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  1. That seems very similar to mine. I'm going to try 34 chokes next year.
  2. You can still drive 3 wheelers on a bike licence. However, the Kitten has 4.
  3. Actually, they are Dellortos and judging by the pictures, they are probably shot.
  4. And I like to go as fast as possible with technology contemporary with my car as much as I can.
  5. Sorted. Got a 'box, mounting and prop in Essex. Will pick up in November on my way to Wisbech for my drag series prize giving.
  6. Yeah saw that one. There is another one in Romford which looks good and has come from a car converted to OD.
  7. I'll take your advice Nick and keep my OD unit. I have found a box in Essex, which I could collect on my way to Wisbech in November.
  8. Thanks mate, but I'm not sure about the ratios there. I'll have a competition clutch built as it eats organic one type clutches
  9. I think the driver might have something to do with it John!
  10. You might have a point in keeping the o/d for the future. Thanks for the contact.
  11. Sorry, I forgot I haven't been here for a while so there are new members . It's a much modified drag racing GT6. The box is GT6 and that's what I need.
  12. I know that this is the reverse of the norm, but I have my reasoning. I rarely drive any distance on the road these days and I have no need of the o/d on the track. What I need are the bits to convert it, these easiest way I think would be to find someone who wants to convert to o/d and exchange with cash adjustment. My gearbox was built by Mike Papworth in 2007 and is quiet and has a good change. The o/d was a recon exchange unit from Canleys in 2009 and has new solenoid fitted a couple of years ago. I would need a 'box for Mike to beef up and also need to get a competition clutch built. I es
  13. Brilliant weekend! I made a load of new fans who were surprised at how quick she is. PBs all round. I am now consistently running 14.3s @ c95mph, the new 205 60 13 Toyo R888R tyres are working well. Deffo improvement on my tired 185/60 R888 but took some tracking down. One more visit to Shakey next month and the season is done. I'm convinced I can get into the 13s next season. I met a guy who says he has a GT6!that he wants to race. Apparently he has Karl Dandridge building him a supercharged engine! As far as I know I am the only GT6 on the strip and by definition the quickest. Not bad for a
  14. I'll be racing with Outlaw Street this weekend if anyone is in the area.
  15. i am now living in Corfe Mullen, marital issues! From my experience and Triumphest, I would put a car like yours running mid to low 16s in road trim. To be honest i don't know how a 2500 Triumph 6 would do. My 2.1 is now tuned to red line at 6800 (last RR showed 155bhp at flywheel but improvements since). I exceed 7K several times on each run. To be fair the clutch was B&B and was 10 years old. It is normally the clutch that lets go first. I drop the clutch at about 6K, on a prepared track with sticky tyres running c10psi, that's quite a shock to the driveline! Small chassis Triumph and Dr
  16. In recent years I have just been doing my bucket list really. I took my entire budget for 2014 and did the Jersey Festival of Motoring over a long weekend. This started with a sprint down the sea front on Friday evening and hill climbs on Saturday and Sunday. Last year I did the Jersey Festival of Speed over the August B/H. A sprint at 5 mile road on Friday, hill climbs at Greve du leq on Saturday and Sunday and Bouley Bay hill climb on Monday. Last year I went to Dragstalgia at Santa Pod and run the RWYB on the Friday. Met up with some guys who talked me into trying drag racing, so I joined O
  17. I never did circuit racing because I just could not afford it. The ever rising costs in MSA Hill Climb events has lead to me going for quality rather than quantity over the last couple of years (trips to Jersey 2014 & 2014). I have taken up drag racing this season because it is relatively cheap compared to Hill Climb, and I always wanted to try it. For example the MSA are "lifing" safety equipment in speed events as they do in circuit racing now. I Had to get a new helmet (Snell 2015) and FHR (Hans) device! A typical Hill Climb weekend's entry fees is now c£200 for up to 8 runs. Drag raci
  18. In response to the DHLA 40 question, the H suffix carbs are OEM/Emission carbs. No suffix or suffix 'E' are most desirable as they are universal. (there are others such as 'C' but are very rare now). BTW normally the received opinion is that a 2.1L Pinto requires 36 chokes which means DHLA45 body. All 45s are none emission.
  19. TT rollers are indeed Titan and are used by others such as the mini boys etc, I believe thay are considered excellent quality if not cheap. Titan kits include billet pillars etc whereas HS rollers come on their own. I have HS, got them from that chap in the States that Steve knows (some years ago), great service and price. I selected good pillars from my stash. I used a TT spacer kit and shimmed the sideways float out with shims from a mini site. I also shimmed the valve springs for equal installed height with shims from the same site.
  20. I doubt it's a twisted spindle, as you say the butterflies are equal. Check for an air leak somewhere. Most of the problems are air leaks or linkage in my experience.
  21. That's about 6psi or in other words, about twice what the Webers need, ergo - no surprise that they flood. IMHO impossible to set up side draughts without pressure regulator. Malpassi rules.....
  22. My missus could do with tucking 'er back in!!!
  23. I took this off the Defence Network - probably be in the tower by midnight for breaching protocol or summat! GO CHRIS!!!!!! Royal Marine makes judo squad for London 2012 03/07/2012 Royal Marine Chris Sherrington has been named in Team GB's judo squad for the London 2012 Olympics but, as Lorraine McBride reports, he's taking nothing for granted. Royal Marine Chris Sherrington has been picked for Team GB's judo squad [Picture: British Judo Association] British heavyweight judo champion Marine Chris Sherrington oozes dedication from every pore. Clearly his formid
  24. Nope. I think there's a lot more thread contact with these sleeves than a conventional nut. It's just that with the ST studs which at 3/8 x 35mm are a long way down in the wheel, I only measured about 10mm of contact - scary.
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