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  1. I have a lathe but already 3 month behind schedule with the planned work on my cars this year But as far as I can remember I have the Superflex ones on my Spitfire since I restored it over 10 years ago https://www.superflex.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=SF375-1850KSS JC
  2. I use the 100w bulbs with relays on both the Spitfire and Vitesse. Works well and never let me down. Some people say that the headlights will wear out faster, but how many hours do you drive in the dark …... JC
  3. Ar least the weather is nice and the result is looking good And you'll spend a small fortune by doing it yourself! JC
  4. Hi,

    me too please : triumph@pt.lu



  5. That was the idea behind the production of these springs. But as they don't cope with the weight of a normal Spitfire I would not fit them to a GT6/Vitesse.
  6. I'm selling 2 sets of progressive front springs. ONLY suitable for a very light car as the springs will not last on a standard car. Spring diameter as original and they bring the handling of the car to another level. - 300/475 - length 24 cm These will suit a light road car and are quite comfortable. - 350/530 - length 22.5 cm These are better suited to a race or hillclimb car. Price : £ 80 for each pair or £ 150 for both pairs JC
  7. Beside that its one of the richest countrys, its also one of the founder countrys of the EU. This shows that being in the EU or not, is not the most important part if a country is doing well or not so well …. Its most important that everybody living in a country, does the very best for their country and that the elected people get the best deals for their own country. JC
  8. Hi and thanks for your suggestions. Sorry for the confusion, it actually is the speedo drive. Will examine the 2 angle drives I have carefully and take them apart if necessary. And will spray them with dry PTFE. If I remember well its TR GB who sell a modern variant at quite a high price. JC
  9. On my Vitesse the tacho stopped working and the tacho cable turn free when taken of the tacho. So I'm fairly sure that the tacho angle drive has failed. As I have two original old style ones I wonder what I should do to make them last as long as possible. No oil at all, very thin oil or dry PTFE ???? What do you think ? JC
  10. The suspension seems to be very soft and the disc only touches at the end of suspension travel !? Maybe a stronger front spring is available ?
  11. If the rebuild is done as well as the brake lines And with 23 miles on the clock its definitely NOT a sorted road never mind track day car …. JC
  12. Plenty of big cats in Kenya …. Thank you for the nice photos JC
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