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  1. Modern cars and POs

    Driving around an Audi TT...... I read long ago that the angle method was preferred in shipbuilding and locomotives and extremely accurate, Do worry about the one time usage as well but have seen no mention of it yet. I have to do it though. Can't put the new pan on without a looksee!
  2. Modern cars and POs

    I'm replacing the oil pan on a 2007 Dodge Charger. As it's off I want to inspect the rods and mains but terrified of the modern fasteners. Torque to twenty foot pounds then 1/4 turn more doesn't sound very precise to me. As an aside, I'm driving the 69 E Type every day now. Took some mental adjustment at first but now it's a hoot! And gets a lot of attention ;-)
  3. IPhones in UK?

    I've been in the Apsley Argos many times but never thought of a phone. I'll have a look. I prefer unlocked myself as I'm always a rebel without a clue...
  4. IPhones in UK?

    got it and replied. There's always glitches in any system, particularly when new. If it's any clue it says my Inbox is full and stays that way after deleting some messages. Had no idea I had 231 inbox messages. Must've never been emptied LOL
  5. IPhones in UK?

    Apparently I can't direct message you anymore. Contact me , maybe we can meet in Bath or somesuch?
  6. IPhones in UK?

    It's certainly not my last trip. Don't stress...
  7. IPhones in UK?

    I'll be there Friday Evening, October 26 and fly out Tuesday Afternoon, October 31. I'm not sure what she has planned for the weekend but I know I'm free Monday morning. It's a long way to drive and there is that working for a living bit but otherwise I'd be tickled to meet ya.
  8. IPhones in UK?

    That's about the same here in Dollars. She get's her phone from her provider now so maybe I'll ask a few subtle questions while I'm there....I know there are EE shops everywhere ;-)
  9. IPhones in UK?

    Thanx for that. I think w'll try swapping SIM's and see what results we get. I'll have time before Christmas t find a 7S for her. (Maybe I can get her 6S then HeHeHe...)
  10. IPhones in UK?

    Yeah, there's very mixed opinions on USA spec and UK spec phones being interchangeable. They're much cheaper in US but they don't work with a few providers. All very techie and complex if you're over forty I guess... I'll be in Hemel Hempstead for a few days.
  11. Amigos, How does it work to buy an IPhone in UK? I'm thinking of getting my wife a 7S for Christmas. My provider, Virgin USA, has used and new phones for sale at a slight discount. What's the easy way to get one in UK? I believe her provider is EE? I expect stocks to dwindle soon as Christmas approaches and I don't expect 10 sales to increase the supply. Any thoughts or opinions? I'll be in town at the end of October so I plan to hit the local mall on a day she works. Thanx, Steve
  12. End of season compression test

    I think the gauges would be the expensive part to construct one. Have a link to your Youtube video?
  13. End of season compression test

    A better indication of wear would be a leakdown test where you pressurise the bore via a sparkplug insert and measure the amount of air escaping. Anything more that a 1-1.5% leakdown is no longer a racing engine. In addition the noise of the escaping air will alert you to which area is weak causing the loss. I.E. hiss in tailpipe suggests exhaust seats. BTW, were your compression tests done with throttle open or closed? Numbers seem low?
  14. This one was Pauters and they all sustained shrapnel damage. I've never had as devastating (or as silent) a blowup as this last. In fairness the engine had about eleven weekends on it without inspection so I can't blame any components. This was entirely my fault. Looks like nothing is salvageble but I'll know more by Sunday.
  15. While poking around the shed today I found a box of Carrillo rods and pistons. Must be from an old blowup that I dissected and put away. Five rods and some scuffing on the pistons so I'm thinking there may have been overheating and a seizure. Really have no idea but I know it was a long time ago. I'll send the rods back to Carrillo for examination and buy one more to complete the set. Getting back into the garage now that the heat has abated, feels good ;-)