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  1. On my spitfire I moved/reduced the wheelarch by (about?)50mm with no effect on tyre contact etc. Though I have also slightly reduced full lock, again no downside... But you may be surprised how much spare space there is that could be liberated for a larger airbox. And not difficult, a cut, another cut, weld and seamseal...
  2. When I ordered the 4cylinder oil filter adapter bulk-buy from the States each adapter fame in a box suitable for an oil filter. Bear in mind these things are 3/4" diameter and probably 2" long. Upshot was that 20 of them which would have fitted easily into one of the small boxes,bprobably half full, came as 2 very large boxes, sent airmail. No idea how they actually made any money if the airmail quotes I have had have been based on size more than weight. Part of the issues must be those paid (in?)peanuts to do the packaging, part by a outer choosing the box? They all seem to live those chains of little inflatedvplastic bags. My kids us d to love playing with those...
  3. zetecspit


    Damn autocorrect. Not eco, but ECP!
  4. zetecspit


    I am using the eco 5-40 stuff in my zetecs powered car. Seems to last ok without changing colour too much, which is as scientific as I get. But a bit of history raked up from many years ago. John Kipping wrote that the most important thing to making a 1500 engine last was to use Mobil 1 oil. That was one of the first proper synthetic oils about, I remember the advert where they chucked it and "other" oil in a frying pan. Made sense.... Anyway, kipping knows a thing or two about triumphs. And admitted the cars rarely got oil changes (ie several years was the implication) despite having a hard time being driven about as company vans. So something like that has got to be worth using. Saying that, I am happy with miller's CSS 20-60. Works well enough....
  5. You are ahead of me. Well done that man!
  6. Deffo rear. He called me. Initially thought it was a UJ (that is a sod of a job at the side of the road, I would imagine) but then found it was the rear hub bearing. It is advancing his plans for a scooby diff. I will be getting a visit in a couple of weeks. I gave him some MGF rear uprights etc a while ago, and seem to have a spare 3.7 LSD he is sniffing round.
  7. I think we were all a bit "vague", and so many people makes it difficult to speak to everybody.... We will bump into each other at some event. One day. Now, slightly odd question. Are you far from Livingstone?
  8. The only mx5 powered car (I think!) was Fernys Herald. (retired somewhere around Wales, rear wheel bearing....)
  9. zetecspit

    Damper Sizing On Lowered Gt6

    Not managed to find one (yet). RBRR prep and a bit of real work getting in the way.
  10. zetecspit

    Damper Sizing On Lowered Gt6

    The shouldered bolt is standard off all spitfire/heralds/GT6's (not sure about rotoflex though) I will see if I can find one later to measure, no promises!
  11. zetecspit


    Go on, do it! Ratio is tricky. I started with a 3.7 (1800 zetec) but found it a tad too long so cahnged to a 3.9 which suited the engine/gearing better on track. Changed engine to ST170 with VVT (much better torque curve) and have now swapped back to 3.7.... Trouble is 3.7 is a bit rare, though they are about if you are patient. Other issue is that many sellers are clueless about the ratio, as there is a drop ratio in the gearbox (so I was sold a 3.9 ratio diff, turns up as a 3.54! Seller needed educating) Also worth noting there are different types of CV joint that plug into the diff, you need the correct type to match the diff. That caught me out... Anyway, ratio depends on what you want to use the car for. 3.9 is a perfect match to the original ratio used in an OD GT6. If you want more relaxed cruising, then 3.7 or even 3.5. I would probably find a 3.7 with overdrive gearbox. Now, I expect you have found the NZ brackets etc. I fractured the front bracket on my car, and if I had the body off I would have remade the chassis diff mounts to match the front of the subaru diff. It would be a better solution. But I remade the bracket using 8mm steel, and no bends but welded/reinforced angles. Much more rigid. At the rear, I would like to have a go at making a box type structure from steel. A flat plate with a small extra "box" to accommodate the crownwheel.and welded on ears for the rear mounts. Then bring it forwardsto mount the spring, and drop down the sides to attach to the side of the diff. Afraid it sounds confused, but it is all in my head!
  12. zetecspit

    Damper Sizing On Lowered Gt6

    And looks like Koni give a proper technical reply. May be worth asking Gaz and Spax the same question. But I like Koni....
  13. zetecspit

    Damper Sizing On Lowered Gt6

    Re the bolt/sleeve. Is that as supplied? Would the std shouldered top shock bolt work? no sleeve required then
  14. Please do pop along and say hello. There with the lady wife, its her birthday treat! Spitfire is still a bit dented after a nice lady (really, she was) drove in the back of it. I just need some time over the winter to sort all that out.... Last time I was at Kempton I managed to break the clutch cable, luckily right by the solderless nipple. So after an hours battle in the roasting sun managed to get going again. Lucky too, picked up a bit of silverware. And that is without any real talent Marvellous fun though.
  15. Jigsaw may be worth a try for a roll bar. I bought a secondhand one (amazing how many people decide to remove them) and added a diagonal of CDS tube (much thicker wall than the actual hoop)