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  1. Classic Le Mans 2018

    As above, the TSSC offer free classic parking passes, but you have to buy entry passes from them. A touch more expensive than buying on the day/direct, but may be the answer? The Peter Auto site is very hit and miss.....
  2. Classic Le Mans 2018

    There is no free camping at all. Nearest is to pitch up each night in a car park. To do that everybody will need a pass and possibly a car park pass (I have ordered a whole bunch of entry passes and free classic car parking passes from the TSSC. Also camping on the TSSC site, but it is nearly twice the cost of the public sites)
  3. 13/60 mild tuning

    I can assure you that the toledo/dolly 1300 manifold will not fit with a 1500 cast iron exhaust manifold. I did try, even spent time with a grinder but it just would not work. This was for my toledo with a 1500 engine, so I had to stick with twin SU's.
  4. Rewire

    The rivnut would worry me. My experience is that they can wiggle about, and though not stressed I would prefer a proper bolt or stud. Adding a chunky earth cable back to the battery would do the trick though as the rivnut would just be a connector, not the actual earth.
  5. Rewire

    I would addan earth wire direct from battery to that earthing point on the engine. When I took mycar to Bailey Performance, he spent an hour or so going through the installation, setting all sorts of things and noticed some "noise" on the power side of things, cured by adding an earth back to the battery. Biggish cable too (at a guess I would say 30A or more)
  6. 'standard' electronic ignition

    Megajolt shouldn't be difficult to swap back. You could leave the dizzy in place, and the coil etc. The only real things you need to do to the engine is fit a trigger wheel and pickup. And I suspect it will be the most flexible installation. (I set one up about 10 years ago, and there is one fitted to one of my spitfires)
  7. 'standard' electronic ignition

    I have anaccuspark one on my Toledo, seems fine. Probably the same as the Simon BBC one. A few years ago I stumbled on a link to the company that actually makes them. Under $1 each at the time if you bought a lot (500?? Can't remember now and never found the link again, but it crossed my mind to buy some and flog them at a tenner each!) Anyway, also ran 3 Aldon/pertronix in a few cars for a total of 25 years ish, Never a problem, but about double the price of the cheap type. All thses fit under the dizzy cap, super neat and tidy.
  8. You get Tunnocks!?Crikey, I am lucky to get a slightly broken custard cream. Guess that is the North/South divide! Talking of which, last time I went I quizzed the nice lady with the big needle about why I was only asked to donate 3-4 times a year and sessions were always fully booked way in advance. The answer came back that some areas have plenty of donors, but struggle for numbers in others. And I do wish they would not say "sharp scratch" as they push that needle in. It is more of a big prick, but I guess they are not allowed to say that.
  9. Workshop Designs

    You say airtightness, but the key to dry space is good ventilation. And of course keeping the wet stuff out in the first place. Maybe some insulation will help, but worth trying to position the workshop so it catches the sun. My garage does and it makes a huge difference when the sun is out, even in the winter. A good damproof membrane will be needed under the floor to stop damp ingress that way. Plenty of windows, decent electrics and if you can arrange it, decent heating.
  10. My New Texas Ride

    maybe I should ask him about that when I make contact! He is the CEO of some tech company up in London. I am hoping things will go smoothly.....
  11. My New Texas Ride

    Don't get me started. Yesterday we were off to Goodwood (Gill was doing a supercar experience, she REALLY liked the Atom!) and as we arrived there was a brand new Range rover at the car park entrance, obviously checking something with the delightful young lady(Jess) on duty. Next he is in reverse, and wallops Gills Spitfire. Apparently he was in the wrong car park, and he couldn't see our car (because he didn't check his mirrors!!) He tried to blame us driving up behind him, but Jess soon corrected him, checked we were OK, and gave us her contact details and the company details, Seems us mere mortals who drive (what were) normal sized cars should just keep out the way of the SUV drivers. I know a friend got his (proper) Mini wacked at a petrol station. The other driver said it was his fault for driving such a small car..... Anyway, off to my friendly bodyshop on Tuesday....
  12. Don't they know about he "blowing gaskets" issue? It can be largely solved. I had to file the mating faces flat (they were nothing like flat to start with) and also drilled and retapped to take 3/8 studs rather than the puny 5/16. Actually, I used M10, and cap head bolts. You can actually tighten them up...
  13. The chassis was probably the same across the world (with added bits for the US type) Didn't the US get the 1500 engine before the UK? or is that my dodgy memory...... if that is the case the early US 1500 cars may not have had the cutout?
  14. I tried to fit a single carb dolomite 1300 manifold to a 1500 engine fitted with the std 1500 cast manifold. Despite my best efforts the attempt failed, the single carb manifold fouled the exhaust manifold, and I did try attacking both with the grinder, which resulted in a pair of scrap manifolds. The herald inlet MAY work, but a trial fit will be needed.......
  15. Stoneleigh restoration show 5th Nov

    I will be there, but tickets already sorted. Which hall are you in??