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  1. GT6Steve

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    funny this comes up as I just recently recommissioned my Technics SL-1300 turntable. Oddly coincidental too that, a friend called while emptying a storage locker and asked if I wanted the two boxes of vinyl albums in there. So the last two weekends have been dedicated to exploring someones collection with some satisfying results ;-)
  2. GT6Steve


    Many years ago when I was a biker the boys would informally organize a donation run. First few times we were denied simply on our appearance. After the insult passed we embraced it as a game and fought back against their preconceptions and were able to donate usually. I look back now at the foolishness of riding after donating but still smile at that whole scene
  3. GT6Steve


    what are they telling you about post-op? How long to be back at it?
  4. GT6Steve


    Good to hear Nick, glad it went well !
  5. GT6Steve


    Good Luck Nick, we'll be thinking of you...
  6. GT6Steve


    valve seat recession
  7. GT6Steve

    Cracked main shaft

    We have repaired that in the past. First time we used a hardened bearing sleeve to mpress over the turned down tip and it worked very well. If your's is actually cracked it may not be viable Next time we bored the shaft and pressed in a dowl pin which also lasted fine. I think I have a drawing some where of the first solution if you have a machinist you trust Finally, I have a drawer full of mainshafts for Spitty's (I recall) if it's worth the shipping from the US. a hundred Dollars I'd estimate. I have tons of Spit gearbox parts...sadly ;-)
  8. GT6Steve

    Odd drawings

    I have no idea John, They are dwg's in this thread? Converting them to PDF's has been very iffy so perhaps the version is too old?
  9. GT6Steve

    Gearbox breather

    Didn't they relocate the breather hole to the squarish deoression in the shifter rail body?
  10. GT6Steve

    Odd drawings

    I never did master AutoCad and lost the opportunity shortly after these were done. If there's anything useful enjoy it ;-) camshaft lock plate2.pdf camshaft lock plate.pdf 2GT6 Cam Drive Sprocket- Chain2.pdf TR6coordinates.xls stretch gauge.dwg Spring.dwg Rear engine plate.dwg Rear engine plate Excel.dwg GT6 Cam Drive Sprocket- Chain2.dwg GT6 Cam Drive Sprocket- Chain.dwg distributor pedestal.dwg Diff insert.dwg camshaft lock plate2.dwg camshaft lock plate.dwg Bridgeport Adjustable Worm Shaft.dwg 2GT6 Cam Drive Sprocket- Chain2.dwg
  11. This is one of many drawings for the GT6 rear hub conversion utilising Nissan bits. I'll attempt to scan the sketches and parts lists in later. hub.dwg hub.pdf Some photos http://s206.photobucket.com/user/GT6Steve/slideshow/GT6 Racing Hubs
  12. Freeze plug list.xlsx
  13. GT6Steve

    Musing on road speed

    I've read that the US Department of Transportation requires speedos to read 10% high. I always assumed it was the safety nazis trying to slow us down but John's point makes as much sense if not more. Damn I hate giving up a conspiracy theory! LOL
  14. GT6Steve

    Project Binky

    Staggering fabrication as usual! Thanx for the link John...
  15. GT6Steve

    So whats a windage tray worth?

    Kas relates a tale where he put a plastic window into the side of a GT6 block. Says after idle the interior was completely masked by whipped oil. In another thread I related issues with cavitation damaging oil pumps early on when RPM started climbing to racing levels. I fully believe in the dangers of aerated oil and absolutely believe in windage trays coupled with effective crank scrapers. Steve