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  1. Typical, bloody BMW owner, ruining some perfectly good claret by shaking it up!
  2. I missed the moulds! Someone should save those, surely?
  3. In another place, I mentioned Kastner's use of a direct throttle cam that controlled Pi. So many asked for copies, I hope one here on Sideways will be of general interest, as well as saving me a lot of emailing! This article appeared in Triumph Wolrd in 2004: Kastners Pi mods triumphworld_apr2004.pdf
  4. Came across this via 'another place', where it is suggested that this represents the residue of a notorious Triumph restorer's bankruptcy. If anyone suffered there, they may recognise their own parts! https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/timed/eddisons/catalogue-id-eddiso10876?archivesearch=False&page=1&fbclid=IwAR1ONGomW1gA0phEO-V4GmAIXPH8HN8OK1gEP7JVl0X_tkDEHR0NfTl0q2w#lot-dbc6b734-f4cd-48f0-a90d-ac5a010cb540 John
  5. Came across this thread on the US site, the Triumph Experience. We're all familiar with the 'bitza' Triumph experience, as our fifty year old cars acquire components from different marks, or eeven model Triumphs. But this one takes it much, much further! I'll let you read it, it's not long: https://www.triumphexp.com/forum/triumph-odds-and-ends-forum.9/triumph-based-mg-midget.1724844/ John
  6. Yesterday, I waited four hours, with 1 person ahead of me in the queue, eventually gave up. Today went back and used the telephone line instead - much better! Got though quickly, helpful technician, who eventually sorted my email reception. Thank you MS & Jun! But it took some time and included a reset, when the PC decided it neded a complete check of the hard disk, that took forty minutes. The problem was with my 'profile', but ask no more for I know not! Anyway, normal service has resumed, except.... the screen definition is down, fonts look ragged as if typed with an
  7. My Bosch electric screwdriver came with a set of small drills. Very useful, so that went blunt eventually. They have a hex base to for the drill, and a new set was hard to find but did so,Chinese of course. They were blunt to begin with! Eventually found an OE set by Bosch, that are good. Obvious moral!
  8. Presently waiting for tec support to come back to me.
  9. Clearly Microsoft has no one like Craig! My Outlook has received nothing since yesterday, and their Service page for Office 365 says, "We're having issues, but we're working on it" and has done since this morning! John
  10. Paul, apes of your ilk are naturally cleanshaven! I know that Mrs.John would not have liked it, but she's no longer with us. I do much in her memory, but this is a little me time. John
  11. You, Nick, and Spitfire-6 are definitely channeling ZZtop, whereas my avatar is (almost) cleanshaven, but beyond the three-day stubble that seems so popular among trendy young men. More pics? Has no one ese grown one?
  12. I think I first saw the Armed Force Rally Team at work on the Pirelli. Most impressive, by far the largest, highest vehicles in National grade motorsport! (I except truck racing which is an abomination) I may even be on this video, somewhere!
  13. This is educating me (not difficult, my previous was less than stamp sized) but I read of "dry" Nitrous that uses gas, and "Wet" that uses the liquid, staight from the can. If(and I am very willing to believe it - you could tell that a cylinder of Nitrous was nearly empty by the frost on it) that a heated Vapouriser is needed, then how does the wet system work? Heated intake manifold?
  14. It would be nice to be gay, if it weren't for covid, Autumn, the state of things in general etc. etc moan groan.
  15. stuff hugging trees! its the possibilty of their sudden coversion to matchwood that I was curious about!
  16. Nice one, Phil! Have I copied this before? Colin, "environmental testing of munitions, rockets, missiles" Bit of a non-sequitor, surely? Munitions tned to have deleterious effect on the environment, don't they, that's what they re supposed to do?
  17. Yeah, come on! Show us yer bits! Paul, the surprise was that the moustache is still brown(ish), almost gingery. Beard used to be definitely a bit gingery, which added to the trampish look, but I should not be. Grandaughter is the most splendid redhead, absolutely glowing! (She fell off a chair and bruised her eye, honest, Officer!)
  18. These seem to be popular. Craig's is unshorn since March (? don't when that was in Oz) Here's mine. I let it grow out initially, but it quickly gave me the Billy Connelly "tramp geeking through a hedge" look, so I've trimmed it since. Anyone else letting it all hang out?
  19. Further: I turned it off, and went away for a few hours. Came back, turned it on. Usual sequence, HP logo, rolling blobs, but also a message, "We are updating" and count up in %. When it got to 100, brief red screen and message "Windows is updating" and now its back to the black screen and rolling blobs. Ah! Red screen " configuring Windows updated 96% - complete. Don't turn off". Now I have my usual signing screen , clock and date in botoom.corner and I can enter my PIN. It accepts that - and I'm in! WHAT was all that about??? An update shouldn't take that long, or cause
  20. Help! Once again I appear before the Common Room asking for computer help! I'm sending this from.my phone. This morning, my PC told that it needed to upgrade and would turn itself off shortly to do so. It came back on again, but the spinning blobs went round, and round and ... I left it to it, and came back after several hours, whereupon it went through the usual opening sequence - and then went black. Its working, as I can get the Task Manager up. That has been showing a cycle of high disk use followed by almost none, with a five second cycle. Just now its gone to alm
  21. Interesting, Chris, link? Picture?
  22. OH! I received an excellent solution, "in another place". Use "Sugru" Mouldable Glue. https://sugru.com/ Comes in any colour you might like, including white, clean out the old grooves, knead some Sugru into them, leave it to set. Not cheap, a pack of three small sachets is £8, but it does the job beautifully!
  23. This feels like ingratitude, but has anyone tried to upload a picture to the board? I can't do it at present. "There was a problem uploading the file"
  24. Trunnion oiling My US friend Mike Bulfer has a useful method of trunnion oiling. The oiling hole on front uprights was originally filled by a blanking screw; you took that out and inserted a nipple (aka Zerk in US) to oil the trunnions. Mike does this, but wit a modified zerk, whose ball bearing and spring he has drilled out. He also has a trigger oil can, with a flexible spout, whose end he has cut off. The spout hose is placed on the nipple, with a jubilee clip around it, and he pumps the trigger until clean oil comes out of the trunnion. He then removes the spout a
  25. Yes, this thread has sublimated several posts, including one from me last night congratulating Craig on restoring normal lightning speed. So, I'll repeat it. Craig, you are a wonder, thank you! A steely-eyed missile computer man! John
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