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  1. Sorry Rustbucket here is a picture of the adapter fitted under the arm . Matt
  2. You can make up simple adjusters to bring the cable arms clear of the bodywork .
  3. Don't stop posting here John , people like yourself are much valued even if the response is not visible . M
  4. Very admirable to see people teaching themselves real skills . Keep it going son !
  5. Don't hold back on images and detail . All offerings are valuable . Some knowledgeable people on here who seem only too wiling to provide assistance for which I amongst many others are very grateful . M
  6. It was much quieter than I had expected for a decent day indeed . So what exactly is this over curbing rule John , sounds like it must be pretty hard to manage .
  7. It was good to meet John at Brands today , unfortunately it was only a flying visit so I was unable to stay for the race . I hope it went without drama unlike a previous race . I did have a quick look at a GT6's rear set up but was only able to snap a couple of poor pics as they were trying to set off . Ford diff , own designed uprights , Nitron shocks with separate reservoirs linked to the roll cage . You can see one top link behind the fuel tank . I am hoping John knows more about it ?
  8. Lovely to see , Envy you . Just working on some patents in the hope of being able to earn a bit so I can do do like wise . You must be glad of your input .
  9. Hi Clive , With Spring round the corner and watching your progress I am feeling I should be getting involved in my motor again . Did your CV's come with clips ? One needs to be carefully selecting clips as slightly the wrong ones can leave your CV's stuck fast in your diff/LSD . ( not easy to overcome believe me ! ) My prop is 517mm T9-Subaru . A reminder to people going Subaru , parts from Subaru are stupidly expensive , single retaining clip £7 , diff bearing £56 , so don't think maintenance will be straightforward without trawling breakers . Out of interest the Subaru link above is the only link I have ever found that has even talked at all about the ' type 1 and type 2 ' viscous units . I have never found any information explaining details/reasonings about these two versions . It seems Subaru themselves must be very closed on info or may be one needs to speak Japanese . Best bet is to have your Subi diff fitted with an aftermarket LSD whether Quaife , Cusco , Kaaz , Tomei , Carbonetics, M factory , Subsru or others . Also it is regularly suggested that viscous units have a limited life so don't think that because you have found a viscous unit in a breakers that you are sorted , the fluid could be knackered and it is now acting as an open unit ( not that efficient when new ) . Also it is also wise to take an imprint of the internal splines and ring clip grove position and compare that with your CV splines and ring clip groove position , some combinations look good and work but actually you will have very little mating spline . Don't forget that a great deal of info on Subaru forums is flawed so triple check . However I do have a brand new Type 1 viscous LSD unit ( 4 spider gears ) and a pair of CV's to fit I need to sell on .
  10. I would never have guessed it was your thing Pierro . It will not be long however before soulless corperate treasure farmers remove every last piece of mans history with their ' deep penetrating archeological drones ' . What a dull world . Grab what you can find for now !!!
  11. Is it just beaches Pierro or do you just favour beaches ? I purchased a detector about 18 months ago and have yet to use it . I have passed a couple of sites that I felt might be hiding ' preciouses ' and seeing your finds gives me encouragement . Might have to swap the Spit for a TR7 !! M
  12. Not good to hear but I guess a warning is better than a major incident . Should it now be confrolable ? Best wishes , M
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