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  1. Not much snow over here And as usual its half salt and half snow which makes driving with summer tyres nearly impossible. I always use winter tyres as they are way better for temperatures under 7 degrees and still OK for up to 15 degrees. We have these temperatures for at least 4 months in the winter.
  2. Austin Mini A-series engine noise

    Hi, I checked the manifold for cracks as well as a blowing gasket but everything is fine .... Will continue driving the car and time will tell. JC
  3. Austin Mini A-series engine noise

    I uploaded the video on YouTube which should make it easier to actually see it https://youtu.be/LwDDr2s3g_k. JC
  4. Hi, I restored my Mini for the 3rd time in 20 years. Its my classic to use during the winter and I did a few upgrades this time to try to keep up with the moderns. The engine is a 1293 ccm which had been done 15 years ago (45.000 km) so we pulled it apart and fitted new shells, oil pump, timing chain etc. It also got a flowed cylinderhead , high lift rockers, an LSD and adjustable suspension From the first time I started the car it has a loud 'tapped' noise coming from the rear of the engine. All the parts are sourced from a friend who builds A-series engines for 30 years and together we were unable to find the fault ..... We changed the rockers back to the original setup, no difference. I checked without the rocker cover, no difference. I took the valves springs from th last 4 valves off the check, everything is fine I fitted new pushrods and screws, no difference. The car goes really well and rews up to 5.500 without a problem. So if you have any ideas what it could be, please let me know. JC 20180113 (2).MOV
  5. Diff cover floor re-make.

    WOW What an effort, its quite impressive how much time we invest in our old cars JC
  6. Home Power Generating

    Hello Roger, Cold is defenitely not a problem as the temperature rarely drops below 25 C I should be possible to store the batteries at the correct temperature that you do not need to heat or cool them. This also reminds me that I have a jacket for my battery for the Mini that I use during the winter, need to fit it. JC
  7. Home Power Generating

    Thank you Roger for the comprehensive explanation about your batteries. This confirms that batteries are very difficult and need to be treated correctly to survive well. Lets hope that we get better battery technologie or new technologies to store energy like the 'perpetual batterie' in the near future. You seem to be a real expert @ Nick : Yes I still live in Luxembourg. But my wife grew up in Africa (Togo) so we have family there and we spend a few weeks there every year JC
  8. Home Power Generating

    WOW that's a comprehensive of grid installation ! Thanks for sharing this. Btw, how many years do your batteries last before you need to change them? I'm thinking of installing solar panels in Africa .... when the house gets finished one day.
  9. Health.....

    Good to hear that you got away with the best-case scenario. Recover fast! JC
  10. Vitesse project

    New day, new spark plugs ..... and another checkover revealed that the timing was 180 degrees out ....... Then the car started on the first turn of the key While trying out another dizzy rotor yesterday we killed the dizzy cab as the rotor was to long! Car only running on 4 cylinder and fuelpump pisses fuel everywhere. All screws torqued up to the maximum and new dizzy cab got this : Impossible to get the idle down as the butterflys don't close enough, but that should be ease to sort. And the CO level is very low, max I had was 1,5 % with the jets about 2mm down. Beside all that the engine REALLY wants to rew
  11. Vitesse project

    Some more work on the Vitesse after the successfull 10CR. Fitted both sets and the seatbelts A special request from Alan, carb spacer to help them stay cool Made a mess while getting oil up to pressure with the hand drill AND tried to start the engine .... which was net yet successfull. Will fetch NEW Bosch sparkplugs tomorrow and try again. Timing is definitely right now and we have fuel in the carbs. One thing we noticed is that the high torque starter motor seems to turn over way slower then a standard one !? JC
  12. Ben Loyal and Loch Eribol, 1998

    Great pictures, Thanks Scotland in the sun is VERY beautiful, but where can you book the sun when you plan to travel through Scotland JC
  13. 10 Countries 2017

    Well I have to agree that this 10CR was really excellent. Throught the Alpes with the sun out nearly all the time was gorgeous ! We only met Nick the last day but it was good to meet up with Martin and also good fun to be ahead of the Vitesse and not being chased The car ran very good, the only problem we had was overcooking the brakes going down the Stelvio ..... I think we made it to turn number 23 ..... A Herald Estate fully loaded is quite heavy and with closed steel wheels and medium quality pads, plus a long diff that we needed to declutch on the bends didn't help! Now the car will get Vitesse brakes and open alloy wheels as well as Mintex pads :-) Another well prepared Herald : On top of the Stelvio : Too many tight bends ???? Brakes on fire ....... The finish :
  14. Martin, as we do the 10CR in the Herald Estate instead of the Vitesse, you should be able to check our car when we meet in Birkenfeld JC
  15. Vitesse project

    Brakes are finally sorted, no leaks and good pressure. Clutch hydraulics were a 10 min job I also figured out how to route the heater hoses, needed two T-pieces to replicate the original design with the saloon inlet manifold. I really like this view ! Things to do while the car in on the lift are changing the rear lower suspension bushes and loosening the exhaust to try to center it better between chassis outrigger and spare wheel well. JC