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  1. Spitfire Sump Baffle and Windage Tray

    hinge half the transverse baffle so oil will flow back around the pump pickup but not forward during braking. There's a long thread on baffling on here somewhere. Like I said long ago, fill the pan with water and roll it around whilst thinking of your goals. I like to include a short wall above the baffle as well to act as a scraper for the windage...
  2. long term triumph owners

    bought my Spitty in 1973 Since then its had a new body, new frame and multiple engines. It's been sitting for years cuz such a little car is deadly in America but I have everything laying around to, including a freshly paainted body, to put it back on the road. Things don't rust here in the Mojave.. I drove it for almost fidfteen years with no top, just a tonneau
  3. Can you get anything useful from this? It's for the Nissan racing hubs but MAY have a useful dimension? hub.dwg
  4. Channel Bridge

    Does anyone really want France closer?
  5. TR6, DCOE, Cannon manifold and balance tube

    i agree to a point although the energy of their contempt is remarkable, block the balance tube as a trial, cant hurt
  6. 81 Stinkin Corvette

    Having so much fun with this damned thing lately...
  7. 81 Stinkin Corvette

  8. I may have those dimensions documented, I'll look when I get home. If you have Autocad you may be able to take it from a good DWG I have. I'll look
  9. That's different

    No, I spotted it in a storage yard nearby. Just liked the logo on his slideout LOL
  10. I want to know what he's got in that compartment. Must be a Spitty Racer, eh?
  11. Calling crossworders!

    My heart is with her. Sometimes the Sunday's are shredded by the time I finish LOL
  12. My weekend so far

    I agree with that even with the Mk2 being the favourite. They do look better in the dark colours IMHO. My yellow is a sunny colour but I prefer the darker...
  13. Ivans GT6

    As Nick mentioned diff ratio I will add that the 3.65 diff seemed ideal for my taste with the O/D. They are rare in the US but common in Europe I'm told?
  14. Hi Steve - long long long time no speak!

    I've not been around Sideways for a while, mainly because Spitfire playtime is over as I now run Triumph restoration business here in the UK - see here:


    How have you been - looks like you're still racing, and helping others with your accumulated wisdom and wit.

    The reason I'm getting in touch is that we have a GT6 MK2 in for full restoration and the shell is so rotten that a solid donor car seems like the best way forward. Solid MK2s are very rare in the UK, so I'm wondering whether it would be better to find one out there in the desert and get it shipped back here? I remember years ago you saying that GT6s were ten a penny out there - I guess thats not quite so true today, but what is the scene like?

    If you're interested I'd be very willing to pay you a finder's fee, and I have a contact that ships a 40ft container of Triumph from US to GB twice a year, so transport is sortable.

    What do you think?

    Very best, Richard.

  15. Health.....

    Speak to us Ol' Buddy....