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  1. thebrookster

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    Considering a Rega turntable, but sorting speakers out first is my priority. https://sites.google.com/site/undefinition/diy-sunflowers Been waiting to build a set of these for several years now, but have not until this time ever been assigned to a ship based on the US coast. And of course, the driver's etc required are only available in the US (Parts Express). Except apparently the old practice of being able to order stuff and have it delivered to the ship's agent has gone by the by, too expensive they claim. So now I need to try and sweet talk the riggers who come onboard for the lightering into helping me out for some beer tokens. Hoping the Sunflowers will pair up nicely with my pair of Rotel RB971 power amps and Musical Fidelity MX Pre-Amp! These amps already make my current eltac speakers sound a heck of a lot better than they have any right too!!
  2. thebrookster

    Glasgow School of Art

    Have they traced the source of the second fire yet? My understanding is the Fire Service have not yet determined the source of the fire, or even it's location? Certainly the nightclub next door that also was destroyed was a likely candidate for an insurance job! Rumours are abound, even to those of use currently (temporarily) residing in San Francisco Bay!!
  3. thebrookster

    Flying visit

    I'll try and keep an eye out for you and Nick at the checkpoint then! Phil
  4. thebrookster

    Valve Seat Failure

    You would be amazed by what we have to carry, John. Most of these spares are actually "Class" required (class means classification society, they dictate pretty much everything from design, equipment, spares and manpower onboard all vessels) so we have to have them. What is even more staggering is what we DON'T have at times!!! Anyway, the office have dictated we must pull all 7 cylinder heads and overhaul. So number 6 unit was done today, and we found even more errosion! Now expecting the same on all the units, which is quite worrying to be fair. We only have 20000 running hours on this generator, it should not be this bad!! Cheers, Phil
  5. thebrookster

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Ahah, an update almost immediately!! Consultation with our ETO (or electro-technical officer) results in learning that these are terms used in serial transmission (your RS232 simply). TxD is "transmission data", refers to the wire that you transmit along. RxD is "recieved data", refering to the cable you recieve from. Presumably you can configure which plug, or terminal, you use for each. But how this helps in your case I have no idea! Cheers, Phil
  6. thebrookster

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    No idea where the 'D' comes into it, but TX/RX is " comms" speak for transmit/recieve, so I imagine it is the same? Phil
  7. thebrookster

    Valve Seat Failure

    Piston - severely pock-marked, but not actually damaged. Engines this size tend to have pretty robust pistons!! Liner - definitely scratched, and a couple of marks. But again we are re-using. This is the second cylinder head out of seven to sustain valve damage (the first was eroded seat and cracked valve), and it is due for full overhaul in the very near future. So no point wasting good new spares (our only spare liner actually) when we will be fitting everything new in 2 months anyway. So instead we shall keep this liner, which will still run even if not quite optimum and simply keep this generator as second backup. We do have three after-all, and under heavy conditions we only ever need two paralleled on the board so it can wait. Or at least, we think it can. What the office say we have yet to find out haha
  8. thebrookster

    Valve Seat Failure

    We do!!
  9. thebrookster

    Valve Seat Failure

    But why would the seat come out with a failed valve? We are wondering the same actually, though given how hard it is to fit the seats is why we were suspecting the seat itself probably failed first. Seat fitting is done by freezing them to about -15 Deg Celsius, and heating the area on the head. Seat in place, and drive into place with suitable drift and very large hammer. This one now is what you might call a loose fit (we have a much more risque term onboard for this), you can drop it into place. The one reason that is swaying us is why would the space increase? The seat is very similar in size to an original, so it is the head that has changed. The only reason we can think of why this could be is that the seat has been spinning with the valve.
  10. thebrookster

    Throttle Body Size? Reliant Kitten

    Last I saw via the book of face, Nick, was it was minus a wheel................. Cheers, Phil
  11. So, ever wondered what having a valve seat dropping out does to your engine?? This happened last night, whilst the generator was on load (approx 800kw at the time). I got the alarm initially for high exhaust gas temperature, and when I got to the engine room the turbo was surging and blowing back through the intake, and the generator was covered in a nice haze of smoke. From point of alarm, it took me less than three minutes to get down, start another generator, sync it onto the board and drop the damaged one off. And I'll tell you, it felt like a whole lot longer lol!!!! This morning we pulled the head, and this is what we found! The seat we removed by hand................... Cheers, Phil
  12. To be brutally honest Matt, the XDrive models really ain't that much cop either. The snow we had just before Christmas I rescued 3 in one day with the Ranger (with heated screen Alan lol). The wide low profile tyres are the killer, any four wheel drive system struggles when the manufacturer fits the wrong type of wheels! I think my next purchase for coming winters will be a set of snow chains, I do have a knack of finding roads that stretch even winter tyres, and when I invariably end up pulling everyone else out I could do with the extra grip. Most fortunately, right now I am anchored at Long Beach, California so get to watch all the current events from sunshine! Amusingly, the locals have been complaining about the cold the last few days. And it really is awful, the temps are only in the mid teens (Celsius)!! (Awful because it is just slightly too nippy for sunbathing lol) Cheers Phil
  13. thebrookster

    Piston ring compressor

    Pushrods?? What on earth are those?? Nah, this is a pretty modern engine as things go, we don't even have a camshaft! The fuel pumps and exhaust timing is now done with hydraulics, and a fancy computer system controls it all. Not to my liking I have to say, if we lose the main computer we lose the engine, there is no way to manually run the engine like we can with older ones. But hey ho, such is progress! And the pushrods?? Spare cylinder head studs. Phil
  14. thebrookster

    Piston ring compressor

    Heck, Roger, she's a baby!! This trip is something of a learning curve for me, as I am sailing with the newest engines I have come across onboard. Our Main Engine is the MAN "G" series ultra long stroke slow speed engine, where the stroke is 3.72m, bore is 80cm, and 7 cylinders total. Power output for normal use is just under 22000KW (29000bhp). Earlier we were slow steaming to match another ship, we had the engine running at 15 rpm. 61 rpm is max speed. Takes some getting used to, slowest I have sailed on for sure! Anyway, back on subject, included should be an image of one of our spare liners, with the introducer in front. Cheers, Phil
  15. thebrookster

    Piston ring compressor

    Nice bit of work that! We use introducers on the ship as well, I will have to take a photo for you now. Just a slightly different scale (although doing an identical job). Phil