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  1. So, more importantly what about these school girls???? ;D Good effort matey, looked stunning at stoners, cheers for the ride.
  2. Cheers for the links John - i will check them out.
  3. Yes John you are correct, i have watched many Video's of Alex. African Greys are wonderful Birds, I spent many an hour training ours (Harvey). He is not quite upto Alex's standard but they take a lot of time and effort, very satisfying and rewarding to gain trust and teach. Harvey can speak very well and knows a lot of basic greetings aswell as letting you know when he is happy or fed up, he likes to 'boogie' and do stupid dances for Guests. Here he is.. Ash.
  4. Crikey, what ashame that looks very original. Wonder how much pollution was caused in creating the new vehicle that some numpty bought? : Brace yourselves :'( http://www.u-pull-it.co.uk/home.html
  5. Cheers Mark, me either Hope all well with you. Ill try and get it to a meet if all goes as planned. Any places left for CLM? Ash.
  6. Well after 5 years my spitfire is booked in for its MOT on Monday. It was the last MOT that has lead to the sills, floors, wings etc all being replaced and also a secondhand bonnet being sourced. It is currently about 7 different colors from Red, to green, to white to oxide primer. I am insured so hope plod pull me over to see i am legal ;D Not driven it with the overdrive, Pacet fan or megajolt yet and i guess ill need some fuel filters, i can see me stopping a lot initially with crud from the tank! Fingers crossed! P.S well done Jony mate!
  7. haha made me laugh the youtube vids. Then you watch these.... I bet they have a higher IQ than a lot of people in the UK :X
  8. Bloody Hell I see even car thief's are struggling in the recession. :
  9. Well this year has been a decent one but has restricted my use of the Internet. Finally left the Girlfriend (long story) and bought a house in Darlington back near my Parents and Sister. This year i have mostly been fitting Bathrooms, learning a hell of a lot about DIY and doing a lot of painting. I now have a nice garage that i have painted out ready for the arrival of the spitfire, once the house is done i am hoping to finally get the bugger on the road! Not sure where i am going to keep the M3 though.... Having a neighbour who is also rebuilding his place, this year has been house restoration rather than car tinkering. In between working on the houses we can both be found in the wheatsheaf staring at the lovely assets of the Barmaid. Ash.
  10. It is very scary, do not want to make things worse but the time seems to fly a lot quicker after 25. I remember thinking at 25 OMFG the next one is 30, that seemed like a year ago and i am 29 next May. Lots of good points to being older though, faster cars, loose younger women etc lol
  11. Mmmmmm becoming a rare beast now, really like that and it looks in very very nice condition - good luck with it
  12. I should hopefully make it. Probably spend most of the weekend pissed, listening to the odd balls and watching people on there hands and knee's with mirrors polishing the boot floor and tyre treads. Been going since 1995 so have seen rather a lot of changes over the years. Always a good laugh though. Ash.
  13. Ash


    I would agree Nick - i hate mine, really do. However at the moment my business consists of erm........just me! Most of the time i am out of the office on various sites. The aggressive industry i work in dictates that communication is key - if i don't deal with things immediately then they just speak to another engineer and pass him the order (especially in these times where sales are so much harder to close into a deal). If i could throw mine in the sea i would, but it would not pay my mortgage
  14. Ash

    Parking Nazis

    That is the only way, photograph the bastard and send a postcard to the council offices. ;D Sorbs - You are so correct about the way people are being driven from town centres into the likes of 'Tesco' and 'Tesco Extra's'. Up in Cumbria Milk farmers are going out of business like no tomorrow, the reason for this is because its only a few major supermarkets that they tend to be able to supply these days - because of the supermarkets aggressive competition the prices they can charge keep getting driven lower and lower. The main piss boiler for me is the HUGE profits Tesco etc posted last year - utterly disgraceful. They have full control Also with regards to the car parks. Don't forget that the dole wallers who get themselves onto 'incapacity benefit' sometimes have a fully expensed car supplied to them (with the partner registered as a carer for even more income!) complete with a disabled badge so they can park near the shops for free. Off to work again now, sometimes i wonder what is the point in trying to work harder to improve ones standard of life and future prospects, unless you can make it really really big so you can jump on your Learjet and bugger of from this hell hole there is no point, the harder you work the more oppressed, controlled and taxed you are - unless you are a pikey of course. Rant over. Ash.
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