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  1. After the extraoridinary., and fortuitous preservation of the Reims-Gueux circuit buildings, I thiugh this might be of interest. I was led to it by a thread on TenTenths, "Abandoned Tracks". The Middle Georgia Speedway lasted twenty years from 1966, so isn't as aged as Gueux, but asx well preserved. This video gives a good idea of it today, by some nifty drone work, including a 'drive around'. John
  2. JohnD

    We are not worthy....

    Thanks, Roger! Our heroes have been heading north, now in Semey, which is 80 degrees East of Greenwich. Those only go up to 180, so nearly a quarter of the way around the Globe! See: http://track.mongoltriumph.com/ Old Soviet fans may recall this town as Semipalatinsk, and that the USSR's primary nuclear test site was about 150 miles to the East of the city, near Kurchatov. The site was never well cared for and in the past radiation has escaped, but it can be visited: https://caravanistan.com/kazakhstan/semey/kurchatov-polygon/ But lets hope the Triumph team won't side track! JOhn
  3. JohnD

    HS6 piddling petrol

    Both carbs flooding would point to excessive fuel pressure. Just one - take off the float chamber and inspect. Dirt in the valve? Yes, float not floating, perforated, but that would be unusual, IMHO. I'm not familiar with the Carbon canister system, so cannot say more. John
  4. Earlier this year, I was given enormous support from the Assembly of Sideways, when I was trying to get my old laptop to talk to the Megajolt unit. Problem never got it sorted, and eventually I gave up. Not like me, but the racing season was starting and I needed an ignition system! My other project that you-all have supported me in is the Crank Pulley Damper. The next stage of that is to compare signals from the front and back of the crank, to see what oscillations occur. To do that, I've bought a Picoscope, that allows a laptop (or any PC) to act as an oscilloscope. Software downloaded, installed on the laptop, and I run the programme. It asks me to connect the Picoscope, which I do, I get the usual XP "new hardware detected" and it lights a red LED on the unit. But the laptop cannot see the Picoscope unit, even when I move the USB plug to any of the three sockets on the laptop. So I had a Megajolt that the laptop detected, but would not talk to. I now have a Picoscope that the laptop detects, but will not talk to. That two quite different devices, that should communicate with a laptop by USB cable, have failed to do so, points to the Laptop as the faulty unit! Is there a fault in the laptop that means it can't communicate via USB? It's an old one, a Dell (Inspiron 1300) that I bought maybe ten years ago, for teaching at work. Haven't used it for that since before I retired, and I've hung onto it with these projects on mind. Maybe a drastic solution like wiping the hard disc and reinstalling Windows - But it may be that I need to splash out on a new one! John
  5. An old UK/US? commercial, not seen it before, published from Warsaw! John
  6. JohnD

    Engine build from box of bits

    K.Raven-smith, or Prestige injection sell throttle bodies pumps etc.etc. John
  7. JohnD

    We are not worthy....

    The picture Nick included shows clearly the acutely reduced diameter at the hub, whiowch casues the stress and breakage. Cant' see if there is any radiusing, or other attempt to reduce that, or know if it's possible while retaining the standard drive hub. John
  8. JohnD

    We are not worthy....

    Wasn't what happened this time, but the OE half shafts have a stress raising design fault at t'other end. So even the best modern copies are prone to failure. John.
  9. The CSCC's Swinging 60s will be racing on the Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit on Saturday the 18th - and I'll be there! WooHoo! Qualifying 0950, Race 1530. Other Triumph entrants, three TR6 (McDonald, Hall & Roodhouse), a TR250 (Chamberlain) and a TR5 (Petch), John Thomason in his Silver Arrow Spitfire, and there is a TR4 (Chapman) in reserve. I have three spare tickets - first come etc. If you want one, PM me your postal address and I'll get it to you. John
  10. JohnD

    Coin-op video games

    This doesn't tickle your fancy, does it, Sam? https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/taylor-and-co/catalogue-id-ibta10126/lot-f0796b6c-8c4a-4893-8b22-a93000bc99c7 John
  11. JohnD

    We are not worthy....

    Our Triumopheroes have overcome a major failure! See: http://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/3850-reproduction-herald-driveshafts/ Go, Mike & Dave! John
  12. JohnD

    Vitesse project

    Well done, the rules on restoration in the UK are so much more liberal, we forget how hard it can be be in other countries. Enjoy your Vitesse! John
  13. JohnD

    We are not worthy....

    Visit their Fb page and scroll down. Some fairly bad roads. John
  14. JohnD

    We are not worthy....

    They've made it to Samarkand - SAMARKAND! - a name of legend among far travellers since Marco Polo! - and past that to somewhere on the border between the Afghan- and Tjiki-stans. Next stop, CHINA! http://track.mongoltriumph.com/ The map shows only straight lines between way points, not the actual route, which in this part of the world must be the wiggly line of all wiggly lines. Thinking of you, guys, mainly in envy! JOhn