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  1. Thank you Nick , I will take a look . Some very nice aspects to its design even from what I have seen so far .
  2. Found it , not as exceptional as I hoped it might be but a very interesting example none the less . Thank
  3. Let me have a quick look as strangely it does not delete for 30 days !?!?!?!
  4. Interestingly GC site may be reawakening under a member’s control . GC’s parts listed again ! Be very good news ! SIDEWAYS and GC .
  5. Good morning , No progress to report . HC pistons still not arrived . A week or so ago I thought I would take a look at Triumph/Fiat/Lancia FB forums despite having deleted FB from my phone about a year ago when I could no longer deal with it . There are a number of related groups but almost all of a lightweight , non tech nature . I posted on around four of them but it has only been a week and I have again resorted to deleting FB off my phone . perhaps it is a problem with me , not sure . I can not remember If it was on one of the only few tech related groups who’s name I
  6. So it’s all Sideways-technologies fault for lulling me into a false sense of freedom ! Having been reading several other posts on that site it seems I might have been over worrying , Several others have talked freely about other companies products other than the sponsors . I do now appreciate though that one should do the homework needed first to asses the politics of a site before indulging . It’s their baby and you are just a visitor .I have no problem being corrected if I go astray though . Thanks for the unrestricted side of this site by the way . And , as I think I said before y
  7. Stupidly I had not picked up on their commercial sponsor . I do dig myself some holes . I have now crossed off the offending Flickr link , I’ll see what happens .
  8. Unfortunately I think I might have already upset the American Fiat website owner of Fiat124.com which is one of the rare remaining relevant sites out there as some of my pics on my Flikr link have a commercial link . Stupid of me , should have thought , but nothing intentional . My signature is now highlighted in red and non functional . I have apologised , declared my innocence and offered to rectify but no response so far .Tonight and tomorrow I will swap out any commercial pics with personal pics . Hopefully this has not caused a problem here ? They should have L plates for non IT Sav
  9. As I said , the more worrying aspect is the crank re-grind question . I spoke with SMD today , seemed very decent . He said he is very busy but could do the block work in early November . From what I have gathered most places are struggling to catch up with back logs . Apparently he worked for GC years ago but is still in regular communication and still shares some work with him . I will send an email to confirm the date and range of block work involved in order to get an estimate of those works . In the meantime I need to find out the truth about the ‘ odd sized ‘ 125 unit crank
  10. Right , idiot boy has managed to change his ‘ signature ‘ . Was’nt hard really ! Just slightly worrying !
  11. OK , Seems just clicking date uploaded Instead of date taken gets past that one ! Its a struggle .
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