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  1. Good. Thanks for letting us know. Nick
  2. Nick Jones

    Vespa smallframe

    Presumably there is reason why the smallest gear appears to be twice as wide as it needs to be? Never had much to do with bike gearboxes. Sequential dog boxes........ .........very sporting on the car world Nick
  3. Nick Jones

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    Those are interesting Phil. I like the general idea. Not so keen in the number of drive units. Complexity of cross-overs, multiple sources and stereo image....... It's not as though I actually know what I'm talking about though, so crack on! I need some (more) efficient speakers as the JLH class A is only 15W. It's incredibly fast and detailed though. And quite a good auxiliary heater. Nick
  4. Nick Jones


    On the mend now. CT scan this Pm confirmed nothing too bad. May escape tomorrow but still borderline on blood levels..... have slept half night. Bloody obs woke me right up. Try for second half now. all selling errors an genealogical incomprehension courtesy of ifruit auto-scramble! Nick
  5. Nick Jones

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    NAD3020......... Dual turntable....... blasts from the past! I had a Rotel RA820 amp, Pioneer PL100X turntable (not a match for the Dual) and aforementioned RL850 speakers. Pioneer was sold when I bought the Rega. Brother still has the 820 amp in service. I still have a couple of hundred LPs - which I almost never play....... Been listening to Spotify on iPad through headphones in here. Nick
  6. Nick Jones

    An unexpected fault

    I pull Bosch relays from scrapers. Never had one not work or fail. Nick
  7. Nick Jones

    Glasgow School of Art

    I don't know Glasgow at all bit I thought it was home to number of notable buildings old, and new? In 1996 I had the distinctly mixed blessing of exhibiting at a British Council trade show in Baku. Very interesting place, with architecture from centuries of occupation by various cultures. The brutalist soviet era concrete structures being both the newest and ugliest by a comfortable margin. Also often already crumbling. I stayed in the hotel Azerbaijan. It seems to have gone now - quite likely collapsed under its own weight. Each of th 14 floors were operated by a different co-operative. Some floors were ok, others like something out of Blade Runner. Bookings were indiscriminately distributed but all exhorbitantly priced by any standard. I was lucky........ On the ground floor was the only place I've ever watched rats run over the lit panels in the ceiling. The plane out was mainly loaded with exhibitors. We cheered when the wheels left the runway.......
  8. Nick Jones

    Megajolt for the Thug

    First of all, well earned congrats to Bumblebee for joining the Cyborg Triumph gang. It truly does make big difference. I was most surprised when I added dizzy-less sparks to the already 'squirted Vitesse. I'm not going to blather on again about plug gaps except to say "you are using E-DIS use E-DIS plug gaps" and use multi-electrode plugs, preferably Bosch, because my fairly extensive experience says these Triumph engines like these plugs as least as much as any other, they come with the right gap, they are reasonably priced (except in Australia) and they last a long time. Yes, blathering on again........
  9. Nick Jones

    Glasgow School of Art

    Well, it seems fairly clear that the gods didn't like the recent restoration attempt and dealt with it accordingly. If it was truly rebuilt without adding any modern fire protection measures then someone needs a firm slap! Though I suppose it's possible that modern additions proved unexpectedly flammable....... That would be darkly amusing to a sick cynic like myself. I think they should flatten it and start again with maybe some stylistic cues. Would be nice to throw it open and let locals and big names alike have a crack. Is architecture your field Paul or just an interest?
  10. Nick Jones

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    They make nice stuff. Probably makes good money on eBay now. I like old stereo stuff too but don't have anything special right now - unless you count a really early Rega Planar 3. Also an Arcam 8000C preamp feeding a homebrew JLH Class A amp and homebrew transmission line speakers. I've also got some Rotel RL850 speakers from the early 80s which I think were made in Denmark
  11. Nick Jones

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    Can't see your pics unfortunately. I have been into few B & O devices in the fairly distant past as I had design student as a housemate and he liked their stuff. He'd go off to car boot sales etc and come back with distressed units for me to repair. This was in the late 80s and parts were available, though too expensive for students!
  12. Nick Jones


    Well, a couple of units of blood certainly perks one up. Taken into the night they also make sleep difficult. I'm really, really short of sleep. I ought to be able to sleep on a barbed wire fence......... apparently not though. The excess fluid also produces interesting effects. Possibly the catheter has been a blessing...... certainly been filling a 2L bag with surprising regularity. probably too much detail for a car forum. - sorry! You need to kick off some more interesting threads do me to chew on rather than lying here feeling sorry for myself!
  13. Nick Jones


    Thanks Matt. Very much better now than I was 24 hours ago. The err, amplified effects of a few drinks after donation had not occurred to me!
  14. Nick Jones


    Huh, as someone who was put off donating years ago by a somewhat brusque dismissal after confessing to having been to both Botswana and Swaziland, HIV hotspots, I'm now displeased to note that the PCa (although hopefully now gone) appears to carry a life ban?
  15. Nick Jones


    HB<80 = blood transfusion time. Another first!