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  1. tr4tom

    The Billy Monger Story

    watching it now....... WOW
  2. tr4tom

    One rule for one........

    Apologies gentlemen, you are of course correct. Please accept my apologies and i will contribute on here in the correct way Tom
  3. tr4tom

    One rule for one........

    Ask openroad/conrad etc for the solicitors letters..... pisses me off too nick, double standards and all that bollocks thought you were allowed to 'rant' on here? lots of folk can also relate to this sensitive subject too..
  4. tr4tom

    Inter-Club Triumph Weekend!

    Not happened so far like the threats earlier in the year...
  5. tr4tom

    One rule for one........

    So the thread has been locked...... Why? It was different when folks were bitching about the TR Register......! Curious to know what the difference is? Fact in one post (locked) and peoples opinions in another.. Cheers me deers!
  6. tr4tom

    Oil Catch Tank

    Unwritten rule is 1 ltr capacity for every 1 ltr of engine..... I always recommend a minimum of 2 ltr, preferably 3 ltr
  7. The 1st SLR we built, it took 6 months of a dry build just to get the basics sorted out... We have modified a few things for build 2 &3.. The evolution will carry on too....
  8. Absolutely they will be removing everything then prep/paint. It's what you have to do, freshly painted car, you cant add a captive here and channel the frame there etc We dry build all the cars that come through the company, even a std car to make sure everything will fit Tom
  9. Makes a change that it's not me in trouble
  10. Heavy handed mods from a previous site....... Must be me then
  11. 10% off?? May have a road trip in the pi!! Practise for 10CR Tom
  12. tr4tom

    Greetings from the Register and Notts.

    I was on the TRE stand at race retro too.... all weekend Tom from Blidworth
  13. tr4tom

    Tr Register

    Was nothing to do with Hogan regarding atb.... Members chat is where it's at now
  14. tr4tom

    Audi emissions group action

    Wonder if my VW diesel V10 is emissions friendly...........