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  1. Well done Chris! Was just browsing the BBC site and noticed your interview and saw that you'd won! Inspiring stuff
  2. I've often considered getting a trike, but did have the concern about not being seen quite so well. I've got a fairly decent hardtail mountain bike which I've hardly used in the 10+ years of ownership! I would ride to work but it's just a bit too far at 15 miles each way - would add about 1.5 hours to my commute. If you fancied another project how about building a lightweight aerodynamic body for your trike, with integral lights and stuff? This would increase your top speed and keep out the elements while also make the trike even more visible to other road users
  3. What happens when you want to change down though? Surely you'll want to blip the throttle as you change gear...?
  4. Sure enough a few taps with a nylon hammer and out pops the piston Seals replaced (the old ones didn't look that bad and the bores of the cylinders were okay...) - just hope that's cured the leaks as I've slapped a bit of paint on the bulkhead...!
  5. Thanks Nick, I'll give that a go tomorrow I could probably file some flats on the nut and get a spanner fitting nice and tightly on there, but it's seriously welded on there - I'm sure it would just shear the fitting off the master cylinder before it unscrewed!
  6. Ah I see! Only trouble is my clutch pipe has now become one with the master cylinder (rounded the nut off trying to remove it) so I have been attempting to do the refurb on the car...
  7. ...dismantle a single circuit brake/clutch master cylinder? I've removed the forked link to the pedal, but all I can now see is the end of the piston and no apparent circlip or anything to remove to get the piston out. The Haynes manual isn't particularly clear and Googling has turned up no pointers. Must surely be easy though...? I'm replacing all the seals in both master cylinders as they've helpfully decided to start leaking after I repainted my bulkhead
  8. I work it out to be only around £2.80 per month. Say 15p per kWh, so 12mins per day @ 3kW is 15x3/5 = 9p per day...
  9. Mine passed it's MOT last Friday Nearly left me stranded at work when the choke linkage jammed open and prevented it from running properly - luckily noticed the jets sticking out, gave them a wiggle and they sprung back in again - ran ok then
  10. Doesn't anyone use this thread anymore?! Well this weekend I've got my Spit running again, it having spent the last 2 years dormant in the garage!
  11. Since all this rain has flooded the Thames, we've not been able to go out rowing at all. So lately have been doing some running Did about 5k on Saturday and 9k on Sunday - quiet enjoyable running along with a few others
  12. That looks more like the H16 BRM engine - two 1.5 litre flat 8s stacked with linked crankshafts I think?
  13. Porsche and Ferrari flat 12s sound good, as does a Lamborghini V12, Alfa V6 and Matra V12.
  14. Well fought though Chris sounds like that Russian guy was quite a formidable adversary and it was very close!
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