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  1. JohnD

    Glasgow School of Art

    What an extraordinary film, Paul! Thank you for posting it! I've only spent a few days in Warsaw, in 1991, but my hosts, not Warsaw residents, took me with pride to the Old Town and to the memorial to the Warsaw Uprising, and we climbed to the observation deck of the Palace of Culture, which was said to give the best view of Warsaw. as from it you couldn't see the Palace of Culture. John
  2. JohnD

    Glasgow School of Art

    Paul will know that the Old Town of Warsaw was almost completely destroyed in WW2, but the Poles considered it a point of honour that it should be rebuilt as it was. When I first worked in Stockholm, there was something odd about the city I could not place, until I realised - it had never been bombed. It radiated out from the Old Town, Gamla Stan, in circles of building that got younger and younger, all regularly spaced. So different from the London I knew, full of modern buildings spaced out among old, where the bombs had fallen. Glasgow must feel as if a stick of bombs has fallen in Renfrew Street. JOhn
  3. JohnD

    Glasgow School of Art

    Gosh, that Dresden is a bit, er intrusive, and the Hadid thing is even more interstellar. She did the Olympic Aquatic Centre for the London Olympics, and that was really clever, grafting seats for 15,000 into a building that eventually only seated 2000. But then it was all a new building. John
  4. Two weeks ago was Oulton Park, and an unscheduled exit over grass into a gravel trap. Since then, I've been working to get the parts and fit them to deal with the damage caused, and finished on Sunday PM. Congratulatory drink, and a start and test run postponed until this morning. But on flicking the switches - nothing! Some items ran, but not the fuel pumps, so a start wasn't to be possible. OK, out with the multimeter, this'll be a doddle, especially if I bear in mind my mantra - what did you do, where were you working? The last time you did something to the car? It must have been something I dislodged. But all the fuses intact, no loose connections, just no volts at the appropriate switches. Lying under the dash, neck aching , back being poked into by something I know not what, I traced the wiring, which hasn't been standard for a long time, and for which the only wiring diagram is the thing itself. And it was all intact. Finally, I traced it to the ignition relay, which I installed for reliability, as there are so many electrical extras. It was warm, unsurprising given that the circuits had been on for so long while I tested. And it clicked as I turn the ignition on and off. But I have a spare, pop it into the rack, easy check - and it all works! The relay had failed! How often has that happened? An easy repair, if a bit mysterious. And I must have another spare, as I'm off to Spa for next weekend. Good Old Halfords! They had several Type A relays, but no Type 'B', but went out to the back and returned with the correct one - sorted! John
  5. JohnD

    Glasgow School of Art

    Can't be anything much worse than new architecture grafted onto old. The Old Bus Garage in Lancaster was a bit of 1930 concrete that could have held a Nuremberg torchlit rally with ease, but it's outstanding ugliness did not save it from being Grade 2 Historic Building listed. So Corporation plans to replace it were scotched, but their outstaning acheivement was to put an ever uglier building ON TOP of the Old Garage, so that Lancaster has not one but TWO buildings voted the ugliest in the land (the other is the Police Station, which has no windows below the second floor - clearly they feared civil unrest, riots and revolution at that time).
  6. I bow with humility to my corrector! It did surprise me that it appeared to be so ignored. I should have looked further down the list. Nick, I don't know. Anyone interested, please contact Will. John
  7. JohnD


    Will Nick's need inspire any here who don't give blood, to do so? Blood donors are in such short supply that I was recruited into the INTERVAL study, that looked at taking blood more often that the current 12 weeks for men and 16 for women. And you can give blood, as often as every 8 and 12 weeks, without only a few symptoms and low heamoglobins in donors. See: http://www.intervalstudy.org.uk/files/2017/09/INTERVAL-Main-Results.pdf But the routine intervals haven't been changed yet. If you would consider being a blood donor, have a look at the Donor Service webpage: https://www.blood.co.uk/who-can-give-blood/ It really is an easy thing to do! John
  8. JohnD


    It was always a bit strange that a couple whose comedy was so British, had French (stage?)names. Hattie Jacques and John Le Mesurier. Didn't last, of course. Sorry to hear you needed to go back into hospital, Nick. "Readmission" is another parameter that shows the pressure the NHS is under, and the extraordinary way that the NHS bed complement has been destroyed in the past 30 years, from around 299,000 to 142,000, is just another factor leading to poor performance. But that's not your worry. Hope life is, er, passing, better now! John
  9. Over on Facebook, Rally Login & Natter, Will Frost has for sale a 2.5L BMW E36 engine, possibly THE Long-6 lump that can challenge the Triumph one! If anyone is considering a transplant, this is one to consider. No connection, etc.etc. John
  10. JohnD


    Pussy Galore? Bond's physiotherapist in Thunderball was Patricia Fearing. While she was a very nice girl, her treatment I wouldn't wish on anyione: JOhn
  11. JohnD


    "Surgical Robot" bit of a misnomer. A human surgeon operates(!) it, and its more like an endoscope, that has stabilising and targeting controls from the computer. Compare with Fly-by-wire aircraft. Bests, Nick! Tell your anaesthetist you know me! John
  12. JohnD

    Getting through

    Adams was so terminally relaxed, about everything! Quote, "I just love the sound of deadlines, as they go whizzing by!" Allegedly, he was locked into his room by his producer when the deadline for the first, radio, production of HHGTTU was deadlining, to MAKE hime keep it! But yes, who else could write: What's so unpleasant about being drunk?" "You ask a glass of water.” John
  13. We recently had a member tell us of their distress at the death of a close familiy member. Many here gave their sympathy and support, and I hope it helped. There's so much talk of trauma in life, and the need for counselling after an unpleasant experience. Terry Pratchett was not considered a psychologist or a counsellor, just a writer, but he was enormously wise as well as funny. Quote from "Thud!", one of his Disc World novels; Commander Vimes has just been through a most unpleasant experience. "His mind worked fast, flying in emergency supplies of common sense, as human minds do, to construct a huge anchor in sanity" People are tough. They have proved it time and again. If they need anyone else, then family, friends and colleagues can and do provide the support they need, not "professional" counsellors. When that support and their common sense can't construct the anchor, some will need temporary medical support, a very few long term support, but by far the most will get through. And I can recommend Pratchett, who can make a horse laugh. John
  14. Ah! I had forgotten which you were using! j.
  15. Strictly, once you've broken the seal on a bottle of brake fluid, it starts to absorb water, so one that been on your shelf since the las time should go down the drain. John