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  1. Once I get the calliper for the GT6 sorted I will get back to the FIAT engine. More or less I'm out by 1/2 a tooth. That may related to the adjustable cam pulleys. So I will remove the belt. TDC the bottom end to get the dwell just right. Then manually TDC the cams and mark them inside the cam boxes. From there I can setup the pulleys and see if will actually line up.
  2. Well not as much access as I had hoped. I will try and drill through the back port hole and weaken the extractor. Then apply fire.
  3. Yep saw those. Don't fancy spending $300 Tempted to take them apart. http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/Brakes/Front/Front.htm
  4. 1.8L DOHC engine does love to rev. We need to sort out why I don't made power up the hill but from what I'm reading I should be able to adjust the intake cam a touch and may find the missing power I need.
  5. Hell the pads I put on the GT6 still look good. I am so tempted to weld the bleeder up and never bleed the thing again hehe. These look promising. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-New-Reman-Triumph-Brake-Calipers-Type-16P-16-P-TR3-TR4-TR6-/390618564406?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5af2ae4736&vxp=mtr
  6. I'm hunting. I really want to drive my car. So this situation is a PITA Pads I use the compound from TSI and never had any issues. Either way. Hunting is still in progress. Till then. Enjoy me playing with GT6 at the recent race.
  7. I'm doing a little ebay searching. What can you guys tell me about the toyota option? A.
  8. I'll try and drill tonight but need to remove the seals. James has grown a lot. Was at a birthday party and he was by far the tallest kid. Most were a year older. Eh if he keeps it up I wont have to worry about him trying to drive the GT6 in 10 years.
  9. So the other weekend I did my first race. Busted my tail getting the car to perform. Had a few DNF's. Morning Wet Race on Sunday. Afternoon race. Good GT6 battle.
  10. Hi Nick yes. James is 7 now and 4' tall. The photo was him riding in the GT6 for the first time. FIAT did really well for its first race this month. New bottom end I built up over the winter. Plus new tires made the car really nice to drive. In the wet I went from 14th to 6th in a lap before they rolled out the yellow. Calliper.
  11. D'oh should have landed this in the tech section.... Mod/Admins feel free to move it over if you can. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone. Been a while. Working on the GT6 after a pot hole tried to kill me and the car. Tonight was going well till I had a bleeder screw snap off in the right side calliper. Then the extractor bit broke off inside the screw. @#$%^&* Can I tap this sucker or am I screwed? Thanks. Andre
  13. I use Shell 91 which ethanol free. This pump came off the race car and I think it was suspect when it was in that car. So I will buy a new one and maybe a spare. I have 2 for the racer but they have -an6 fittings. One is installed and the other is in a box. A little differnet when your paying $$$ for a race weekend. Spares become more important. If I have time I might pull the pump off tonight. I'm sure I have a mech. pump laying around too but don't want to redo all the plumbing. Still at least a mech pump woudl get the car running while I wait for the shipment.
  14. D'oh FACET fuel pump died. Had to flatbed her home 40KM. This is only the 2nd time in 11 years I've had a mech failure with the car. First one being the transmission explosion in 2006. We tried everything on the side of the road but the unit appears to have passed on. I'll tech it tonight but ordering a new one today.
  15. Oh I've not done this in a very long time. It was rather nice to rubble along the park way. I'm not keen on the parking space here so I will take frequent breaks to check on her but should be ok. Only draw back is I now smell of Triumph fuel and oil. Last time I drove to work was for the photo shoot with the Spitfire. http://www.gt6.ca/photos/08/0820_Vintage_Wings/index.html
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