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  1. NIce, Martin! Bit narrow, IMHO, but get very nice! (Fat fingers on tablet again!) J.
  2. Still have my eye on the length bars, but in another part of the forest ..... Rivet nuts. I bought myslf a nut rivetting tool, like this: https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/hand-tools/laser-nut-riveter-and-40-nut-rivets I found that I could juuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssssttttttt pull the nut rivets closed with it. Then I used up the rivets it came with, found that Halfords don't stock any more (Doh!) and bought some at Screwfix. Slightly different - hexagonal section - and they demand SO much more effort to install! I can barely cose them with both hands and causing my blood pressure to rise to probably alarming heights. This demands much more effort than a pop-rivetter. On that, 3mm rivets I can do one-handed, five demand two hands, but still doesn't feel like doing a 150kg bench press. I've been using 6mm nuts - the screwfix set of nuts goes up to 12mm! They won't fit in the Laser tool, but I very much doubt that I could close them at all. Anyone else use one? Should it be as hard? Have I bought a cheapo tool (yes, I have) that should have longer levers to compress the nut rivet? I see "long arm" two-handed vesions of this tooll. Are they what is really needed? EG https://www.toolstop.co.uk/sealey-ak3985-long-arm-threaded-nut-riveter-p67192 John
  3. Revington offer an airbox for Webers on a Six: https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr4423/name/airbox-6-cyl-3-x-40-45dcoe That'll be for a TR so no step-down, but a useful model? I think it bolts onto the Webers by the same bolts that hold the trumpets. Me, I think it's too small. I'm on Lucas Pi, and the 3" diameter (like this Weber one) tubular air box is restrictive, IMHO, so I made one of 6" diameter. That's about the most that can fit inside the wheel arch, but with Webers that'll be different. And the fastening of the Revintion one must be fiddley. The OE air box comes with trumpets built in. Their throats fit into rubber adaptors on the injector bodies, so it just slides on and is secured with jubilee clips, and a strut below. See below. I'd consider something similar for Webers. John
  4. Cold air is a must, Andy, as you have found. A simple air-box around the intakes should be as big and wide as possible. The duct from the front can be in aluminium flexible ducting, doesn't need metal working skills, but again should be as wide as possible, as the inside surface roughness makes its functional diameter significantly smaller. John
  5. Andy, Glad you're progressing. Should have mentioned that like the Sprint championship, my events (CSCC Swinging 60s (!)) are all over England and Wales. The draft calendar for 2019 is at https://www.classicsportscarclub.co.uk/race-calendar. I'll tell when I'm entered, and I'm delighted to.See Sidewazers at cirvuits! See you then, JOHn
  6. This package arrived for me in the post today. It's about 240 x 330 x 20mm as you can see from the pic. What was in it? This. ????? John
  7. WhooHoo! Beatcha, Roger! Not, actaully as I haven't bought it. but this is a SIXTEEN to SEVENTEEN INCH micrometer, currnetly in an online auction: https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/jps-surveyors/catalogue-id-jp10253/lot-7c6386d6-ccbb-4bc7-b36c-a96f010bef18 I am a sorely tempted, but will do my best NOT to buy it! Roger lent me his set of length bars, to check my 'nest' of micrometers, and the same auction includes TWO sets of them, that look as if they would do for anything from one to twenty inches! No bids! John
  8. JohnD

    Clutch hydraulics

    Er. Precisely, I think.
  9. JohnD

    Clutch hydraulics

    I'll get m'coat.
  10. JohnD

    Clutch hydraulics

    Me, me! Never used DOT 5, so | didn't know about a colour stain! JOhn
  11. JohnD

    Clutch hydraulics

    Just to make you more confused. DOT 5 is silicone-based. But DOT 5.1 is GLYCOL-based, and will mix with old DOT 4. Prob best to flush the whole system with DOT 5.1 if you are changing, rather than leave a mixture., but simple to do for the clutch, but at least any residue will not cause a problem. Probably the best way to tell the difference is the fluid's efficacy as a paint stripper! John
  12. Nope! Just yesterday:
  13. Entirely TOO hands on, IMHO! I know that lavatorial humour is an English birthright and that poo is funny, but this just isn't funny! John
  14. I wanted to buy my grandson a fishing game - you know, ducks or fishes that float in the bath and can be caught with a plastic fishing rod. This is what I found is available on the net. Yes, encourage your kids to play with their faeces. But that led me down a dark and horrible path, to this: Yes, again, a 'game' in which a turd is catapulted into the air and you have to catch it. In yiur hands, with nothing about wshsing them afterwards. I know it's a plastic poo, but what family will play this, who has not been paid by a 'toy' company to demonstrate it? But that is not the depth to which this Path to Perdition (Poodition?) will take us. There are games to play on your computer about throwing faeces off a building at people in the street. Verily I say unto you - We are DOOMED if this is what our civilisation has sunk to. And as the word is usually "poop", I blame Mr Trump. JOhn
  15. My latest tool itch (yes, I know, calomoine lotion) came on after watching the latest Project Binkie episode, the one where Richard spends hours of his life unravelling a car loom. Not that I want to do this, but I noticed the handy set of terminal extractor tools that he had. See the episode, about 15 minutes in: I've searched eBay and Amazon, and all that is on offer are sets of flimsy looking keys on a split ring, or boxed sets, at prices that are likewise split from less than £5 to more than £40. The first I don't trust, and as the second are sometimes in Red Boxes, I don't trust them either. Anyone know of the handy looking tool set that is used in the BO workshop? It's made by Blue Point so won't be cheap or nasty, and comprises solid plastic housings, with three, or six keys pivoted on one or two common shafts, in the manner of some allen key sets. Voila: BUt nothing like it is to be seen on t'Net. Any ideas? Thanks! John (off for a good scratch!)