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  1. Hi all, been back through the last ten years of posts in this section and i am looking for what people recommend. I have a mk3 spit i am wanting to lower as it sits a bit high. I want a fast road setup so fully adjustable. what size spring and what damper do people recommend. Avo were the one most people went to 10 years ago but there were a lot bush failures. What are peoples thoughts? cheers all.
  2. A rear plate like mine uses the original mounts However it is an offset diff so you need to decide if you want equal length drive shafts or the prop flange in the centre? Mine is the BMW Z3 Diff and there is plenty of room to mount the spring on top of the diff.
  3. Hi all, My trolley jack has given up the ghost again. It is only a cheap Halfords one but this time after another failure I want to replace it with something a little better. so asking what you have all got, what are your experiences and what should i stay away from?
  4. Hi, I had a large c-spanner that happens to fit. And i have both a digital and hard copy of the manual, all 100+ pages of it. parts of it are now stripped down in an oil bath ready for clean up and rebuild.
  5. Locally a Colchester mk2 student came up, complete with suds pump and taper attachment. The guy who was selling it could not test it as it was 3 phase but the bed looked really good and there was was virtually no backlash. Downside is that when he picked it up onto his pickup he broke the fiberglass Belt & Change Gear Guard so i need to find a replacement one of them and one of the hand wheels was missing. But the worst thing was he was storing outside and the rain has caused light surface rust which looked a lot worse on the photos. I decided to take a gamble and offer him £250 if
  6. What are your thoughts on these guys? https://www.facebook.com/jenveydynamics/posts/1794171520858717 I like the sound of them tbh
  7. I have done it so the input flange is central. drive shafts will be different lengths. camera angles are not the best and does make it look odd but its all spot on. If you were to make the diff centre on equal drive shafts the crown wheel would not have got in the way at all, tbh the crown wheel is not in the way in this setup its just how big I made the covering that was the problem. because I am not using the swing spring I wanted to mount the input flange central and i feel this will offer the best finish in the end.
  8. just ordered some bungs so i can weld in the oil fill, oil drain and the filter.
  9. A bit more on the BMW diff for the spitfire today after getting back from classic spa. Decided that solid lug mounts were not the way to go. I decided to use some 42.4 mm 4mm thick tube with some box section 4mm thick 50x30mm Then I needed to work out the correct position for the mountings, I also made a wood jig to check against the spitfire diff The center of the driveshaft will be at the same height in the chassis as the standard location however due to the crown wheel the center point is 5mm further forward in the chassis. 5mm is suc
  10. m mine were remote ones. I used these Peugeot ones
  11. I think we need a good chat Alan, You don't happen to be at classic Spa this weekend do you? With regards to vacuum I found that the OEM MAP sensors work well. I like the Peugeot ones. 0-5v readings like your after. arduino uno r3 with a nice shield board will easily take inputs you need and can log to an SD card and rather cheap.
  12. If you ask me Nick if this would mean i would choose SU over injection the answer is NO!!!! if anything i really and truly understand how simple the carb is but at the same time how rigid the tuning capabilities are in comparison to a modern fuel injection setup. For me it always has to be fuel injection with a mappable ignition system BTW Nick if you also want a copy of the user software let me know and i can send it over.
  13. way after. i finished the digital SU tune stuff summer 2014 I only did it because they said i could and helped by chucking a load of money at the project. The original idea was to give it away all free along with the research but the uni had other ideas. Hence I cannot post online (but i can send to people for further development/testing ) You can build the hardware for less than £100 if you buy some bits second hand and the user software all just runs on a java platform on both mac and windows. The program auto detects which operating system it running on and works from there. the wind
  14. Hi Alan, Yeah no problem. the main problem with carbs are they are only two dimensional tuneable with regards to the needle. As you point out the oil temp, spring rate even the the air pressure can have an effect, however the carb is only tuneable for whatever setup and use on a particular car. This is why there was no way when doing the stuff i did i could ever tune the end of the needle(the bit used when the choke is on) this was because every choke operation is so different and often not repeatable as owners push them back in when they feel it is time too. Therefore I only looked at tuni
  15. My dissertation in computer science was pretty much on this before i started my PhD the other year, well on SU carbs and tuning using piston position with an SU carb against AFR. I can share most parts of the writeup with you and the Software if you want via private message. I cannot share it all as my uni was a bit funny as I signed a bit of paper that said that they owned my intellectual property so it means they wanted to market it and sell it and i said no so it sits there in a stale mate for 7 years. Did quite a bit of testing on the rolling road and it all worked very well. Using a b
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