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  1. Vitesse Sound Insulation

    Here's a sample of some of the sound insulation I made up. There are various other shapes to fit in the sides of the footwells and under the dash etc. The bags are sealed so little chance of the insulation getting wet. Cheap to produce using rubble sacks and Acoustic Earthwool. The only other expense was the heat sealer for about £28 off eBay but I could have gone for a smaller version for half that, but had other future uses in mind. The bags just push into the cavaties and wedge there, but I may glue them in place when all the painting is finished. I am sure these are going to be an effective sound insulation. Love the new drag and drop feature! Mark
  2. Cant see any tuck under! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeoKCJNI-k4
  3. Never heard of Ecolpy before but looks like it could be a good alternative. Phenolic Ply is expensive and I believe the edges need treating when cut other wise the rain etc. gets in and rots it. I have owned a Brian James trailer for about 20 years and removed the decking a few years ago as in places it had become like a Biscuit. I want to replace it but have been put off by the cost. The only concern i would have with the Ecolpy would be if the surface had enough grip to walk on, especially when wet. Interested on what you find out. Mark
  4. Hi John The material generally used for trailers is phenolic ply. It is ply impregnated with a resin and has a textured none slip one side and smooth on the other. The proper quality stuff is expensive. There is a cheaper coated ply that is about that I was told to avoid as it wouldn't last, so you would need to research the correct coated ply from someone who will guarantee it. Mark
  5. Change, Inevitable Change...

    Hi all This is a great site. A big thank you to the Aministrators for keeping it up and running, Its not mentioned enough as for me, the site just works as if by magic, forgetting the people working behind the scenes. There is so much quality information, ideas, and projects on this site, in a friendly welcoming environment, and long may it continue. Mark
  6. This is as far back as you can go without modifying the bulk head. I modified the original mounts to achieve this. Moving the engine back this amount caused all sorts of grief. New shortened narrow prop shaft, due to the increased angle the original prop diameter clashed with the underside of the hand brake reinforcement plate, I was making up an exhaust at this time so built it to fit. Engine clashed with the heater box so narrowed it by about 1 inch which involved cutting the matrix down by a couple of veins and soldering up, spacing the fan motor and reshaping the box to allow cabled to run behind etc. Tunnel cover had to be completely remodelled as the bell housing is now inside the car. Lots of other little mods that cropped up along the way. Mark
  7. Vitesse Sound Insulation

    Hi all Decided to try Earthwool Acoustic 50mm roll from Wickes. 13 metres way to much and probably enough to insulate several cars, but for £35 I thought I would give it a try. I am going to cut shaped sections to fit inside the panels, and now wish I hadn't dumped all the originals as could have used them as a template. I bought a heat sealer to seal the plastic that I intended rapping the Earthwool in. I found one piece of the original deadening, and this piece is only covered on the outer face, tucked around the sides with a cotton backing which would have been stuck to the panel. I thought from memory that the pieces I removed were totally sealed in bags, but then it occurred to me that maybe it was done so that the sound is absorbed into the material. If I was to encapsulate it completely would the Earthwool be as effective? Not sure if it is just a matter of filling the void or if there is more to it. Whats your thoughts? Mark
  8. Sounds like a good day. Anybody take any pic's? Mark
  9. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Got the basis of a great car there! Look forward to the rebuild. Mark
  10. Chris's Mkiv Basket Case

    Great looking spitfire. All the hard work has paid off. Gt6? must have missed that. Look forward to a thread. Are you going modified, fuel ejection, etc. I think I know the answer. Great starting a new project, change of scenery etc. Mark
  11. Lost Nut

    Success! I was beginning to resolve myself to removing the gearbox, still not sure if the nut had actually dropped into it. I bought an arial type extending magnet as part of a set with mirror, screwdrivers etc. from Maplins similar to Halfords offering. I also bought a small but powerful magnet. I realised the none bendy arial type magnet probably wouldn't be much use but tried it out on a spoon which it dropped immediately. Thinking the magnet was weak, I then realised the magnet had fallen out of its holder. If I had used it I would have had an even bigger problem trying to retrieve that. I can't remember the last time I had a wire coat hanger so used epoxy glue to fix the magnet onto the other end of the ancient magnet pick-up tool I had that was to bulky. The magnet wouldn't go more than an inch into the bell housing without grabbing the flywheel input shaft etc. I used two layers of rubber heat shrink and insulating tape to dull the sides of the magnet. Poked around inside the bell housing for a couple of minutes with no joy, still wondering if it ha had actually gone in there but knowing I would have to take the box out to be sure, and then 'clang' i felt something grab onto the magnet not sure if it had stuck to the flywheel I pulled it out slowly. The magnet was sticking to the flywheel but as it got to the opening I could see the shiney nut trapped between the magnet and the flywheel. Fortunately for a changeI had a pair of long nose plier things within reach, so holding my breath, with the other hand poked it into the bell housing and grabbed the nut, started breathing again when it was a foot away from the gearbox. what a relief Next job is to put a rubber flap over the hole, then get back to what I had originally started, reshaping the fibreglass tunnel cover to fit. Mark
  12. Lost Nut

    My nephew has leant me a endoscope that fits to an iPhone not seen it but my sister will bring it over along with her phone as my iPhone is ancient. Apparently it has an LED lights on the end. Hopefully I will see something. Otherwise I will poke around with a magnet. If I can't find or see anything then I think the gearbox will have to come out. I will do sometimg similar to Allan and put a cover over the hole in the bell housing. Mark
  13. Hi all Trial fitted the new fibreglass tunnel cover today but as suspected it won't fit now the engine has been moved back to the bulk head so will need a fair bit of fetling. I Initially thought it was catching on the heater flap above the gearbox. Not helped by now having to use glasses for anything closer than a foot away, i loosened the nuts holding the unit in place and getting to the last turn it slipped out of my finger. I am at an awkward angle under the dash and heard the metallic clink as the nut hit the top of the bell housing. Removed the unit fished around under the car for the nut, not there. Chassis rails, multiple exhaust pipes, floor, under the body tub, gearbox mounts, nowhere to be seen. Then the horrible realisation dawned that it had probably dropped through the hole in the bell housing where the slave cylinder sits. This is just below where the nut was removed from the stud for the heater. If I dropped it 100 times it would never have fallen into the hole because of the clutch arm and castings are in the way, but looks like sods law has come into play. I can't see into the bell housing but my thoughts are the nut maybe caught between the starter ring and bell housing, or if small enough slipped past into the void at the bottom of the bell housing. Removed the starter but can just see the flywheel and starter ring. The last thing I want to do is remove the gearbox, so first thought is to have a poke around with a magnet on a bendy wire I have had for years, and then possibly buy one of these endoscope things to see if I can locate it. Talk about one step forward and three back. Mark
  14. 2Cv Burton Kit Car

    Nice looking car. Like the race one in Gulf colours. I think 2 Cv's prices have started to climb and it could be difficult finding a doner for a good price. I think the largest engine was about 600cc not sure how tuneable they are unless you would use another engine. I bet there are not many about I think it would be a great project. Mark
  15. Not a lot of room agreed. I have a servo that I was a going to fit one day and was thinking between the battery and heater box, never measured anything to confirm it though. Picked up a Spitfire chassis a year or so ago which had a remote servo up in front of the rad, so could possibly fit up the front somewhere, side of radiator mounting bracket etc. Mark