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  1. Strings need to be truly parallel? I’m not quite clear if they are or not? I usually just pick a circumferential tyre tread feature and measure across the car with a decent tape measure (assistant required) front and rear of the tyre as high up as the chassis will allow. Never add weight..... Crude, but seems effective. Your method is better if strings parallel and taut.
  2. Check out the specs for GMC226. Most sources have this as 0.7”. GMC224 being the 0.625” one. Both listed for Spitfire. GMC209 being listed for GT6 and also 0.7”
  3. Dunno what the bore sizes are on the VAG stuff, though big servos make large bores probable. What about R100/ MGF? Vertical mount I think but the reservoir is probably swappable.
  4. So it occurred to me that I could photograph one of the landrovers without much effort (feet still hurt) and, as I did so, purely by chance, a land cruiser drove past it..... This is the one that may still be working. The tyres are all holding air and it’s parked by the roadside. I haven seen it move though, whereas the ‘cruiser was moving.... Apologies for dodgy pic - finding the limits for iPhone distance wise! Also quite a few Suzuki SJ413s, mostly looking very hard-used. Unsurprisingly perhaps as they probably started as hire cars.....,
  5. Well, can relate...... you often have a quick way down too! This is the fig I mentioned. Last time it saw anything like this I was in NE Oz Also spotted this in the same town. R5.... so what..... ........but with a boot? Have seen a few classics, only a few. Real Mini, proper old mk1 or mk2, gorgeous Citroen DS, Fiat Strada Abarth and several series 3 Landrovers, though Spanish made Santander’s. Two sit less than 100m from here. One maybe moves, the other definitely not for some years. I have seen one in motion. The amount of effort needed to drive it on these roads makes me tired just thinking about it!
  6. https://drive-my.com/en/blogs/entry/modsports-triumph-gt6.html take it it isn’t this one.......
  7. Would be interesting Steve...... how do you know it’s the same car though?
  8. Even a really decent competition GT6 will be worth less on the open market than a similarly decent road car, almost regardless of the investment made in it. Unless you know someone looking for a car for a specific purpose and yours matches, selling will always be hard, especially at a price that reflects the effort and investment you’ve made.
  9. I don’t honestly know whether rear callipers would need more fluid displaced or less. Certainly the piston area is bigger but I suspect the travel is much shorter. Yes, I have travel in reserve, doesn’t get near the floor, just longer than I like. The problem with using an M/C intended for use with a servo is that they tend to have a fairly long nose behind the flange and you need to come up with a method to retain the pushrod. If you can overcome those and the flange, then the field is wide open. I recommend VAG units, never had an M/C problem with any of our VAG cars - total mileage >> 600k combined and a known 320k in a single example. I do sweat a bit whenever I have to bleed the brakes on that car though as full travel after mostly short travel can be a killer for them.....
  10. I have 5/8” M/C on the Vitesse. Pedal travel is acceptable when the back brakes are adjusted up - so don’t discount that option.
  11. You are probably right about the mountain passes and the gap between 2 & 3. The Polo I’m driving this week seems to have a gear missing between 2 & 3. Definitely right about arguing with engineers
  12. Treetops huh? Jealous me..... Great photos - I’m enjoying them. I note that African driving, especially HGV driving hasn’t improved much in the last 40 years....... We saw some shockers in our travels, especially in Nigeria in the 70s
  13. I think I vaguely remember this coming up for sale in its “as found” state - which was pretty sad. How much of the original car was fit for further use and how much of it is still with it is unknown. Competition cars can prove to be a treasury of hard work and investment by a previous serious competitor. Even they fetch little. Others are clapped out relics with few usable parts and many hard to reverse mods that spoil their chances of use in other fields. Modsports is prone to this. Id be really wary of the car in that ad. I think it’ll struggle to sell. Not least because those arches are ugly!
  14. Today was supposed to be a recovery day.... but sometimes things get lost in translation...... How a loop which has 200 vertical metres worth of steps gets described as grade 1, easy..... Never-ending they were...... Nice place though. Cloud forest with ancient pines festooned with old mans beard and huge tree heathers in full bloom. This after a trip to the botanical gardens with the most amazing fig tree
  15. Lilac breasted roller...... I’ve got a nice pic of one in Kruger. Toyota make vehicles for different markets according to local need and legislation. Land Rover couldn’t be arsed (too busy chasing the footballer market) and left them an open goal. PS love the pic of the Memsahib and the disembodied giraffes head! and a leopard sat in the shade of a land cruiser........ I’ve never seen a whole leopard in the wild, just odd bits hanging out of trees (presumably attached to whole, working, but mostly invisible leopards)
  16. 2L with PI head...... which is an advantage because.....? 7:1 compression? Domed pistons to prevent 7:1 compression? Because it’s good the magic letters PI in it adding bhp and cool factor simultaneously..... My MOT man would have a good laugh at those brake pipes and send me away to do them properly. Suspect a scrutineer would be similarly unimpressed.
  17. Good that it all works as it should. Will be interested to see if you find it of practical use in daily driving. Is it noticeably more abrupt engaging/disengaging in second due to the lower gear?
  18. I’m inclined to agree. Struggle to see the advantages. Resettable breakers may have some advantage over fuses in a rallying context where you have a navigation handy to reset them, you can plug those into a conventional fuse box.
  19. I would say that there is some excellent bike riding to be had here. That is seen through the eye of experience of travelling with no 2 son an his bike. He being a fanatical 10,000 miles a year road biker with pro ambitions...... He hasn’t been here yet but he would definitely like it a lot.
  20. You did, but they won’t be findable until you’ve solved the problem another way. Man plans, the gods laugh....
  21. Funny that. From my experiences on Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the British may hold the beaches and the bars, they rarely venture far inland. Except possibly in packs on coach tours.... We are not typical Brits as we almost never go to the beaches but are up walking in the hills with the Germans, the French, the Dutch and the Spaniards. What is the point of renting a 4wd if you are not allowed off tarmac? I don’t mean you, clearly anything is better than a Corsa automatic, but the hire companies...... Did see some real jeeps on a group safari on Wednesday - was a bit envious!
  22. You are probably correct. Self-serving lot mostly.
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