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  1. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    John, afraid you are out with your maths. Circumference is d x Pi, so "about" 314mm, or nearly 1mm per degree. IIRC a 2 litre crank pulley is near enough 360mm circumference (is that correct?? been a while) Don't forget the slotting will depend on distance away from the pulley too, unless the fixings are directly under the edge. Worth getting those details correct if possible, but as you say, easy enough to just add the 10 to all your figures.
  2. Silverstone Trackday tomorrow

    Well, that has sorted that. Silverstone have cancelled the trackday. Apparently we will be offered an alternative date.....details to follow. Still, probably better than travelling up there, and finding out tomorrow. All I have lost is my £30 accomodation....
  3. Just got home from a chilly Sunday morning run across the South Downs, watching a few cars playing skittles with each other on a bit of untreated road that is VERY icy, and just happens to lead to an idea sledging spot. A 4WD Passat got stuck, but not surprised as teh driver had no idea about driving on slippy stuff.... Anyway, I am pottering about getting my stuff ready. Helmet, and all the usual stuff, yep. Think sleeping bag and flask of hot something as emergency supplies. Flippin glad I fitted the Michelin Crossclimates the other day, and got the heater working to the demisters yesterday, may well be required. Half regretting chossing this trip to try out Air BnB. The place I am staying is very close to the track, but is in the middle of nowhere. Just hope the roads are OK. Motorways should be fine. Anyway, I have a new incar camera thingy No1 daughter bought me for christmas. So will attempt to post some vids and pics in a few days time. Now off to find a decent hat and gloves....
  4. What's happening over on CT?

    Paragraph. Apparently.... But it does work! I think, as above, doing any function gets a cursor, and that seems the easiest way
  5. What's happening over on CT?

    John, you just have to do "something" to get a cursor to appear. Clicking on the "p" bottom left of the box will do it, and saves a click or 2. I have no idea why a cursor just doesn't appear. And I know what you mean about scanning the board About 50 subsections.....
  6. What's happening over on CT?

    I am saying nothing...
  7. Impressive family! Lucy has absolutely no interest in any form of "competitive" driving (excellent driver on the roads though) but is very happy navigating. Molly really caught us out. She loves driving, and had a go at a driving experience last year. So as long as I can get the seating correct (I have a plan involving a generic seat cover and slab of 2" thick foam) all should be well. I am really impressed that the TRR register are offering the extra "E" sessions, they have done them before, and takeup is low (ideal) plus it means the main drivers don't lose any time on track. BTW have fretted long and hard about tyre choice, and in the end have purchased a set of Michelin Crossclimates. The reasoning is that when we were at Brands in Nov 16, it was chilly (!) and cars were flying off in all directions. And average max temps in March (when I am off to Silverstone) are 8, so a good chance of it being colder, especially early in the day. April is a bit more hopeful, but not a lot.... We will see how they perform. Must say costwise I was pleasantly surprised, £200 a set....but not available in 13"
  8. See you there.....I have an extra driver for the "beginner" sessions in the shape of Molly. Just need to make some seat pads. She is a bit challenged heightwise!
  9. I have imported (sounds grand!) another batch of 10 oil filter adaptors. These replace the std adaptor in the block, so you can use the excellent mann W713/9 double anti-drain valve filters (Landrover TD5 I think) or indeed any VW/Ford/MGB filter which are very common and very cheap. Here Mann W916/1 is a good choice, and about £3. Anyway, priced at £4.50 collected (Stoneleigh, CT dinner etc) or £5.50 posted.
  10. What makes a car fun to drive ?

    Being a bit technical, I think a lot is down to the weight of the car. Light cars with few (none) driving aids make for exciting driving. Modern cars tend to insulate you, do a fair bit of thinking and so on. But a proper old car is direct, and sometimes you are just happy to arrive at your destination. Each journey can be an adventure! Yes, I drive a deadboring car (Toyota Auris diesel, a whopping 90bhp!) as a work vehicle pottering about, and when we are just going up and down motorways. But give me the Toledo or Spitfire if I want to enjoy the drive. Especially the Spitfire, makes most cars look a slouch if I get heavy with the right foot with 200+bhp/ton
  11. Black mould

    Here is hoping it works for you! There are some insulating paints available, but I am dubious as to how effective they may be. Other "solutions" are using thin polystyrene "wallpaper" and then a layer or 2 of heavy grade lining paper. I have done that a few times.... Good luck! Clive
  12. Black mould

    Overboard wall/ceilings with insulated plasterboard? That would probably work. Bit excessive though! If it keeps coming back, a good soak in bleach (as you have already done) dry it and an oil based paint MAY seal it effectively. (undercoat is the stuff of choice, Zinsser do the excellent Coverstain, which is like undercoat but seems to work a bit better and easier to apply) Then emulsion over the top. Not had any experience of the mould resistant paints sold by ronseal etc, may be worth a look?
  13. VHIs and MoT exmeption

    Engine swaps from outside a cars "family" mean the car won't be a VHI so I tink my Toledo which now has a slant 4 engine is OK. A spitfire fitted with a GT6 engine is debateable. My spitfire with a Zetec has no chance....
  14. Classic Le Mans 2018

    As above, the TSSC offer free classic parking passes, but you have to buy entry passes from them. A touch more expensive than buying on the day/direct, but may be the answer? The Peter Auto site is very hit and miss.....
  15. Classic Le Mans 2018

    There is no free camping at all. Nearest is to pitch up each night in a car park. To do that everybody will need a pass and possibly a car park pass (I have ordered a whole bunch of entry passes and free classic car parking passes from the TSSC. Also camping on the TSSC site, but it is nearly twice the cost of the public sites)