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  1. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    The weekend after was the 6h Meeting at Spa where I posted already in another thread. Then using the car in the excellent autumn weather we had for weeks. And we even took part in a navigation night rally, but he Vitesse is too big and heavy for these very small and muddy roads …. JC
  2. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Well, the car got some use during the last 3 month We had an excellent ride through rural France and took the Dieppe-Newhaven Ferry to go to the Goodwood Revival. The cars, the people and the weather were absolutely great. We spent some really good time together. The The Vitesse ran well and the only problem was the handbrake which was set to tight. And excessive oil loss from the gearbox ... JC
  3. Thanks for sharing these great pictures with us. The Herald is actually an original 1200 Coupe And I have to agree that doing the run in a soft top 2 seater is VERY hard. JC
  4. triumphlux

    Spa 6 Hours

    Ah, even a member of the Sideways forum racing at Spa and doing extremely well I wasn't aware during the race that its the TR4 SLR and didn't pay much attention. I only realized while checking the results which car it was and what you achived. Don't have many pictures, you should have told us before that you were on the racetrack The start : And during the race : Just drop me you email address via private message if you want to have the original quality pictures. JC
  5. triumphlux

    Spa 6 Hours

    A few pictures from the 6 hour endurance race, very impressive field with 114 cars The Start : Rare and beautiful cars on the grid : The race results are also very interesting : The first 6 cars are Ford GT40 out off 12 starters, number 7 is …. a Lotus Elan 26R and in 18th place a Triumph Tr4 SLR And in 23rd position a Marcos 1800 : What a great race !! JC
  6. triumphlux

    Spa 6 Hours

    And a Triumph Herald/Vitesse which had a very nice welcome from the belgian Triumph Club I forgot that you planned to come down, otherwise we could have met for a beer. Have to agree with the racing, an impressive variety of cars and most races with very large grids JC
  7. triumphlux

    What's happened here??

    Ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for cleaning carbs. But you must add cleaner to the water and using heat also helps. JC
  8. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Springs fitted to the car and the handling is transformed ! The car shakes less and is well equilibrated front to rear. Also corners MUCH better then before. I also fitted the LED driving lights and they help a lot to be seen AND be respected by other road users. And drilled holes in the wings to fit mirrors, which make the car a lot safer. Especially if you want to overtake Luckily our old cars are very narrow otherwise it would be extremely dangerous to drive fast on country roads nowadays. Over here you find more and more people driving in the middle of the road Lots of county roads have no middle line and every 5th car drives in the middle of the road, yesterday a lunatic overtook cyclists in a bend and I just managed to squeeze trough the remaining gap ….. Safe driving and be alert all the time JC
  9. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Thanks Nick for the details. Springs are ordered. JC
  10. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Thanks guys, but it actually sits to low at the front and I'm sure the handling would be better if its sits slightly higher at the front. So my question is which rate of springs do you use on the Vitesse? I have the uprated ones from Bastuck which they sell for the Spitfire AND Vitesse …. And yes, the noise is really nice and above 5.000 revs its ADDICTIVE JC
  11. triumphlux

    Vespa smallframe

    You really seem to have to much spare time to produce such COOL videos Well done, sounds pretty agressive for a Vespa engine ! JC
  12. triumphlux

    Repro calipers no good?

    The rear brakes are at the maximum, I even tried to adjust a wee bit firm but the brake drums were very hot after a test drive. Front wheel bearings have just about notable play. Did not check disc run out yet. JC
  13. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Worked on the brakes and changed the steering rack, much safer and better to drive now with a nice precise Triumph steering And showed the car off at a small meeting on Sunday, the look on peoples faces when I start the engine is too good (the Herald 12/50 badges ore now on the bootlid …) JC
  14. triumphlux

    Repro calipers no good?

    I also had one brake caliper on the workbench last weekend. Before taking the caliper off I checked how far I can push the brake pads against the brake disc. On the caliper where I fitted a different seal I was able to push the brake pad about 6/10 of a mm with my fingers. All the other pads did not move when tested. So I took this caliper off and replaced the seal from Bastuck for a TRW one. Brakes are better now but it still seems that the pedal get the brake pressure further up if you push it half way down once before applying the brakes. But its also possible that I'm all to fussy with the brakes now ….. JC
  15. triumphlux

    Repro calipers no good?

    As written in my last post in the Vitesse rebuild thread I seem to have the same problem. BUT that is with reconditioned calipers and new seals !!!! When I first rebuild the calipers I managed to tear a seal apart without noting.To solve the problem fast I ordered seals from Bastuck but these were thinner then to ones I had from the UK. I seems that the thickness, width AND materiel need to be right for the groove in the caliper !!! I think my best option is to hunt for NOS caliper seals. And Nick will probably hunt for original calipers and NOS seals ….. JC