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  1. Nick Jones

    Greetings from the Register and Notts.

    Ouch...... unable to touch as current condition is evidence? N
  2. Nick Jones

    Soot Monster

    Should have mentioned before that the big Soot Monster passed it's MoT without comment - except that the tester (who I've known a while) did observe that the emissions (soot!) were astonishingly low considering it's age and mileage and would put many a younger machine to shame. 'Tis the constant thrashing keeps it's tubes clear maybe Meanwhile the little soot monster is in the nearly camp. It nearly needs three tyres, nearly needs front brakes (pads/discs) and nearly needs a couple of wishbones. Might try doing the brakes and hoping some new shiny bits swing the balance...... nice to be able stop after all and, having used it to go work today (it's not fond of hills), I did notice that the brakes could be better though tbh I'm not sure they are actually any worse than usual! Nick
  3. Shamelessly linking to a discussion on TSSC forum which gave me pause for thought https://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/4102-brake-drum-backplate-wear/?tab=comments#comment-45460 I always assumed that that two little dimples alongside the handbrake lever operating arm were meant to be there..... but maybe not.....? Thoughts? Nick
  4. Nick Jones

    Greetings from the Register and Notts.

    Hi Conrad, Welcome. Plenty of Triumph related stuff on here, if a little biased towards the small chassis stuff. What stage is your project at now - or is that a sore subject.....? Nick
  5. Nick Jones

    Sandm Triumph Lincs . TR's Liberated from them !

    Just a quick comment on this. We are not averse to naming and shaming traders who are mistreating their customers but I don't feel this is a place for great detail on their business methods, partly because this is my first encounter with the company in question, but also because the posters are new to this forum. I think Conrad pitched the opening post about as strong as it needs to be and it certainly carried an eloquent warning. Fellow sufferers can back him up and anyone fortunate enough to have had a good experience can put that side too. Anyone wanting more detail can always PM the posters. Cheers Nick
  6. Your Toolstop link shows something that is much more like a rivnut gun. Chris made a device earlier this year that uses spanners. It works, though you'd probably get tired/bored if you had more than a few to do. Nick
  7. AVOs in their default condition - shagged. That bottom bush is designed to fail. I changed mine 4 times before the rest of damper gave up and started piddling oil. Total life probably under 15k. There is at least one AVO abuse thread on here......... The Konis that I replaced them with are in a different league. Loss of the adjustable spring platform was an irritation - now overcome. What did you replace yours with? Nick
  8. Nick Jones

    Oldtuckunder Wins Class

    Congrats indeed! There's alot of hard work in car development gone into that result and it makes me very happy that a "mere" Vitesse, and a Mk1 with swing axles at that, is showing the TRs the way to go! Growing driver skills and bravery should not be forgotten either of course Top work Alan! Nick
  9. Steve wins! Nice looking car and I would have guessed a bit later..... Nick
  10. Nick Jones

    Soot Monster

    The junior soot monster, the boy's Seat Arosa, is due an MoT. The airbag light has been on for a while. So I dragged out the old laptop and lead and fired up my ancient freeware version of vagcom. That said "airbag igniter circuit resistance high". The total circuit resistance as seen by the ECU has to be between about 2.5 Ohms and 4 ohms. Basic precautions when working on airbag systems include turning the ignition off and waiting 30s before plugging/unplugging anything and not applying a multimeter to any circuit that might have an igniter on the end of it. That includes seatbelt pretensioners. This particular car has a very basic single airbag in the steering wheel and nothing else. I unbolted/unplugged the airbag from the wheel and set it aside. You basically have to assume they are ok unless no other fault can be found (and they usually are). Tried some suitable resistors in the plug but the fault remained unchanged. Next in the chain is the "clockspring" which carries the circuit across the rotating divide between wheel and column. Only moving part and prime suspect. When you unplug it from the rest of the circuit, its plug has an automatic earthing feature which shorts the two pins together. This makes checking continuity easy, and to my surprise there was some. Measured about 1ohm. Then tried the resistors in the next plug upstream and found that with a 3.6 ohm resistor in place and the fault cleared in software, the warning light went out and stayed out. Experimenting with different resistance values proved that the the circuit could be made to fail high or low and was probably working correctly. Repeating on the airbag side only produced "fail high" results whatever I tried in spite of the apparent continuity. Off to the scrapyard where I partially dismantled a couple of elderly VAG products to measure their clock springs, which showed similar readings to the original. In the end I bought one, took it home and tried it. It works......... I have no idea why! But I am grateful. Now to check the usual stuff like lights, tyres, brakes, ball joints and so on. Emissions.....? Seems to be running ok. Only minor concern is that "they" randomly changed the rules earlier this year to say that on cars that have emissions values shown on their vin plate, that value takes precedence over the default MoT values, and the vin values are always lower, sometimes much lower....... Senior Soot Monster has nothing on it's plate, but actually gave an excellent reading when tested recently. MoT man said it was the cleanest non-DPF diesel he's tested in ages. Junior soot monster.... I guess I'll have to check the plate. It also has a lower default value due to the absence of turbo....... On the plus side we scraped about a kilo of soot out of the inlet tract since the last MoT and that really ought to help! The joys of modern old bangers....... Nick
  11. Yeah...... that's a fairly extreme example. What were they thinking of? I'd have used a small jiffy bag...... Many years ago I bought an exhaust box for my b2 Audi 90 from the then new kids on the block, EuroCarParts - by mail order. Something I'd almost never done before. This huge box turned up - the van driver wanted help to unload it, not because it was heavy but because it was big enough to house a full size fridge. It was also full of holes as there was no packing inside it to speak of and the exhaust box had been galloping around inside, trying to butt it's way out. It had failed, and wasn't damaged either though it might have inflicted some wounds on surrounding packaging. I had other similar, though less extreme, experiences with the same supplier over the next few years, until they opened a local depot. Nick
  12. Nick Jones

    Clutch hydraulics

    Are you confusing us or yourself John....? DoT 5 (the silicone stuff) is usually purple-ish in colour - at least when new. Nick
  13. Nick Jones

    Clutch hydraulics

    For me, I have fewer objections to DOT in a clutch system but don't use it in my cars as I want to use DOT 4 in the brakes and consider that both systems should use the same. if you've already got DOT 5 in the brakes then I'd say it's a no-brainer. Nick
  14. Look forward to hearing about this. Quite fancying the simple mechanical approach myself.