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  1. Above is my solution using a K&N air filter and hammer formed flanges. Sorry I can't find better pics
  2. Cisitalia 202M? Mid 40's, probably post war? Where did you see this? Do you know the history? Please share. One of my mentors has an old calender in his shop with a red version of this. If it's the same I've seen the pic a thousand times LOL
  3. I have mic's up to sixteen inch and a neat set of mitotoyo reference bars. Don't know why but I couldn't let them go in the trashbin when we closed the plant LOL Also a huge set of inside bore mic's come to think of it. Anybody have a twelve inch piston? Hmmm, I may be sorry I asked that question LOL
  4. GT6Steve

    Crankcase Breather Mod

    I'm familiar with a very famous and unrestored Ferrari Testarossa that has an intriguing catch tank. When examined closely it is discovered there is a false bottom and drain holes so it never filled during the longer races LOL Crafty.
  5. Haven't we been over this before?
  6. GT6Steve

    Full race 2.7

    That would be Chris Canicelli at PRIRACE.com. Or WAS. Looks like he's lost the URL??
  7. GT6Steve

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    LOL, yes. The rules are very important to me and I will never endure the dishonour of cheating. That never goes away if you are even once identified as such
  8. GT6Steve

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    I have exploited every trick to move the engine back in the GT6 and I believe the benefits are there. Without cutting the bulkhead my race motor is fractions from touching. I know nothing about the Vitesses but I do believe it's worthy
  9. GT6Steve

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    funny this comes up as I just recently recommissioned my Technics SL-1300 turntable. Oddly coincidental too that, a friend called while emptying a storage locker and asked if I wanted the two boxes of vinyl albums in there. So the last two weekends have been dedicated to exploring someones collection with some satisfying results ;-)
  10. GT6Steve


    Many years ago when I was a biker the boys would informally organize a donation run. First few times we were denied simply on our appearance. After the insult passed we embraced it as a game and fought back against their preconceptions and were able to donate usually. I look back now at the foolishness of riding after donating but still smile at that whole scene
  11. GT6Steve


    what are they telling you about post-op? How long to be back at it?
  12. GT6Steve


    Good to hear Nick, glad it went well !
  13. GT6Steve


    Good Luck Nick, we'll be thinking of you...
  14. GT6Steve


    valve seat recession