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  1. tr4tom


    Who is this 'dealer' that is a moderator??? What does he deal??
  2. Was great to see you last weekend mate! Give me a call if you want to chat about 'the next step'
  3. wasn't my question.... honestly??? fed up with the moaning, we are meant to be adults... little digs here and there we sound like children.. not just on here but on the 'dark side' as i say, just fed up with reading it all... can i change it?? nope... same boat as all the others
  4. but flaming another club/forum is ok? just asking
  5. Jobs to do................ Convert car to manual overdrive Dizzy Doctor dizzy Uprated driveshafts Quaife hubs Uprated prop Koni Shocks all round LED lights on rear Install DAB radio Fit nos rear lamps and more probably Tom
  6. Wow, that makes it all ok then.... notice your recommending his 'new' business still by the way.. I come on here to get away from all the shite elsewhere!
  7. Yes, car 22. Plenty to do before the off.....!! Tom
  8. Apart from replies like that from Neil...... Oh well.
  9. Starting to agree with you on that one phil This forum is a nice place to bE Tom
  10. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing progress Tom
  11. Promote myself how?? What free advertising?? Menno can't post as he is not a member, not because he posted he was not renewing....... Thanks for your thoughts though, good to know
  12. im not moderating. im stating you were not kicked out like you said! Dont think i ever had to moderate you on the tr forum to be honest, a great member to have wasn't being funny with my post at all. apologies if you think i was Tom
  13. No, you haven't been 'kicked off' the members chat area. You are no longer a member of the club and the requirement to view/comment in members chat is membership... If you decided you didn't want to carry on your AA/RAC membership, would you expect them to still come out if your car breaks down? Sorry but incorrect wording is bloody annoying!!!
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