think while some theories would allow for time travel, they are blocked by other theories. Things like how mass changes with speed and so on. So to get to the speeds required to slow time down even by a measurable amount other than by atom clock would be impossible. At the moment...)
  14. zetecspit

    TRR - new Forum Rules

    I know the TRR and SOC ran a few joint events. I think there was a number of people who STRONGLY objected to that. Not sure how they will cope with small chassis cars! I think what you say about money is true, but until recently the TRR wouldn't go near the TSSC. Somebody has left.... and now they are working together. Not sure if the SOC has any involvement, I am guessing not a big player this year. And I know the international events are big loss-makers. Which is why the TSSC went to cheap venues for the last few years. Not sure what numbers will be like. But the 2016 Lincoln event had a lot of cars there (only one I have attended, then only on the Sunday for 1/2 day)