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  1. Nick Jones

    Joys of engineering

    I saw that and smiled a little. I thought fluorescent dye or glue (as well as glitter) might have been appropriate.
  2. Nick Jones


    Hi Devon, Welcome - and how nice to make a connection! Have I also seen a pic of your car on the Retro-Rides forum of is that a similar one? Nick
  3. Nick Jones

    TR6 EFI Sanity Check

    Been playing this game with Triumph 6s for a while now..... Yes, I think your fuel map is richer than it needs to be and you could run more ignition advance, especially at part throttle. The fuelling map is likely the main problem. You are right to be cautious but you can afford to take a few liberties, even at full throttle, up to about 3-3,500 rpm and beyond that at part throttle. Indeed you have to do this to an extent to establish what the engine wants. AFR from 4000 upwards at full throttle does need to be in the mid 12s but that’s too rich elsewhere. Timing wise, don’t go over 31 above 4000 rpm unless chassis dyno proven. Do you have an AFR gauge you can see while driving? If so, you are looking for mid 14s to 15 at cruise. 12.5 to 13 under hard acceleration (lower numbers at higher rpms) and 13 to 14 the rest of the time. Dont be afraid to drive around with auto tune on. It is a magic tool provided your AFR targe table is ok, just make sure the car is up to temp before setting off so it’s actually working. It will take a untuned car from barely driveable to pretty good in about 10 - 15 mins driving (though I don’t recommend trying it in city traffic!). Takes longer (and some good steep hills) to cover most of the map and really takes a chassis dyno to cover the full throttle, high rpm areas safely as you can’t usually go that fast on the road. Wideband and auto tune make it so much quicker. When I first did mine nearly 15 years ago I didn’t have either and it took many miles of data logging with narrow band and having a good friend drive while I fiddled with settings to get it right. Nick
  4. Nick Jones

    May's Brexit Plan

    Well, this is true, though the constant noise made by brexit has more than offset that in my book. What it has also done is seriously interfered with the primary purpose of government, which I always thought was to run the country to the best advantage of it's citizens, though maybe that's an old fashioned and now contentious view? I know for a fact that my little bro, who has been climbing the greasy civil service pole for years, has done nothing but brexit related chasing around Europe for the last two and a bit years. His travel and hotel bills are significant, and he's just one of an army of them. Meanwhile, he's not doing what he was originally hired to do....... in fact he complains that he's trying find the least damaging way of undoing what has effectively been his life's work.... Whatever the outcome, the cost of this little tory project to the taxpayer is immense, in monetary terms, but also in time lost.
  5. Nick Jones

    TR6 EFI Sanity Check

    At PC now so table below. There is no reason why the numbers on the VE table would anything like yours. You have different size injectors will will affect the absolute values (though not necessarily the general shape) and a completely different exhaust manifold, which will affect the way the engine breathes and could alter the general shape. However, the AFR table and timing table will have some relevance. PI ignition table PI target Table PI VE table Also meant to ask why you have 5º in the two top-left cells of your ignition table? This is where the engine goes when it's about to stall and dropping the timing numbers will tend to encourage that. Most people do the opposite as a crude "anti-stall" Nick
  6. Nick Jones

    TR6 EFI Sanity Check

    Hi Emile, Welcome! That’s a nice looking install which should be capable of good things. Do you have a particular running issue? Have you been using the auto tune feature in Tuner Studio with wideband? Looking at your tables, my first impressions are AFR table looks to have the right general shape but is probably a bit rich below 4000rpm/above 80kPa. Will certainly be safe and probably run well but be a bit thirsty. VE table has a couple of “lumpy” areas especially the top three lines up to 2400rpm. This (the other areas) may just be where auto tune has not had enough data to change things as it quite a challenge to cover all regions of the tables when driving on the road. Spark table looks safe but maybe a little conservative. I’m sure the engine will take more advance especially at lower rpms and part throttle. In some areas (cruise), quite a bit more, which will make throttle response sharper and improve fuel economy. I have table from my PI saloon which had a pretty similar engine spec to yours. It has been posted on here before but not quite sure where offhand so will post again when I’m at my pc. Is the exhaust manifold a single down pipe (US standard I think) or twin downpipe as used on the PI cars? Nick
  7. Yes, I worked that out afterwards. Should have corrected to sat that TR Enterprises sell the TR kits........... He does the Vitesse/GT6/Big saloon ones. He did do Herald/Spitfire ones for a while but may have given up on those as I’m not sure how well they sold. Roger, I presume that the potential issue with TR brakes is the same as that on the big saloons and mainly that manoeuvring at low speed, using lots of lock, causes the stub axles to flex a little which in turn makes the brake discs move and push the pads back a little, giving a long brake pedal next time you want the brakes, sometimes alarmingly so. Worse on cars with big wheels and tyres, especially if the bearings are also a little slack. Vitesse and GT6 have the same beefier bearing and bearing spacing as the saloons and are much less affected by the pad knock-back effect.
  8. Looks Like they’ll be gas tight and not too bad a job to dress back. Win in my book! I haven’t yet got to the point where I can stick two bits of ally together at all....... Nick
  9. Nick Jones

    Formula E ... Anyone watching?

    Thank you for those links John. Easy to see why event organisers just say no. One wonders whether the fire brigade and other first responders are given training now that hybrid and full ev are getting numerous on the roads. Nick
  10. Nick Jones

    Ford Focus CC3

    I'm told this is is "the business", though a bit pricey for my taste https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3M-Rubber-Weatherstrip-Seal-adhesive-Black-V-Strong-15-00-free-postage-/152921843494 I usually use Tigerseal which seems to stick to just about anything like the proverbial poo to a blanket. Nick
  11. Nick Jones

    May's Brexit Plan

    Press a big part of the problem. Spreading mis-information. Whether due to towering ignorance and too lazy to check or following own/masters agenda - you judge.
  12. Nick Jones

    May's Brexit Plan

    As mentioned above, that was a British decision (Blair/Brown) and not actually imposed by the EU. Don't know whether it could be amended now - or where the limits on the principle of free movement lie. There has been a tendency by British officialdom (more than our share of jobsworths?) to gold-plate EU regs (or at least interpret them to the nth degree) and then blame the whole thing on the EU when challenged. Bent bananas "outlawed", weights in pounds and ounces........
  13. Gaz have sensible bottom bush. VAT included in above price. Konis £139. Must say that I’ve been really impressed with the Konis even though they caused me some aggro finding springs due to the loss of adjustable seats. Mind you, the new springs were part of the win.
  14. Ouch. That answers that then. Mine stay under the bench! Gaz height adjustable £83 from Larkspeed, probably plus vat and postage, but even so.......