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  1. Retirement. Quite looking forward to that but, even though I seem on face value to be reasonably secure, I can't help but feel it'll all be whipped out from under my feet at the last minute by some 'maxwell-esque' pension fund shennannigans and i'll be cycling to work until i'm 70... Insurers and their elected call centres. My 'revenge' may be to make my retirement career that of a call centre operative for said insurers and sticth 'em up from the inside
  2. Well done Chris- you were on top form when I caught up with you in the car park at Gordano- very with-it indeed. Same can't be said for some of the other crews who looked a little peeky...
  3. Indeed Nick, although i'm not marshalling; I rather wanted to see the cars and the people!
  4. See you Saturday night at Gordano (that's Gor-day-no, not Gor-dahn-o)
  5. Sorry- not been here for a while and didn't realise this was a wheeze Fb is full of RBRR updates currently where-by the crews are either bored as they are wholly prepared and have been for months, or they are already drinking in the last chance saloon and the odds are stacked against them... It's a fabulous event for so many reasons :0
  6. No brainer. RBRR is a CT event organised by CT for the CT membership to drive their Triumph cars. Why would you want to dilute it in anyway to become closer to other 'openhouse' events? I'm not doing it this year and am genuinely missing the anticipation and building excitement. Deffo more fun in a 2 man team as being a 3rd person means extended perids of not driving. Some of my happy-est Triumph driving memories were on this event. If you've not done it, you should
  7. Hi Nick. Lovely to catch-up with you the other day. If you can make it a re-match on the coffee and cake front again sometime, that will be even better. The golf is a game old girl and only just nudged past 100k. I checked all the vacuum hoses this afternoon and they look pretty blummin' good. No obvious wiring/coupler issues. I can't believe how tidy it is under the bonnet - really is a very nice old car but I recall she'll need a little weld patch on the floor somewhere- it gets a little damp inside, if you know what I mean. The last time I took her for a service, the garage said don't bother, she's done so little since the previous year! I will book her in for a service anyway and ask they go over with a watching brief. She's had a (for me) stiff accellerator and (again, for me- the garage thought not) sticking clutch whichi'd like them to check again too.
  8. Greetings from the (very) naughty corner- I hope you are all well here on the Dark Side. Any suggestions for likely candidate for my 8v mk3 Golf GTI tickover malady- it's intermittent. On approaching junctions, lift off the accellorator to depress brake and depress clutch when getting into correct gear, car is then in effect coasting. As the revs reduce at normal rate, they dip below the tickover 950rpm and stutter down to 500rpm and recover to 950rpm, or on ocassion will decrease rapidly and the engine die (usually rescued with a raise of the clutch for a quick jump-start utilising the ongoing forward motion. This malady is not wet or dry weather dependant and appears entirelly random in that 70% of the time when approaching jinctions, it is not apparant. Car starts fab in all weathers and doesn't appear to have any other malady or warning lights coming up etc. at any time at all. Any ideas?
  9. Mighty fine service and top singing too. Well done all!
  10. Deffo next year Nick- the spare room is ready and you can have the Golf for transport whilst your here
  11. Congratulations in advance for the big day! Honeymoon in Yate on the way back if you like, you're more than welcome.
  12. Hi Steve- sorry to hear of your situation. It is indeed a cruel world on occasion. Glad to hear you are staying in touch
  13. If he is happy to casually endanger himself and others, with barely legal tyres, i'd be minded to say i'll tell plod myself. 'A bad workman blames his tools" (because in the past, if you worked in machine engineering, you did exactly that as an apprentice and made your own basic tools). I still have most of my fathers tools he made and his fathers too. Cherished. My father was an Engineer- my jobtitle is of engineer, but I don't class myself as an 'Engineer'.
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