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  1. My weekend so far

    I agree with that even with the Mk2 being the favourite. They do look better in the dark colours IMHO. My yellow is a sunny colour but I prefer the darker...
  2. Ivans GT6

    As Nick mentioned diff ratio I will add that the 3.65 diff seemed ideal for my taste with the O/D. They are rare in the US but common in Europe I'm told?
  3. Hi Steve - long long long time no speak!

    I've not been around Sideways for a while, mainly because Spitfire playtime is over as I now run Triumph restoration business here in the UK - see here:


    How have you been - looks like you're still racing, and helping others with your accumulated wisdom and wit.

    The reason I'm getting in touch is that we have a GT6 MK2 in for full restoration and the shell is so rotten that a solid donor car seems like the best way forward. Solid MK2s are very rare in the UK, so I'm wondering whether it would be better to find one out there in the desert and get it shipped back here? I remember years ago you saying that GT6s were ten a penny out there - I guess thats not quite so true today, but what is the scene like?

    If you're interested I'd be very willing to pay you a finder's fee, and I have a contact that ships a 40ft container of Triumph from US to GB twice a year, so transport is sortable.

    What do you think?

    Very best, Richard.

  4. Health.....

    Speak to us Ol' Buddy....
  5. My weekend so far

    Chalk and cheese yet each lovely in their special ways. Thinking of putting Spitsix back together in the new body. It would essentially be assembly. Have most everything. Somehow lost the taillight gaskets however????
  6. My weekend so far

    Getting this beastie back on the road soon. It's only been parked because I loathe the sods at Department of Motor Vehicles. I'll spend an entire day sitting but the reward is in sight. MOT next then a trip to the government
  7. My New Texas Ride

    I had to laugh seeing a full sized pickup truck in Herts. Never a more poorly suited vehicle to the UK environment. At least the giant SUV I saw had a modicum of weather protection. In both cases I had to wonder what they were thinking to select such an inappropriately sized vehiclefor the lanes. Oh well, pay your money and make your choices...
  8. Newbie from Vegas

    LOL. i missed the joke... The coating was much like the CermaKrome in your link above. Headers are just silver whilst manifolds were the high shine chrome. We have a shop nearby that does it although he's put his prices way up. I need to check with a new guy doing wheels to see if his process is similar. Your column will easily clear my pipes although that side of the car gets real busy on your specs. ;-) Now, how do we get a Herald all the way across town from Anthem to North Las Vegas for pics?
  9. Newbie from Vegas

    Hi Alan, car weighs 1800 Pounds and a bit. The headers are ceramic coated with a bake-on finish like Jet-Hot. Don't know what it's sold as in UK. I also coated the Weber manifolds in the same stuff to reduce pre-charge heat as much as possible. I perceived a noticeable underhood temp reduction with the coating but it doesn't show any reduction with an IR gun. in addition, I believe the cockpit is dramatically cooler.
  10. Newbie from Vegas

    A Herald in Vegas?! Freakin awesome! Where do you live? I've wanted a Vitesse for decades. not many saloons in the USA. Welcome Tony. BTW, I'm in northtown offa Craig Road... and please Craig, I don't feel that old.....
  11. Modern cars and POs

    Driving around an Audi TT...... I read long ago that the angle method was preferred in shipbuilding and locomotives and extremely accurate, Do worry about the one time usage as well but have seen no mention of it yet. I have to do it though. Can't put the new pan on without a looksee!
  12. Modern cars and POs

    I'm replacing the oil pan on a 2007 Dodge Charger. As it's off I want to inspect the rods and mains but terrified of the modern fasteners. Torque to twenty foot pounds then 1/4 turn more doesn't sound very precise to me. As an aside, I'm driving the 69 E Type every day now. Took some mental adjustment at first but now it's a hoot! And gets a lot of attention ;-)
  13. IPhones in UK?

    I've been in the Apsley Argos many times but never thought of a phone. I'll have a look. I prefer unlocked myself as I'm always a rebel without a clue...
  14. IPhones in UK?

    got it and replied. There's always glitches in any system, particularly when new. If it's any clue it says my Inbox is full and stays that way after deleting some messages. Had no idea I had 231 inbox messages. Must've never been emptied LOL
  15. IPhones in UK?

    Apparently I can't direct message you anymore. Contact me , maybe we can meet in Bath or somesuch?