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  1. Village population only 260 ish. We had 4 people stand for election this time for 7 places....... The AD plant is "just over the border" in an adjoining, much more populous parish. All access through our parish though as the roads from their end are so small the heavy traffic cannot get through (though it gets tried fairly often!). They think the plant is fine as they don't see it or it's traffic. The new industrial estate in our parish is being counted towards their employment land target too so they are really laughing! It's the dishonesty of the whole process that pisses me off. Consultants paid big sums (sometimes on success bonuses!) to twist the facts or invent new ones and produce so much BS that no one has time to read them properly, least of all the few planning officers left who haven't moved on to become poacher in the same areas they were recently gamekeeper.....
  2. Yes, letter written today on behalf of the parish council. But I (and others) been doing it for 5 years on this project and others. No notice is taken...... We are just nimbys..... pointing out inconvenient truths. I’m a believer in farm biogas, where the scale fits the farm and the majority of feedstock is waste. This isn’t that. It isn’t run by the farmer either, but a company that ultimately answers to rich venture capitalists. The farmer merely leases them the site and is contracted to supply it - he has a tiger by the tail and has to just hang on for the ride or it will eat him. Very dishonest industry - too many rich subsidy miners!
  3. I may have mentioned this before, but we have a biogas plant nearby. This is an “on-farm” one that runs on chicken litter, manure, silage, maize and dairy waste. It was granted permission on the grounds that it is about 1MW ( fair size for a farm one) with a permitted feedstock of 22,000 tons PA, 19,000 of which comes from outside the farm itself. It was pretty obvious when built that it was bigger than 1MW, so not a huge surprise that they’ve come back for permission for more feedstock. It was a surprise that they want nearly 70,000 tons though, 66,000 to come in by road, with nearly 60,000 to come out again as digestate. Obviously this would create a lot more heavy traffic. A lengthy report has been produced with a breakdown of numbers where the overall totals for the various feed types are divided by vehicle payloads to calculate the number of movements. These figures make interesting reading. They reckon they can get 18 tons in a farm trailer and possibly they can- physically. However, on the public highway, the maximum gross trailer weight is 18.29 tons - and the trailers themselves weigh between 5.5 and 7 tons..... so legally they can get about 13 tons on. That’s a 37% difference and reduces apparent trip numbers by the same amount. They've pulled the same trick with the HGVs though in a slightly less ambitious manner. So perhaps more than just sloppy..... Overall this tactic (lying brazenly) reduces vehicle movements from 13, 000 pa to 10,000 pa. The site is accessed via one, single track lane 1km long, which is also a public highway linking two villages and various other properties. Their “harvest time” traffic flows work out at one vehicle every 3.5 minutes by their reckoning or 2.7 minutes by mine. That’s in both directions..... on a single track lane...... Would be nice to think the planning authority might pick up on this, but previous experience suggests not. Similar dishonesty has been employed for this project from the outset. Also for other large industrial developments locally also. When pointed out, it brushed off, explained away (unfortunate error, mis-print etc) or simply ignored. We are indeed living in the post-truth age.....
  4. I’ve heard that tax evasion is one of Italy’s more popular national sports.... but that is Olympic standard. No wonder Italy is bit skint.....
  5. North....? Looks like Circular Quay with SHB in the background...… North had me picturing Darwin or at least Alice Springs...… Though most places are north of Melbourne....
  6. Seems to sound a bit fiercer than before...... does it pull harder?
  7. Depends on your definition of democracy really. If using a non-binding referendum (which would have been deemed illegal if binding due to electoral irregularities), with barely defined terms "won" on the basis of barefaced lies as a justification for the Maybot to hatch her own private scheme....... with an additional chorus of nutters and loonies on both sides sticking their oar in.......then crack on...... Personally I think that democracy may just possibly be finally working a little better than it was. But what has been going on on this blighted island for the last 3 + years is a piss-poor excuse for democracy.
  8. "If you are not part of the solution...... it pays to prolong the problem" First rule of consultancy apparently.......
  9. I think you'll find they rebuild it more or less as it was. And I have no problem with that. Some fire protection/limitation measures might be advisable though! Impressive how fast money is being pledged for it's rebuild...... and a bit depressing at the same time....... if you had, say, a Caribbean island nation flattened by a hurricane, or perhaps a hospital wing ravaged by fire, rather than a big church "owned" by what is probably the single richest organisation on the planet...... I fear you would struggle to raise funds or extract rebuilding promises at the same speed or scale
  10. Lead by example - looks good - do like a freshly painted floor. Garage needs doing again in places......
  11. Shaving is optional...... and increasingly unpopular it seems. I'm not fond of shaving either but Senior Management dislikes beards and anything I grow now comes out completely white.....
  12. At this point John I'm not fitting injection so was (and probably still am) intending to simply use an electric Huco located near, but outside the tank to push fuel to the front. I was simply musing that having a fume free tank with the "arse already out of its trousers" (as it were) there is a degree of temptation to also make the mods needed to fit an in-tank pump suitable for injection in case needed at a later date..... The shortage of convenient locations to mount the Huco is a factor too. Under the boot floor seems most likely, but need to haul out the exhaust and see if it does leave any space.
  13. NGK BP6ES seem to be the normal go-to. Personally I like the 3 prong (or now easier-to-find 4 prong) Bosch ones - the Triumph engines love them. W7DTC are the non-resistive 3 prong ones or WR7DTC for the resistive. These may be hard to find now, esp. the non-resistive. The number of prongs is probably largely irrelevant (though extends life), it's being a side-electrode design with the spark exposed to the chamber that I think makes them work better.
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