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  1. Nick Jones

    brake pad knock back

    Blimey..... that's certainly plenty of beef! TRs have greater need than a Vitesse or GT6 as they use the smaller bearings and stub axle from the the Herald and Spitfire, yet have the bigger wheels.....
  2. Nick Jones

    brake pad knock back

    As I have all the parts to hand and have been building hubs this afternoon...... Standard parts laid out in order Standard set-up has both inner bearing races "floating" on the stub axle with bearing float being set by careful positioning of the castellated nut, which is not tightened, but held in place with a split pin. All bending forces are taken by the stub axle and the bearing races will rotate (slowly) on the stub in service. Over-tightening, if only to shut up a whining MoT man who does not know better, causes more spinning on the stub axle and will wear a step in the bottom of it. Spacer kit adds a tube between the standard bearings with shims used between it's outer end and the outer bearing to set the float (shims not very clear in the pic) Assembled With this addition, once the correct shimming has been determined the hub nut can be torqued up, clamping the bearing races together at exactly the right distance apart to give the desired end float. My preferred is just the barest hint of play felt with the wheel fitted - which is tighter than I would dare without the spacer due to the aforementioned spinning bearings issue. Because everything is now positively clamped together the inner races won't turn on the stub axle and the spacer shares any bending loads applied with the stub axle, making the assembly considerably more rigid and reducing flex.
  3. Nick Jones

    Herald sill cover things

    Hmmm...... never fitted any. Not very hopeful I know
  4. Nick Jones

    1st motion shaft needle bearing

    Earlier boxes don’t have it. They just have the diagonal one that tips out between the shafts where any that might find it’s way though the hole will be whisked away by centrifugal forces without much risk of it doing any lubrication. See my earlier pic series
  5. Nick Jones

    365 photos in 365 days

    Everyone looks happy Tried to identify coastal feature in the background...... failed.
  6. Those all look pretty fair. Couple might even qualify as "good"
  7. Nick Jones

    1st motion shaft needle bearing

    Dunno what that drilling is though I did note it on my single rail input shaft. Seems to entirely useless as sealed under the bearing! Got the bearing out by carefully picking the rollers out one by one. Once they’re out the cage comes out. Then found some weird lozenge-shaped washers that happened to be the perfect size to angle in then catch under the lip. Couple of those, a thicker but smaller backing washer, 5/16” bolt and some spacers and it wound out reasonable easily. I’ve even managed to get the bearing reassembled though not sure I’ll actually re-use it as the cage got a bit distorted in the roller removal process........ I’m not tight enough to risk it....... Most unkeen on shortening the shaft though I recognise it as a quick easy way out. Thing is, the rollers run very close to the back of the present hole and I really want to be sure the shaft is right through it. Bad things happen to rollers running on an edge where there are significant side loads. I’ll get the hole opened up to match the later shaft. One thing that is revealed is how little material is left in the transition between the input shaft and gear (shown in David’s cutaway above). Slightly less in my modded one than the factory version.... but only slightly......
  8. Nick Jones

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Yes, he’s been very efficient. He did say that it came in better than he usually gets them, though not enough to give me a discount!
  9. Careful about the “condition not important”.......... these things get ROUGH!
  10. Nick Jones

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    Herald/Vitesse one is light, simple and good for heel 'n toeing...... That's the simple cable version I'm talking about, not the cumbersome rod linkage.
  11. Nick Jones

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Yes, very pleased with the colour
  12. Nick Jones

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Been at the the paint shop this morning putting bonnet and doors back on - though not fully re-aligned so far. It's changed a bit.... Should hopefully be home end of next week - provided I can track down the transport man.......
  13. Nick Jones

    365 photos in 365 days

    Riding a horse called Binky..... if you are a follower of the prophet Pratchett
  14. Nick Jones

    Coin-op video games

    Care! Insanity lies this way
  15. Nick Jones

    brake pad knock back

    Well, I never knew such things existed - only ever come across the use of residual pressure valves for this purpose.