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  1. good to see you are still keeping busy !
  2. But 12 new rockers no? enough to do two engines?
  3. I am in grantham Uk But steves suggestion sounds good to me
  4. Hi I would be interested in the bonnet Is it for a mk3 or mk2? Thanks
  5. Very bling And you seem to have to many to !
  6. i am betting we all have a few old rods floating around, i know i have a couple of sets of odd ones (ie different weights not matched) so could look at sending you one to match if weight was close. So what weight are you looking for? Laurence
  7. why not try putting on of those super, rare earth magnets near the pump to collect bits maybe? I have some attached to my diff, after i made the mistake of getting the out side shot blasted and over worried about bits getting inside !
  8. Never seen silver top hoses for the rad before Must have a deal with autosol? Not my cup of tea but each to thier own
  9. welcome Peter Nice to give Craig more moral support from Down under
  10. elsieolly


    Welcome to the forum Seems along time ago for some of us to be 17
  11. looks like we are here then? Well done
  12. no real point to this upgrade IMHO and bloody difficult to fit Try using washing up liquid on the rubber and remove steel inner bush if you have not already?
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