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  1. Yup, damn sure!! You think that after pretty much driving the length of Britain 3 times within three days I wasn't go to say hello in person for the first time in what? 10 years or so? Was good meeting both yourself and your son Chris. Also pretty pleased I can put faces to Craig and Alan now as well, all we need to do now is get Craig back over to complete an RBRR, though by the looks of things he might need to come over a week before to acclimatise first. Cheers, Phil
  2. Nope, about an hour away. Not so odd a question, I have already emailed Dirk and offered my assistance, either in checking or collecting on my trailer and taking to Nuala's place in the lakes with a dry garage!
  3. Clive, I must apologise, I never got the opportunity to really say hello during the weekend! Phil
  4. Nope, Nuala's spitty has a very well tuned 1500, and by God it goes! Plenty power and torque up to 4000 for normal driving, and the real power comes in after 4000. Gave a few cars a bit of a surprise on the RBRR I think! That is coupled with uprated suspension, we also received several compliments about how it holds the road (for which I was also very grateful for, Nuala does like taking corners with errrrmmm, what you might call enthusiasm). Cheers, Phil
  5. Excellent pictures, including one of Nuala's yellow Spitfire (with yellow hardtop) that I was co-driver! Ohh, and yes there was one Vitesse, completed the run and by Christ it could shift! Phil
  6. Check the RS Catalogue, I ordered the first type from them a few years back (actually whilst on a ship lol). Phil
  7. Look forward to seeing you there then Alan! Phil (who will be in a yellow Spitfire, and is easily identifiable as possibly having the longest hair of all the participants)
  8. thebrookster

    Anyone live near Inverinate, Kyle

    Alan, Check if the vendor comes south, as there is a good chance he may travel down to Glasgow occasionally (Highlanders travelling south tend to gravitate to Glasgow as a rule lol) which would likely entail him coming past my house? Phil
  9. thebrookster

    Soldering Stations

    So, when I arrived home on Wednesday, I had several boxes of toys to contend with. I like new toys......... So hopefully, assuming I can suss out how to use the damn thing, there will over the next few weeks be a pair of speakers being made. Cheers, Phil
  10. thebrookster

    What's happened here??

    Any mild detergent John! As in floor cleaner style as opposed to dishwashing liquid that is....... Least that's what I have used in the past, and is also what we tend to use on the ship (and the ships ultrasonic has a couple of hundred litre capacity and bit more power!). Phil
  11. thebrookster

    Anyone live near Inverinate, Kyle

    Alan, I guess I am the closest on here? At a guess, about 90 miles from me, if you need I may be able to sort out a collection? Cheers, Phil
  12. thebrookster

    RBRR 2018

    Well, certainly our team is taking a night in a hotel afterwards! And one before, I will be almost covering the RBRR twice over by the end coming from Glasgow lol. And I have the advantage of a)being able to survive on a messed up sleep pattern (comes with being a seafarer lol), and b) have long perfected the ability to sleep almost anywhere with little difficulty (again from the "day" job). Cheers, Phil
  13. thebrookster

    Soldering Stations

    So, Weller, 50W minimum and variable temp control. Gives me something tangible to search for, thanks guys! Phil
  14. thebrookster

    RBRR 2018

    Excellent, hopefully get to meet up with a few people and put some faces to names at last! Anyone looking out for me, I am usually pretty easy to spot. 6ft tall, and dark hair half way down my back tied back in a pony tail! Will see you all there, or possibly the driver's meeting assuming I get of this ship in time. Cheers, Phil
  15. Nice and easy, I hope! I am after a decent soldering iron/station. What do you all recommend? Initial use will be to solder up crossovers for some speakers, however I also invisage that the day will come when I will want to use it for EFI related stuff on the cars. Other than that, usual repair work etc as required. I have been looking online, however there does not seem to be an awful lot of information on this subject, then I realised that the information I likely need is probably to be had on here! So, hit me with it. What specs should I be looking for, and any recommendations for decent equipment? Budget is not necessarily a limitation, I don't want to waste money on something I will never use professionally however I am happy to pay for quality and something that will last the time. Availability of spares etc would also be a factor. Cheers, Phil