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  1. Very sad news, his humor, technical knowledge and attention to detail will be sadly missed. RIP Alan JC
  2. We'll take the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Newhaven on Thursday and we'll stay in a Hotel outside of Stratford. Leaving Stratford on Sunday and return via Harwich and the Netherlands. I'll try to be in the bar on Friday evening JC
  3. We'll be there with 4 cars Martin, which ferry did you book ? JC
  4. This one ? https://www.superflex.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=SF498-1851KSS JC
  5. With that mind-blowing view behind you I fully understand that you don't have the patience to do bodywork Good progress by the way. JC
  6. Hi, the springs are still up for sale. I need to add £10 for postage. Thanks JC
  7. Looking good Good luck with the registration and enjoy the car during the summer ! JC
  8. I have a lathe but already 3 month behind schedule with the planned work on my cars this year But as far as I can remember I have the Superflex ones on my Spitfire since I restored it over 10 years ago https://www.superflex.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=SF375-1850KSS JC
  9. I use the 100w bulbs with relays on both the Spitfire and Vitesse. Works well and never let me down. Some people say that the headlights will wear out faster, but how many hours do you drive in the dark …... JC
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