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  1. Yes PLEEZ! Love to read it and be able to print it for files. Steve
  2. I have a race buddy that collects them. Has a factory prepped racer among the crowd. As I know so very little about them I once asked why he never brought one out to the races and he complained they were an absolute pig to drive? That startled me...
  3. I think they were still using B&W celluloid when I was skydiving LOL
  4. I have an old copy of Classics and Sportscars? with an article on this car back in the day. Maybe I'll dredge it up. I suppose I could scan it if anyone's keen...
  5. Spent the last few weeks wandering around the garage , looking at parts and pondering if I can build an engine from old parts. Yesterday was a thrash and I think I have a combination to go back racing with no money. It won't be a Porsche killer this time but top ten for sure. Doing a dry assembly in a few to check if it all adds up. Fingers crossed....
  6. And the knots perfecrtly aligned, I still do that with Ty-raps LOL
  7. Damn! I well remember doing that lacing on wire bundles. Was very satisfying to view when complete however...
  8. Thank You John, I sleep better now LOL. I like your tab idea. Mine was bolted to captive fasteners and Loctite thread sealer.
  9. Damn, I cringe at some of their shop practices. Your H&S would go nuts at their drill press LOL. And please tell me those aren't self tappers holding their windage tray ;-))
  10. I wonder if filling it with grease and smartly whacking an 18 mm shaft in will shift it as a bushing?
  11. It's been rough in Vegas this week as well. We've had several non sunny days with falling moisture a few times . Hard to keep the car clean....
  12. You can substantially improve the chassis stiffness by seam welding all the flanges to replace/augment the spot welds.
  13. That looks like something I would do to shed an ounce LOL
  14. I wasn't aware of ANY six blocks having liners? At least not any US spec blocks.
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