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  1. Martin, as we do the 10CR in the Herald Estate instead of the Vitesse, you should be able to check our car when we meet in Birkenfeld JC
  2. Vitesse project

    Brakes are finally sorted, no leaks and good pressure. Clutch hydraulics were a 10 min job I also figured out how to route the heater hoses, needed two T-pieces to replicate the original design with the saloon inlet manifold. I really like this view ! Things to do while the car in on the lift are changing the rear lower suspension bushes and loosening the exhaust to try to center it better between chassis outrigger and spare wheel well. JC
  3. Vitesse project

    I have the piston with 1,5 mm groove and the dustseals without the springs. The groove for the seal in the caliper is rustfree AND clean as you don't play around with brakes. Its only one caliper which causes trouble, which makes me think that I have the correct parts combination. Fitting is fairly easy too. @ Nick : we take Guy's Herald Estate which was our backup car from the beginning @ Alan : Thank you for confusing us all
  4. Vitesse project

    Received the brake caliper seals and compared them with the one I fitted a few years ago. They are different in size, the old one is 3,25 mm wide/thick and the new one (from a german supplier) is only 3,00 mm Checked the piston which is nicely machined and which did not cause the failure of the first seal. Everything back together on the car, brake fluid, push the brake pedal a few times .... and brake fluid drips out of the caliper again Looks like the car is scared to come out of the garage after so many years JC
  5. Vitesse project

    The Vitesse will not take part in the 10 CR …. Fitting the complete exhaust system took way too much time every modified part on this car ! TIG welding the y-piece to the exhaust was nearly impossible, both stainless steels just would not flow together. I finally had to seal the joint with exhaust paste In the end it fits more or less OK, hopefully it will not be too low. Yesterday the plan was to get the exhaust finished, get the brakes and clutch working and finishing the engine to be able to start the car on Saturday. It turned out that one caliper leaked and after dismantling I noticed a seal which had failed. Then I noticed a Polybush which had deteriorated !!!! I’m pretty sure this one came of the bodged chassis from Germany. And I ran out of time to finish the engine. Car is still on the lift to do the brakes. Parts might arrive early next week and less then a month to the start of the 10CR this is simply not realistic. On the other hand I realized that I have to get the car precinspected before the MOT. We have a new law since 2016 and all the modifications have to be preinspected and validated. This will take time and money ….. again. And the engine need to be set up, best would be a rolling road. JC
  6. Vitesse project

    Phew, fitting the 3 into 1 exhaust manifold was quite challenging First shortening the pipes that go into the 6-3, took 2 attempts as I was scared to cut to much of .... Managed to fit the 3-1 with some persuasion and twisting, BUT it was to far down at the back And impossible to get it higher up at the front ..... The only possible solution was to try to bend it, never did anything similar .... So in the end we bend it to much as we were unable to fix it on the table the way I took my measures ! So I had to return and have a second go at bending it back. Another try, fingers crossed, managed to line up the tubes, fitted and then twisted to the correct position, it fits, even doesn't hit the chassis and exactly the right height at the end Lets hope that its not under to much pressure from turning to the correct position. Need to fabricate the attachments for the exhaust and TIG-weld th Y part to the exhaust. JC
  7. Connecting Rod Balancing

    Good job JC
  8. Connecting Rod Balancing

    Picture to go with previous post JC
  9. Connecting Rod Balancing

    I also spend some time balancing conrods ....... and my fancy setup was also unstable This is what turned out to work fine in the end, I marked the inner diameters accurately on the balances and I was able to get the same weights Very simple setup, BUT it worked.
  10. Vitesse project

    Spend many hours on the car the last days Most of the electrics work, lights, brake light, heater etc. need to put some oil in he engine and check if solenoid and starter work as they should. Tonight I tried if the car fits on the lift .... and it works out, can even open the bonnet and there is less then an inch space left either side Had to do another chassis modification to be able to fit the tacho drive and fitted the fuel line. Tomorrow morning I have 2 hours to try out the exhaust and manifold, need to be cut to the right length, so 2 hours will certainly not be enough. JC
  11. What a story But you still have the car ! AND you just need to fit a seat and you can drive it JC
  12. Vitesse project

    Thank you Nick B. .... not posting for ages BUT available to put me under pressure Tonight I'll try to concentrate and not to rush things JC
  13. Vitesse project

    Work continues and I better don't calculate the days left till the start of the 10CR Reworked the tracking once more as I forget the the front tracking is larger then the rear ! Finally started to get the doors dressed up, that's really one of those jobs I hate Fabricated a proper spacer for the brake calipers as they were touching the wheels and hub .... Tried to find a good seating position and turned a spacer to get the seats higher at the rear. This means I can push the drivers seat nearly against the back seat Should be quite comfortable. Fitted the hazard switch, need to put a battery in the car and hope that it doesn't take fire JC
  14. Spitty Goes To Spain And Portugal

    Hello Roger, That' good news then Regarding bearings, you should be able to find VP2 bearings for the large bearing engine. They turn up every once in a while on eBay. JC
  15. Spitty Goes To Spain And Portugal

    Hello Roger, please check the cylinderhead carefully, especially how the chambers match the engine borings ! I killed 2 engines because of a NOS cylinderhead where the stud holes were about 1-2 mm out It was probably a head that someone took out of the scrap metal at the factory ..... JC