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  1. Bzh Spitfire From France

    Hi William. I look forward to your results with the needles. I found buying several needles too expensive so modified the standard ones. Lots of work though, as you can only do it in small steps or risk ruining your progress. Fred
  2. Roller Rockers Inlet Only

    @Richard I can only speculate on this, but here it goes. Looking at the flow curves and from what I remember was discussed on here in the past is that the stock inlet port doesn't any flow better at higher lifts, meaning roller rockers don't make much sense. Also the exhaust ports flow much better relative to the inlets. Cant remember exactly but I do remember it being higher than 75% @John As I recall it the Triumph heads, as standard don't flow better at higher lifts, meaning no point in higher lift but longer duration would be the way to go. Once you modify the head the situation changes. Fred
  3. Dare I Say It? A Race Weekend?

    Hi Steve, Never mind the problems, the car ran and you had fun. Always enjoy reading your race reports. Any pics of the weekend? Fred
  4. Advancing A Camshaft

    Hi Richard, I'm sorry but you and Dave are wrong. Advancing a camshaft 110->105 deg ATDC normally gives more torque lower in the rev range, while reducing it higher up. http://www.lunatipower.com/Tech/Cams/CamSpecTerms.aspx
  5. Bzh Spitfire From France

    Hi William, Glad to hear you found out what the "problem" was. The last map you posted looks like a safe map to start with. A thing to keep in mind when you start tuning the carburetors is that the air to fuel ratio changes the ignition advance requirements. In the videos the engine sounds lumpy, was it running with the choke on? Fred
  6. Really? I've always been told to never ever use copper grease on spark plugs. I can't remember all the details but I believe it had something to do with the copper grease causing galvanic corrosion in ally heads and the plug running hotter which could cause pre-ignition. But if you search the web you can find answers for and against using it.
  7. Bzh Spitfire From France

    Hi Harry, Sorry for the short answer yesterday, wanted to type more and post some pics and links but had to go. You would expect a mistake on the installation, but I can't see anything wrong with it? Strange that you also have the same offset. Did you mean mj2 or ms2? With the megajolt software you can only correct upto a 5 degree error, I thought it was a lot more with megasquirt. Here's a link to the installation guide for Megajolt: http://www.autosportlabs.net/MJLJ_V4_vehicle_installation_guide Another picture of the install(not mine) Fred
  8. Plenty on ebay, just search for dielectric grease. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.Xdielectric+grease&_nkw=dielectric+grease&_sacat=0&_from=R40
  9. Bzh Spitfire From France

    Harry, William installed it correctly. Could be it is different on megasquirt. Mine is set up exactly the same and I don't have a 10 degrees offset.
  10. Bzh Spitfire From France

    If you do test the ignition timing, test with both the Megajolt connected and not connected. And make the entire ignition map 10 deg BTDC. This way it should be easy to notice any differences.
  11. Bzh Spitfire From France

    Hi William, It looks like you've got everything correctly installed? Could it be a faulty EDIS or Megajolt unit? To bad that you don't have a stroboscope. Don't you have a garage that could check the timing? With the megajolt unplugged it should be 10 degrees BTDC. What you could check beforehand is if the engine wants to start with the Megajolt unplugged. With 10 degrees BTDC from just the EDIS the engine should start easily. However if it fires at 0 degrees BTDC it will be very difficult to start. Good that you've bought a wideband sensor, that will make tuning the carburetors so much easier. Good luck with the tuning. Fred
  12. Bzh Spitfire From France

    If you're using Googletranslate I'll try to keep the text simple. Missed the fact that you have a mk3 engine. 1300 should need a leaner needle than a 1500, so AAA would be even richer. Hard to say, but ADL might be a good start. Good that you checked the TDC marks. That's not it then. That leaves the sensor position. Have you checked the ignition timing with a stroboscope? It could also be a setting in the Megajolt software. What have you got in the "trigger offset"? (Tools -> Global controller Options -> trigger offset) Fred
  13. Bzh Spitfire From France

    Bonjour William, Et bienvenue sur le forum. Are you also using Googletranslate to translate the english? Nice car and engine. If you have to use those timing numbers, something is wrong. Some suggestions: Check if the TDC mark on the pulley corresponds with TDC of the piston. Check the timing with a stroboscope. That doesn't look like an original 1500 spitfire timing cover? At least mine looks like this: Notice the difference in timing pointers. AAA is very likely much too rich, hence the 10l/100km. Needles for a 1500 from lean to rich.... ABA - ACB - AAJ - AAL - AAU - ADL - ADB - ADK - AAA - AAM- AAB Fred
  14. Early Dhla 40 ?

    What does the other inscription next to " Dellorto Made in Italy" say.
  15. Dare I Say It? A Race Weekend?

    Best of luck Steve. Have fun.