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  1. The Real Triumph Rocker Ratio

    What becomes even more interesting is when you start plotting the valve lift against actual crankshaft degrees. Plotting the results of different cams against each other would be really interesting........ Nick
  2. EFI issue. K3.

    15.2 will be too lean for a 2 valve Triumph engine - especially a 2.5 with more limited squish. You'll likely need to be richer than 14.7:1 to get a decent idle. More like 13 - 13.5 typically - but experiment - it wants whatever it wants. elsewhere, this is the target table I use. The 600/900 rpm areas are too lean but I only allow it to tune from 1200 rpm upwards anyway.
  3. ebay

    This is why although I do buy on ebay reasonably often, I almost never sell. Mind you, our local auction house makes their charging structure look very reasonable........ Your original selling price seems quite good though? Nick
  4. Konis do seem to be best available based on my experience. They lack useful touches such as adjustable spring seats and damping adjustable on the car though. Have had bad experience of AVO and no experience of Gaz or Protech. Nick
  5. The Real Triumph Rocker Ratio

    Flippin' heck...... Top work Alan. Very thorough as always. Many interesting points brought out, tending to demonstrate that the original designers did in fact know what they were doing and leading me to wish to try the exercise on my own engine with rather higher lift cam (if only to determine whether the high lift is on the right lobes!). Questions of head skim & pushrod length might also arise. Aoie, I have noted pushrods running at odd angles in the past but don't recall seeing quite such an extreme angle before. Difficult to see how you could influence it much though.... Nick
  6. Setting Up ITB Mode

    Thing is Roger, we don't know either - you are blazing the trail and we are watching with interest! Especially those of us who have a partly built set of ITBs awaiting the next rush of enthusiasm. Nick
  7. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Yeah..... I can (and have) sit in the Vitesse for days at a time and still walk afterwards. If my relatively short runs in the Spit are anything to go by, this will not be the case in a GT6...... Nick
  8. "Abandoned"

    Same as that Paul Newman racing saloon Steve. Is that still about? Nick
  9. "Abandoned"

    Bit light on clues Steve....... Film "Abandoned" about the Rose Noelle? Can only access the trailer which has no Triumphs in it....... Unless going back before the 60s the options are quite few though. "Big" saloons 2000 / 2500 in Mk1 or Mk2 flavour Dolomite Toledo 1300 FWD All present in NZ...... Nick
  10. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Kind of..... if you squint a bit. Looks very small back down off the rotisserie - and it's still above normal running height! Nick
  11. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Chassis + tub = Car? We even wrestled the windscreen in to make sure that the screen surround and roof repairs hadn't messed the shape up too much. Was a right royal battle (partly because I didn't want to use lube pre-paint) but it's gone in and looks ok. Chassis + tub + bonnet really does look more like a car. Big final panel-fit fettling session now. Then paint stripping and detail bodywork finishing......... deep joy . The paint that is left is scared of nothing I also have this EV GT6 idea that is probably very daft but won't leave...... Parts needed are fearsome expensive......... Nick
  12. Agree that mechanical tweakery, especially TB balance are essential first moves. There is no point doing any serious idle or light throttle tuning until the TBs are balanced. Some drowned plugs are a sure sign of balance problems. Wideband would seem to be producing sane results. Frankly, I wouldn't expect to get it to run clean at 16:1 AFR - too lean for this engine. I found that I could just about get the Vitesse (2L) to tolerate a 16:1 cruise without hitching, though it made the pick-up very hesitant. The PI with 2.5 (and so less squish) just hitched and jerked and had to be run richer. You won't want to be much leaner than 14.5:1 anywhere except over-run and very light throttle cruise areas and not leaner than 15:1 anywhere. More of the light/moderate throttle driving zone will be 13 - 14 and bigger throttle 12 - 13. Both mine and Doug's AFR target tables should help with this. Just concentrate on getting it to run nicely and pull well - the numbers are a guide and not something to get hung up on. It wants what it wants. As a start point some people just set the target table to 13.5:1 everywhere except 4000+ at 80 - 100KPa, which is 12.5:1 If in doubt, tune to the rich side, especially at higher loads/rpms. Too lean in these areas can melt things REALLY fast. But anything under 11:1 is not great either, especially on a fresh engine due to the risk of bore-wash. My clutch, which is a fairly random collection of Toyota and Triumph bits, also makes weird noises from time to time. Usually low key groaning and whirring. It's been apart a couple of times (first time because it ate the cushioning springs in the centre plate - seems the 1.6 Hiace plate isn't strong enough) and second time due to engine swap. I've made tweaks both times which changed the noises, but didn't permanently cure them. Nick
  13. Vespa smallframe

    Why chop up the old remains....? You seem to have most of what you need in new parts? Or am I being dim? Old one seems rusty enough to be a UK resident..... Nick
  14. Engine Numbers

    The engine in my Vitesse is anonymous for the same reason. I also considered going the "twin" route but have never got around to it. Nick
  15. Noob from Market Harborough

    I would agree that your 2000 sounds very sick. Crank grind, shells and oil pump not horrifically expensive if the bores etc are ok. Can see why the "free" 2500 would be attractive. If the mains and big ends are still VP2 type and not showing copper - keep them! Be a rarity these days though........ Revington TR do (or did?) decent quality alternatives. Otherwise it's King/County HD TRi-metal. Thrust washers; see this guy for a lasting solution http://www.customthrustwashers.com/ Nick