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  1. Sorry Rustbucket here is a picture of the adapter fitted under the arm . Matt
  2. You can make up simple adjusters to bring the cable arms clear of the bodywork .
  3. Don't stop posting here John , people like yourself are much valued even if the response is not visible . M
  4. Very admirable to see people teaching themselves real skills . Keep it going son !
  5. Don't hold back on images and detail . All offerings are valuable . Some knowledgeable people on here who seem only too wiling to provide assistance for which I amongst many others are very grateful . M
  6. It was much quieter than I had expected for a decent day indeed . So what exactly is this over curbing rule John , sounds like it must be pretty hard to manage .
  7. It was good to meet John at Brands today , unfortunately it was only a flying visit so I was unable to stay for the race . I hope it went without drama unlike a previous race . I did have a quick look at a GT6's rear set up but was only able to snap a couple of poor pics as they were trying to set off . Ford diff , own designed uprights , Nitron shocks with separate reservoirs linked to the roll cage . You can see one top link behind the fuel tank . I am hoping John knows more about it ?
  8. The mean spit

    Lovely to see , Envy you . Just working on some patents in the hope of being able to earn a bit so I can do do like wise . You must be glad of your input .
  9. Hi Clive , With Spring round the corner and watching your progress I am feeling I should be getting involved in my motor again . Did your CV's come with clips ? One needs to be carefully selecting clips as slightly the wrong ones can leave your CV's stuck fast in your diff/LSD . ( not easy to overcome believe me ! ) My prop is 517mm T9-Subaru . A reminder to people going Subaru , parts from Subaru are stupidly expensive , single retaining clip £7 , diff bearing £56 , so don't think maintenance will be straightforward without trawling breakers . Out of interest the Subaru link above is the only link I have ever found that has even talked at all about the ' type 1 and type 2 ' viscous units . I have never found any information explaining details/reasonings about these two versions . It seems Subaru themselves must be very closed on info or may be one needs to speak Japanese . Best bet is to have your Subi diff fitted with an aftermarket LSD whether Quaife , Cusco , Kaaz , Tomei , Carbonetics, M factory , Subsru or others . Also it is regularly suggested that viscous units have a limited life so don't think that because you have found a viscous unit in a breakers that you are sorted , the fluid could be knackered and it is now acting as an open unit ( not that efficient when new ) . Also it is also wise to take an imprint of the internal splines and ring clip grove position and compare that with your CV splines and ring clip groove position , some combinations look good and work but actually you will have very little mating spline . Don't forget that a great deal of info on Subaru forums is flawed so triple check . However I do have a brand new Type 1 viscous LSD unit ( 4 spider gears ) and a pair of CV's to fit I need to sell on .
  10. Metal Detecting

    I would never have guessed it was your thing Pierro . It will not be long however before soulless corperate treasure farmers remove every last piece of mans history with their ' deep penetrating archeological drones ' . What a dull world . Grab what you can find for now !!!
  11. Metal Detecting

    Is it just beaches Pierro or do you just favour beaches ? I purchased a detector about 18 months ago and have yet to use it . I have passed a couple of sites that I felt might be hiding ' preciouses ' and seeing your finds gives me encouragement . Might have to swap the Spit for a TR7 !! M
  12. Not good to hear but I guess a warning is better than a major incident . Should it now be confrolable ? Best wishes , M
  13. A one off order is really the only way to go . A suggestion would be to make a test shaft with your two different manufacturers inner and outer CV's installed . If you purchase two very cheap used full shafts , one of each intended manufacturer ( for me one Subatru shaft and one MGF shaft ) these shafts can then be cut in half and the halves with the unwanted CV's can then be put aside . I say half but actualy to slightly less than half the length of your expected new half shafts length . The two needed ' half ' half shafts can then be fixed together with a small packer if required ( to obtain your exact expected length ) and plenty of duck tape to form one complete shaft . You can then mount this in your car and see if the expected length works with the Lobro and suspension movements involved before taking this mock ' hybrid ' shaft to your engineer to have it copied .
  14. Spit 131

    Picked up the TranX box today , oh yes ,
  15. Too Hot!

    is this company no good ? Big selection . M http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?isRefine=true&_odkw=&_ssn=size2shoe&hash=item35ea975839&item=231569053753&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1311.R-1.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.Xalter.TRS0&_nkw=alternator+pulley&_sacat=0&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1311.R-1.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.Xalter.TRS0&_mwBanner=1&rt=nc&redirect=mobile
  16. Spit 131

    Bonnet looking very good Pierro . Glad to hear you are getting in loads of practise in before working on mine . Keep us updated with progress .
  17. Spit 131

    What do you intend keeping in your trailer then James ? Actually , it is surprising how much room is behind the seats , despite the roll bar and the fire extinguisher , now that I am not running a hydraulic handbrake system and once I remove the redundant nitrous bottle brackets there should be enough room not only for her ' walk in wardrobe ' but also my Speedos . M
  18. Spit 131

    Nothing that can't be sorted with a bit of fettling . 7mm off the carbon joint cover strip , 5mm off the front of the roof and an angle cut on the window rubber receiving edge where it rests on the wheel arch when the lid sits inside the boot and it now fits in beautifully . I just need to fit a few sticky pads in the relevant places to ensure no surfaces meet each other . The jigsaw worked a treat except when I used a fine wood blade to cut the carbon because I was too lazy to dig out a metal blade and the teeth disappeared in seconds . It's best to place a piece of masking tape parallel along the base just touching one side of the blade a) to prevent the base scratching the surface you are cutting and you can then run the tapes edge along your cut line which is more accurate than the markings provided on the base plate as you have a longer edge to line up . ( Prob , the already known tip of the day ) So good to know I now have a working targa top . Debra is however questioning where her luggage will go if the boot is full ( if she thinks I am having a trailer for my birthday she can think again !! )
  19. Spit 131

    Bit of fettling this weekend will hopefully sort it .
  20. Spit 131

    Cut the vast majority of the hindge brackets off and it seems it is only 8mm too long . Which means -------- IT WILL FIT !!
  21. Spit 131

    Ok , here it is . I have not checked if it fits in the boot as it is covered in things ATM . Otherwise it is looking lovely . Thankfully Tony is not asking for its true cost which should have been considerable considering the work involved . The quality of work is really top notch , it looks as though it is as originally supplied . The question now is do I have it sprayed all white or leave the carbon cover strip as is ? The car is still on a rear dolly hence the odd angle . ADDITION ; In order to check boot fittment and BJ it's going to be close !! I need to cut out the old boot hinge mounts with my crocodile saw , so first I need to whip out the tanks .
  22. Spit 131

    Tony has finished my targa top . I shall pick it up this morning and get some decent picks up of it . Here are a couple taken last night in his work shop . The quality of work involved is very impressive . As you can see the romovable section slips in and is secured at the back with two push in ally pins that Tony made up. The accuracy of the mouldings created is spot on . Only slight worry is does it fit in the boot ?
  23. Does one need to consider the treatment / specification of the meeting splines ? M
  24. At least your engine is not in need of a rebuild because it's sat in your garage for so long . M
  25. Spit 131

    To be fair to Burtons ( Ford suppliers East London ) I ordered these type 9 front nose seals yesterday and they are here by this morning . Now I need to take some measurements for the Tilton 800 series HRB .