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  1. Thanks guys. The stripe is based loosely on the mk2 US spit advert; they're only stickers so removable in a few years when i want something different; not got something in mind yet though. The spitfire certainly feels lighter and faster than the healey up to around 50 though i suspect its not! I've had some help from JY classics fitting a roof this week; lets hope it's never needed!
  2. Thank you, it's getting there, after getting married my wife and I sold our house while we build another so it's currently in hibernation in an uncles barn but at least it's safely stored and ready to drive when the sun comes out, hoping to clear some garage space at my parents soon so it can join us! More photos to follow; I have hundreds if not thousands of them and will find somewhere else to upload them so i can link to them without uploading loads to the forum
  3. She's alive; got fed up of welding in the end so cheated and got the bodywork finished by JY classics and the painting done too, the result is great, i was in a rush to get her back on the road for my wedding in July and it was worth the money spent. I still need to fit a roof sometime, finish a few bits of the interior, the bonnet needs a bit of adjustment as has settled with driving and there's a long list of little jobs to be done sometime but for now i've been enjoying driving it! Dad also got a new car to keep the spitfire company!
  4. Oli

    Spitfire Security

    My friends got a hidden switch in his car which is a pressure switch under a bit of trim which you have to press turning an led from red to green on the dash, he got it from a car he broke and its wired into the ignition somehow, seems a good plan!
  5. Oli

    The Crazed Spitfire.

    Good to see it back I can go back to reading what i should be doing to my car and dreaming! Oli
  6. Oli

    Triumph Le Mans T6 1800 Vvc

    Its a shame they didn't get the id from a tax exempt spitfire when building it up but I suppose £125 a year isn't too bad!
  7. Thanks Nick, will have a go at bending them; they were from my old bonnet which hasn't been hilux'd so hopefully they haven't been bent but its possible the previous owner may have bent them to make my old rusty bonnet fit i suppose! Cheers Oli
  8. The last week I've bought a new bonnet, an ebay special which seems pretty good: I've then transferred the metal work from my old bonnet over and it doesn't quite fit, i've got the right hand side (as you look from the front of the car) hinge bolted on but the left one needs to move an inch to the left in order to fit, anyone got any ideas?
  9. Bit of an update; I've got the body bolted onto the chassis after a bit of swearing! Now going to weld bars across doors to brace the tub and then need to replace one of the floor pans and the bit between where a back seat would be if they had them and the boot floor (under the fuel tank) - someone in the tubs past has welded a new layer of metal over the rusty original leaving a nice gap. Does anyone know of a replacement panel for here? I managed to win a new bonnet on ebay, its a good mk2 one Very motivated at the moment, i want my car back on the road!!
  10. http://www.gumtree.c...earbox/96420667 Nothing to do with me, just seemed a good deal - Graeme on 07906 333258 6cyl engine complete with twin carbs, manifolds,starter, dynamo, coil, distributor, fuel pump etc. and 4 speed non overdrive gearbox form a '68 Vitesse Convertible. Turns over by hand but condition unknown. Must go as I need the space. Hopefully it can be of some use to somebody - it is in Linlithgow, West Lothian and he's asking £60
  11. Just re:read your post and the bit i am intending to use on my new body tub is the bit you need so my left over bits wont be much use to you!! Oli
  12. JMH knows a lot more than me so I'm sure his advice is right but if you or anyone else is in need of floor pan bits i have the complete right hand side and the back left side of the passengers side. Cheers Oli
  13. The new tub for my mk3 spitfire is a mk2 shell so I'll have a look whether i can take the brackets off in one piece if you want? They've got to come off anyway as I've got a mk3 hood frame which i'm planning to fit - this may take me a few weeks to get round to doing though Oli
  14. There's an old engine believed to be a 1147 herald engine in my grandparents garage down the road, condition unknown but has sat for a good 30 years according to Dad, can check engine number and your welcome to it if it would be useful to you Chris. You'd need to collect though, bit of a drive i know but thought i'd offer incase your ever passing. Oli
  15. Looking good, that bodys lovely! Have you thought about Lotus rear lights like a friend did on his A series opel manta - http://www.mantaclub.org/archive/paul_holtom.htm Oli