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  1. If the rebuild is done as well as the brake lines And with 23 miles on the clock its definitely NOT a sorted road never mind track day car …. JC
  2. Plenty of big cats in Kenya …. Thank you for the nice photos JC
  3. We didn't change camshaft or followers as everything was (or seemed to be) in perfect condition. Less then 50.000 km in ten years on this engine. We changed the bearing shells and oil pump as well as a new modified head. Why it happened now I don't know.
  4. The gearbox has already been rebuild in to one of the freshly sodablasted housings. Looks way too good to put in the Mini that I use during the winter! The engine will get fixed next week. JC
  5. A socket bouncing between gearbox and engine would probably not last as long Nick is correct, the lower part of one cam follower broke into 3 pieces which got eventually smashed by the camshaft and fell into the gearbox housing … The damage is quite bad BUT not terminal. One piece got between the diff gear to gearbox gear so that needed to be changed and the gearbox housing has got a hole so that needed changing too The cam is toast as well as the timing gear! You can also see that the follower got crashed by the cam to he engine block and that needed careful filing so that the upper part from the follower left would come out. But I managed to save the block and the new follower moves freely
  6. Something is stuck between the gears and gearbox housing ….. g Guess what it was JC
  7. Well, after much searching we didn't find out what was wrong ….. so we decided to drive the car and see what happens After less then 1.000 km it finally broke down late one evening with a load BANG …. The engine stopped itself and the gearlever linkage was stuck. So engine/gearbox out and dismantling to check what went wrong.
  8. I seem to remember an old thread from GT where he noticed that the new spherical bearing housing moves on the lower wishbones.He solved the issue with a pin which goes through the wishbone in to the spherical bearing housing. I'll check if I find a picture. JC
  9. Thank you. Selecting gears is not possible, the gearchange is blocked. It might be a broken shaft or diff …. JC
  10. The season start is as wet as the end of the season last year. But the car runs great and its good fun to have it on the road again. The only thing that needs sorting for now, is the speedo which does not work. JC
  11. Sorry Nick, didn't notice your answer until now ... The Mini got used for a last rallye in December last year : Meanwhile one late winter night in February while returning from the pub, the gearbox simply blocked itself Car is now on the lift to take the engine out and check the damage. JC
  12. That was a fast turnover at the Paint shop, seems you're preparation work was quite good Looking gorgeous too JC
  13. High quality machining and high quality photos Thanks for giving us inspiration to do quality work on our cars JC
  14. Hello Roger, I have a standard, part no : UKC3371, Main shaft tip bearing Spitfire 1500. The length is exactly 14 mm. The rollers are like yours 10 mm long. JC
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