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  1. roulli

    EFI issue. K3.

    Mike is right, Megasquirt has several blending possibilities. I used MAP-mode first, but the car went much better since I swapped to the "ITB-mode" on . (I'm using the original PI inlet manifolds) It uses the MAP signal for lower loads and TPS for full load. In between there is a blend of both, which needs to be set specifically for your engine. The good thing is, once you've defined this blend you have one and only one "Load", which includes MAP and TPS and you have only one fuel table as f(load, rpm) This winter a third injector driver was added to the board, so I can run semi-sequential injection. Together with an adaptation of the dead time I'm having a rather smooth idle now. But Iain's fuel consumption is way too high. Before Megasquirt I had 3 Spanish DCOE's and Megajolt with TPS as load input for ignition advance. Was much more fuel efficient than your setup. There must be sth. very wrong with your setup. Cheers Patrick
  2. Steve, your new damper appears to be plain metal, I can't see any rubber. Who's actually manufactured the new damper? Patrick
  3. Hi, I've responded to John's survey a few days ago, claiming that I haven't seen any broken 6cyl. crank so far, but recalled only later that about 5 years ago I was at a traditional local engine part shop (I think they even used to rebuild engines a few decades back)... The owner told me he used to have big Triumph sedans, as a new car. He did like them a lot, they were fast back then, but on on 2 cars he had a broken crank. He used the cars for business trips, which means possibly long traveling at high revs into Germany in the 70ies (no speed limitation, no traffic jams...) I don't know, whether he was talking about 2l or 2,5l engines though. However, above story supports two facts: Triumph 6 cylinder cranks may fail with a new damper, or a new damper is no guarantee against crank failure. The 6.cyl is not made for running constantly at higher revs. On the other hand, blueprinted 2,7l TR6s with 230hp red-line between 7500 and 8000 rpm with OE cranks. (as stated by long term Triumph-Competition racer) But in a race revs vary a lot... So the culprit could be the word "constantly" . A local Triumph 10CR hero, with a quick 1500 Herald estate, told me he tries always to vary the revs when driving on long highway journeys, in order to "statistically" keep the crank possibly out of a resonance situation. I try to follow this advice, but nowadays, with all that traffic, it's anyway difficult not to do so... Patrick
  4. roulli

    Directional tyres....... on a bicycle

    My son is cycling as well. I can confirm that race tyres for the street are often directional, and for cyclo cross I don't know of any that are not directional. And the differences between tyres, in terms of grip are said to be tremendous. Patrick
  5. roulli

    TR6, DCOE, Cannon manifold and balance tube

    The GP2 is not really a wild cam. I'm amazed, that you need such a rich idle jet with with a GP2 I've just had a look into my records: In my 2,7l, I have a WBC518v2 cam ,which is somewhere between the GP2 and the GP3. and with the 55F9 my Spanish Webers were very rich all over. I ran a 50F8 idle jet after finding the 45 with small air bleed was just slightly too weak. But the 50F8 I ended up, became still rich at the end of the transition before the main circuit took over. I was so fed up with wide steps between Weber idle jets and the wrongly positioned transition holes in cores of the Spanish Webers, that I eventually converted to 6-throttle EFI... I could imagine, that your need for such rich idle jets is a compensation for an air leak, thus generating high idle rpms. I assume your throttle plates can close completely... Patrick
  6. roulli

    TR6 Nissan R200 diff

    Did it break without making noise beforehand?
  7. roulli

    13/60 mild tuning

    Wow, now that's a total beast. As good as a good 2,5 l, means it has almost 3 times the power of a Herald. That's requires that the rest of the running gear gets reinforced. I'd content myself with reliable 80 to 90 horsepower. The wheels and color remind me of this Spitfire, but obviously that one had no compressor: http://www.triumphexp.com/phile/8/65329/IMG_1604.jpg Patrick
  8. roulli

    13/60 mild tuning

    Has Peter C never supercharged a low compression1300?
  9. roulli

    13/60 mild tuning

    Would one HIF44 / HS6 be then of any benefit on a standard 13/60, while leaving the standard exhaust manifold with the pea-shooter exhaust?
  10. roulli

    13/60 mild tuning

    Thanks Nick and Alan, You kind of convinced me, that I should leave my 13/60 engine as it is, at this point of time. It has only 40kkm and runs quite well. The GE engine even with the 150CD tries really to go on to rev, once it comes on cam, say after 3500rpm. One can feel the engine would like to go on, it's not lethargic . I don't actually miss any max. power at the highway, as it would run beyond what vibrations, noise and common sense (what ever that is. supposed to be..) will want you to do with a Herald. 110 to 115 real GPS kph with OD is just fine. On the small roads , especially in the hills it could do with a bit more torque. That's why I thought to fit the spit 1500 exhaust manifold and the 2 x HS2s, which I had gathered for almost free. The point with the spit. 1500 exhaust manifold is that it won't fit together with the single carburetor 13/60 inlet manifold. A Toledo 1500 or a US Spitfire inlet manifold might also foul with European exhaust manifold? No Toledo manifolds on ebay currently. So I'll wait until one day I'll visit Beaulieu or Malvern (for a Dolly/Toledo manifold) or until I'll prepare a second engine, with adapted cam, ignition and compression. Patrick
  11. roulli

    13/60 mild tuning

    I tried it yesterday, and it seems to fit well around the chassis Patrick
  12. roulli

    13/60 mild tuning

    Hi, happy new year to All! I'm planing to install the following bits, that are lying in my shelf, to my standard GE engine. spitfire 1500 exhaust manifold 2 HS2 SU instead of the 150 Stromberg Has anybody fixed the 1500 exhaust manifold to an Herald and what is the way to go to match it the original exhaust system or should I upgrade to a Vitesse 2L system? Cheers Patrick
  13. roulli

    End of season compression test

    Pistonrings are supposed to be pressed against the cylinder wall under working conditions, thus allowing a better seal. I can't imagine this is the case at 10psi. Not saying this is going to make a hell of a difference... I was able to hear sizzling out of the crank chamber when I removed the oil stick. Later my engine builder was saying, that during leak down testi, one would always have more or less losses around the rings and that the sizzling out of the crank chamber was inadequate for rating good or bad. Patrick
  14. roulli

    End of season compression test

    I experienced the same issues with such a China leak down tester. Non- reproduce-able test results... The low test pressure of roughly 1 bar is a mystery and far from real, as it is not near to wht happens during combustion. Patrick
  15. My mating face on the tube side isn't flat either. Checked with a file... So the blowing gasket issue can be solved with filing and thicker bolts. The chassis fouling issue may also be solved, by slightly re-bending the down pipe...