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  1. I was so pleased with the Nilos seals I've never explored this any further. It's intriguing though as I have a shelf full of seal catalogs. I can understand the advantages of a nice lip seal in the UK environment. And I'd expect any modern lip seal to be happy with the relatively low RPM's Nick calculates... John, this is a ridiculously pricy seal at the first link I found. Did you hit up your local bearing supply house? Second one is a supplier I use daily so if you want I could get you a handful and ship them ...First one delivers before Christmas however LOL https://www.amazon.com/CR-Seals-SKF-13612-Nitrile/dp/B07D79DDLZ https://www.motionindustries.com/productDetail.jsp?sku=01297794
  2. GT6Steve

    How to measure a Cam in the Hand

    I've only ever done UK cams and they were always at .010, I know but have not experienced US cams are AT .050. dId you read the duration at .101 lift? I've a dozen racing cams here so I'm tempted to throw one in the lathe . Did I read correctly your's is a Newman? Have none of those sadly, What was the quoted duration and lift, just for comparisons...
  3. GT6Steve

    How to measure a Cam in the Hand

    Have you allowed for the quoted lash, the gap between lifter and cam? Thoat makes the opening later affecting your readings perhaps? Ermmm, never mind...
  4. GT6Steve

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    My recollection is the Spittys sit the engine slightly lower that the GT6 bits and that's what I've used in my racer. My head sit's a mm or so from the unmodified bulkhead as the rules require.
  5. I'd say he worked that magnificent little CNC machine to it's limits! I wish I had such skills as exhibeted. I gotta think though that they'd have gotten off cheaper in the end by simply rallying a brand new Bentley or roller. LOL Never can have too many clamps for a mill or pillar drill. A couple times I was seriously concerned for his fingers.....
  6. GT6Steve

    Estate car for sale

    Remeber the 70's era Volvo wagon with a large no-frame glass rear window? I still lust for one....
  7. GT6Steve

    Estate car for sale

    Call me a nutjob if you will but I absolutely LOVE shooting brakes. Estate cars. Station wagons, whatever we want to call them. Most conversions end up looking a bit awkward to my eye yet I adore them nonetheless. Is it the Lynx Eventer that was based on the XJS? Love it! Just my 2 pence worth LOL...
  8. GT6Steve

    Sandm Triumph Lincs . TR's Liberated from them !

    To my recollection, and I've been here since the site was opened, it's always been the policy that we not slag off vendors or tradespeople by name due to possible legal repercussions. We all arrived here by heavy handed mods driving usfrom a previous site. Much as I'm seeing with the fresh influx of welcome newcomers. Typically our Admin have never been heavy on authority so I would beg that we maintain our "pirate ship" mentality that brought us here and respect the light touches of control we occaisonally see? Please?
  9. GT6Steve

    Research Report

    I have never seen the spoked version on any US spec engines?
  10. GT6Steve

    Fitting your Prop shaft

    Yes indeed, Thanx for that. As Nick said, that was a great demonstration.
  11. GT6Steve

    TR5 crankcase oil galley plugs.

    Is that the competiton oiling thread? I remember the marked up photo. Ermmm Nick. I found it. Can I get in there somehow for some editing?
  12. GT6Steve

    TR5 crankcase oil galley plugs.

    There's an old thread on oiling mods where the entire system is thoroughly explored. Nick's work I recall. Maybe you can dredge it up.
  13. Good points Nick, thank you. I have virtually Zero experience with IEC motors.
  14. The trick for three phase is to buy a super cheapy static converter and use it as simply a starter for a larger scrap three phase motor. If you keep asking at the rewind shop in your town they will eventually give you a 3-5 HP three phase motor with a spoiled shaft. When started under no load your cheapy static converter will get the motor going and it becomes a three phase Ttransformer essentially giving you a nice clean three phase power for your equipment. I run all of my equipment from one such converter. In addition, the internet is filled with DIY plans for building the static converter. As for converting to a single phase motor that is generally unfeasable as the same HP will have a considerably larger frame than the equivalent three phase motor. http://www.nojolt.com/how-to-build-a-rotary-phase-converter.shtml