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  1. As they say in the agony columns, it's not for me, it's about a friend.... In fact, my everloving partner, 'er-indoors, loves doing crosswords, and devours the ones in the newspapers. She finds that an erasable writing instrument is invaluable as some demand several tries before all those pesky words fit togther. She uses an erasable biro in preference to a pencil, but she can't get them any more! There are several that say they are erasable, but only one that doesn't wear out the newsprint. I've searched online for a new supply, to no avail, and she has tried all the others. Does anyone know of a supplier, or another pen that will rub out the mistakes without weraing through the paper? We're looking for a Uniball Signo Erasable that has a part No. UM-101ER-05, but if you know of another pen that does the job, please tell! Thanks, JOhn
  2. Home Power Generating

    Wow! And all I do is flick a switch! But you're right - we all may be doing this in twenty years time, so you're a leader. John
  3. LeJog 2017

    I saw the Le Jog Cars at my College, Myerscough near Preston, where they had an Autotest. I was finish line marshal. The TR4 (David Stanley & Peter Blackett) was awarded a Gold Medal, although their sprited drive in the Autotest didn't get them FTD. Or their warwounds. I was sad that the Vitesse of Barry Marsh and Alan Pettit didn't make it as far as Myerscough, but hey! LeJog is not a stroll! John
  4. Strange looking crankShaft

    Diesel six cylinder lorry engine? Too many to guess at! John
  5. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Ooops! Forgot! Yes, those hex-head screws fouled the timing cover, just. Made a terrifying noise on start-up! I was sure all big ends had gone at once! Modified with counter-sunk head screws - fine! My sesnor mount v.similar to Roger's. Lower mount hole circular, upper slotted on a radius, to allow distance adjustment. JOhn
  6. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Someopne was selling a thin trigger wheel a while ago, so this is what I did with it as clearance was so tight. The red nose cone was turned down from the original cylindrical spacer, to clear the electric fan motor. But since then, I've moved the engine back, by putting the support brackets behind the turret mounts, clearance is not a problem any more, and the first whel is on a another project. So I have a convenetional thick wheel, like this. John
  7. Strange looking crankShaft

    Came across this today. It's the countershaft driven by the bevel gear on the crank. Thrown into the skip, eh? This crank is for the 2L and 2.3L Ecoboost. The 1.6l has 'only' 180bhp in production form, but has been taken to 395 already! 400 is said to be possible. And these people sell a kit to take you there: http://www.sbdev.co.uk/EcoBoost/EcoBoost_information.html They did it without any mods to the crank, so think how much you can get from the 2.3L! And how mnay cranks will need to be replaced after doubling the power output for a while. Your company might like to put some in store for that rainy day! John
  8. I'm informed that the relevant legislation, for a Council removing an 'abandoned' vehicle is the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978, or the Police and a car on the road, the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. They are not obliged to destroy the vehicle (compare scrappage schemes), but will wish to dispose of it as quickly and cheaply as possible, so rapid action might be needed to save a car so impounded. John
  9. Strange looking crankShaft

    It was the polymath, probable genius, Fred Lanchester who was the first to try to take out engine vibration, with torsional vibration dampers and then countershafts. His engines, in Lanchester cars, were reputed to be the smoothest ever made of that era, the 1900-1930s. But that disc is neither a damper, nor a countershaft! From its smooth, polished? rim, as good as the rusty main nsext to it, does run in a wide bearing? John
  10. Rewire

    Plus one for that. While ago mine was charging badly. New, more powerful alternator made no difference. Friendly electrician came, equally baffled, until dusk came on, and he noted the corona glowing around the alt. Length of starter cable between block and battery earth sorted it and its stayed ever since. John
  11. I've appealed before to the Faculty of Sideways U., always with success, to maybe this one too? A recent Facebook thread featured a nice looking Vitesse that had been on the street for too long, and been hit with an "Abandoned and Impounded" order. The owner was known to a Facebook member and has been alerted, so a happy outcome must be hoped, but what can be done if a rare/desirable/restorable car is to be condemned to the crusher in this way? Can a third party buy it off the local council, which will have assumed ownership? Some proof that it won't be returned to the street must be assumed. The Wiki article is about the law in other countries, and mentions auction but that's in the US. The Fareham DC (UK) website says, "Wrecked, untaxed vehicles abandoned on the highway can be authorised for disposal after 24 hours. .... Vehicles of a higher value will be taken into storage so that we can seek tenders for their sale and recoup some of the costs we have incurred" but is this a general policy, and who decides what is "of higher value"? JOhn
  12. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    A woman's work is never done - but a car restorer's .........
  13. mattius, You remember mad cow? That was caused by cow's dead bodies being processed into cow feed, protein supplement. So that a rare 'infection' was amplified by being repeatedly passed through the cow population, more being infected every time. A blood transfusion is a much, much better way of transmitting an infection than eating/drinking blood, as the digestive system doen't get in the way. If - IF - something was passed on, then for the recipient to give blood and then infuse it into someone else would produce at least three infected! It's the precautionary principle - if something could cause a nasty effect, even if the risk is low, don't do it! Well done to you and your mates who continue to donate on your behalf! You and they are doing a good job to pay back the Blood Bank! I've never needed to make a withdrawal, as it were, but it's so easy to donate! John
  14. I was recruited into a study of the frequency of donation, the INTERVAL study. Was it safe to give more often that every twelve weeks (16 for women)? Were there any downsides of a higher frequency? Because overall the BTS (Blood Tranfusion Service) just about copes, and would like to be able to Harvest more. I happened to be in the normal 12 week group, not the 10 or 8 weeks (14 and 12 for women) so gave as usual. That 12 week 'interval' is why you haven't been able to give more than four times a year, Zetec. From another 44,999 volunteers they found that it was safe to give more often, but that "more work was needed" (That is said in study conclusions so often that some journals ban the remark!). They want to ensure that there are no groups who could be harmed by more frequent donation. So the minimum interval won't be changed soon - we are volunteers, after all. You can see the main conclusions and the FAQs about the study here: http://www.intervalstudy.org.uk/your-questions/interval-main-results/ John PS Biscuits? Pfui! I was wearing a tight shirt the last time I went, too tight to roll up the sleeve (Doh!), so I said I'd take it off, and they gave me a free, red T-shirt! WooHoo! "Give Blood, Give Life"! I dont imagine it'll work every time! J.
  15. I gave blood a week ago - and just now I have a text message from Blood Transfusion, telling me that my blood was used in a hospitalon the other side of the country. It's a nice warm feeling, and not because my arm is leaking! Find out how you can give blood here: https://www.nhsbt.nh...blood-donation/ John