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  1. Quality mate. That is shit hot! It's quite awesome to follow this build since 2005/6 to today - bloody good show!
  2. BTW Bruce, is that your Arse on Facebook?
  3. Brucey! Nae so bad really. Just like it always has done. But I've had it 24 months and only changed the oil. So about time it sucked some wonga out my wallet! Alignment it is. Say Davey, any chance I could be permitted to see some of these Crazy Spitfire videos?
  4. Who knows Dave? Between me and your mum (I've longed to say that) we could have the McLaren team for 2011?
  5. well, my maxim in life is "Drive it like you stole it"
  6. LOL. Well it is a Ford If you see any focus, they have neg. camber at the rear.
  7. Note quite Daveo, you can make out tread pattern in places... 4wl Alignment it is!
  8. Sorry, My post was ambiguous. That is approx 10k of use. The Passenger side is about 2k miles away from looking like this one also. I don't really scandinavian flick I can't! But I wondered if roundabouts accelerate the wear on one side...?
  9. Howdy folks, wonder if any gurus can diagnose what's wrong here... This is the Drivers side rear tyre of my Focus, with the bald bit being the inside, the grippier bit the outer. The opposing tyre looks similar, and will be the same in about 2k miles. My thoughts were simple tracking/wheel alignment, and the drivers side is worse due to me 'Scandinavian flicking' it around roundabouts...?
  10. Screwfix sell white lithium grease if you're still lookin'?
  11. Cheers, Nick You just reminded me, as I had completely forgotten. At some point, my car has had a TR block fitted, and they drilled out the MK1 siamesed port head to fit the larger studs. So that shouldn't be an issue - I hope. Is skimming a shit tonne off the thicker head going to be an issue, Head A 'looks' to be in better condition...
  12. Ok Chaps, project "do somat to me car like" is GO! Back in the day (last year) I got two 6cyl heads, now I can't remember a chuffin thing about 'em. Head A has 312388 cast in it and 218225 stamped on it. Head B has (I think, its poor) 192802 cast and 517528 stamped. What are the merits of the two heads, which is the better head to build up for my '6? Cheers, Jim :K)
  13. Crickey Brucey, hard cheese with the mega HGF, cracking thread surrounding it mind. It had a wiff of Holyfield vs Tyson about it!
  14. Hello sideways tech. Long time no see, again. Mixed motoring weekend for me. Sold a wedgewood spitty to Triumph Dave - some of you may know him So one less Triumph in the family But speaking to him his resolved me to do SOMETHING with my farking GT6!! Before it rots into dust. The missus has decided to shift her Frogeye to her old man, and chopped in her Corsa for one of these..... I think this is the front, I can't tell. But it goes bloody ace, round corners like shite of a shovel. Makes you wonder why we bother with 1960s tech ;D
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