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  1. triumphlux

    Spa 6 Hours

    Hi, I'll probably be there again this year. You can buy tickets on site the day of the race and they have a special parking for classic cars on the other side of the new paddocks. JC
  2. triumphlux

    A lesser man's Le Mans trip

    Great pictures and an enthusiastic video BUT take care, the speed limit changed from 90 km/h to 80 km/h on country roads JC
  3. triumphlux

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Looking good I imagine that it must be very hard to be at home all day long and not being able to do anything constructive …. Be patient and you'll recover fast and continue working on the car soon ! JC
  4. triumphlux

    Spain and classic le man's trip

    Wow, what a great trip And thank you to make us all dream of our futur trips Enjoy the good weather and great scenery ! JC
  5. triumphlux

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    You'll find a few pictures on page 2 about the rotoflex wishbone modification JC
  6. triumphlux

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    Thank you Alex for the compliments @ Alan : Yes its 10 years ago I started and it should get registered next month But I have to say that during these 10 years my garage got much bigger and better equipped and the house got a veranda above the garage. Most of the work done by myself which takes a lot of time and energy. Nearly forgot that I also restored my Mini in between @ Nick : At least the text is not lost thanks to all the people who keep this great forum going !! JC
  7. triumphlux

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    This thread might be of interest My car has a Vitesse chassis and a Herald 12/50 bonnet. The radiator is from a Vitesse and the car has a 3 rail gearbox. The engine mounts are inside the suspension turrets and I already had to grind the chassis a bit to fit the tacho angle drive. The engine/box is VERY close at the back and at the front !! The radiator grille is also adapted to fit in front of the bonnet ! Have fun building this car, and I have to add that the 6 cylinder engine is definitely worth the hassle JC
  8. triumphlux

    New Engine update

    Sounds like you did a really good job Regarding oil temperatures, my small crank 1300engine usually sits around 70 deg and only goes higher (80-85 deg max) when I really trash it on a hot day. The Vitesse engine which we ran in this weekend also stayed at 80 deg, and thats a new engine that got really thrashed up to 6.500 rpm It has forged pistons and large clearances and is fully run in after only 120 km. A well build Triumph engine seems to run fairly cool. JC
  9. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Thanks for the suggestions with the fuel issue. How did you sort the issue with the leaky needle valves ? I have the new viton needle valves but still the original floats. JC
  10. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Well that was an interesting week Gareth turned up on Wednesday evening and we did our best to find out what is going on. We continued testing with the BBW needles and different springs and found out that the softer springs make things even worse. Next step was to modify the BBW needles and make them even richer. After that the car misfires up to a certain point when it cleares and revs up like crazy to 6.000 + revs I got pretty late and we had to stop. Come Friday evening and we put the BAE needles with the yellow springs back in. It is actually possible to make it run fine overall except at full acceleration. Then the gearbox stick ball falls to bits for the first time and the fuel pump starts to leak badly …. we need to file the seal seating surface as the casting is really bad. So on Saturday morning we fix all this and start to modify the BAE needles at the lower 1/3. In the end we had to take off around 0.20 mm at the lower 1/3 to make the car run fine everywhere. There is still a small problem that it seems to go rich after idling for some time. Will check the float bowls as we also noticed that they have sometimes different levels ….. BTW the engine goes quiet after it warms up fully AND it pulls like a train, torque from low down and it wants to rev above 6.000 rpm Engine is run in by now with only 120 km. But the overdrive conversion gearbox I bought years ago is VERY noisy …… and the new radiator leaks too ….. JC
  11. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Hi Alan, thank you for taking your time to explain your conclusions from lots of testing I think I will try the red springs (4,5 oz) first and then with thicker 75W-90 oil as you did, to check what a lighter spring does. And with some luck my engine builder will show up this week so we can continue tinkering JC
  12. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    Thank you for the suggestions, it actually has forged pistons and its probably paranoia The engine runs pretty well and pulls quite hard, so I did further testing with a mobile CO-tester. Started with BAE needles and with the CO already at 6 % at idle it goes down to under 1 % from 1/2 to full throttle. Switched to BBW needles which start to get richer from measurement point 6 (Su needles have 16 points). At point 10 the BBW needle is 10% richer, at point 12 already 15 % richer and at point 14 about 22% richer. Ended up with an idle CO level of 7 % and the car still leaned out from 1/2 to full throttle to around 1,5 % ….. On both tests I used the yellow 8 oz needles and the car doesn't hesitate and pulls really well. What should be my next step, even richer needles or a stronger spring ? I read somewhere that performance wise I should go for richer needles and if I prefer good economy go for a stronger spring. Its a pain the the mintylamb site is down at the moment, but it seems that it will live on JC
  13. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    There is not a lot of valve train clatter and I readjusted the valves already after a few miles of driving. I also checked that there is oil at the top end too. The sound it more is weird and hard to describe …. The cam has the TR5 profile and the tappets are NOS. As there is good oil pressure and the engine revs well I will continue with the carb setting up and stop imaging problems which are not there JC
  14. triumphlux

    Vitesse project

    It turned out hat the low CO level was air passing trough the modified inlet manifold. So I had the shims I added to make the inlet manifold clear the exhaust manifold fully welded up by a workmate. After that I had trouble with fuel pouring out of the fuelpump and one carb …. But the engine runs now and I have done around 20 miles trying to find the right needles. The engine runs on special Grade 30 running in oil from Millers which is still very clean. But I find that the engine is very noisy and I don't understand why …. Maybe you can give me a clue or convince me that everything is fine JC
  15. triumphlux

    Item: Andy Thompson

    Beautiful colour combination