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  1. Hi John, Can I assume http://www.amazon.co.uk/Braille-Battery-B14115-Advanced-Lightweight/dp/B004DDI1AG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366120148&sr=8-1&keywords=braille+Battery#productDetails or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Braille-Battery-B2317-Advanced-Lightweight/dp/B004DDNHO6/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1366120148&sr=8-9&keywords=braille+Battery for instance then would not be suitable? I need to check my existing battery but think it could be circa 16kg, so perhaps there is scope to fit a smaller one given I run a high torque starter. The car does not have any drains i.e. when switched off aside from a Kenlowe fan perhaps, therefore with a denso alternator i'd of thought it would cope? Triumph-V8 - thanks, it is a 2.5 I don't know the precise spec but think its: balanced, 40 thou hepolites, race 6-3-1, weber 40s, good compression. Perhaps with a new cam there would be even more! Having been in a few other cars and know of some other tuned triumphs that have used the same rollers, the seat of the pants performance backs up the graph fyi. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the replies, I will have to weigh the whopper which is on the car and maybe I can fit something a bit smaller. For the outlay £100-150 it looks like there could be a saving of 7kg at least over my present item I suspect. Don't want to spoil the car or change the steel panels but all these little bits add up, before you know it you can be at least 50kg lighter. The straight 6 makes a TR for me
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for a "racing" style battery to save weight? I've got the bug for making my TR6 quicker. Engine is 185bhp and I don't want to touch it further if I can help it. The diet so far is: magnesium wheels, no bumpers, high torque starter, don't want to spoil it with GRP panels but thought maybe a lighter battery would be a good option? Also need to look at denso alternators. Thanks
  4. Nice one, don't think I'd get away with that at Square One, or my old home Western House
  5. Where are you off to Bruce? Yours truly from NR G&CA Manchester
  6. Hi SpitNL, You're right what I mean to say is, is that a no to lightening it unless I have the whole engine balanced? I agree I need to go somewhere that knows where to take meat off. Cheers Just off to remove the box!
  7. Hi All Thanks for the replies. So that's a no to lightening the flywheel then? The engine isn't coming out so the whole lot wouldn't be balanced but I didn't think it would do too much harm given the original wouldn't of been balanced? Cheers Steve
  8. Thanks for the replies chaps, I think the ebay place will do the job just need to get the exact measurements and send it through to them. Hopefully will be a simple enough job! Cheers
  9. Hi All, Planning on taking the clutch out on my dads TR6 this week, as the release bearing has had it and also will need to check if the actuating is as it should be. Chances are the clutch will also want doing, so my question is what to source/fit. I know Laycocks are very thin on the ground now, so perhaps B&B? Also while it's out I want to get the flywheel lightened as standard is something like 25lb CW recommends taking the saloons down to 17lb I presume TR6/Saloon flywheels are the same. Anyone recommend a place in the North West? Not sure whether I should send it a "specialist" or will a any engineering shop do? (don't know any shops local). Thanks All
  10. Thanks guys, I've dropped the ebay place a line as it looks like they might be able to provide the right size. Cheers
  11. Anyone know of somewhere that does exhaust adapters? I need to take my manifold which has a bore of around 1 7/8"/ 48mm? To mate up to the exhaust which is 2 1/4" 58mm? Had a look online but there doesn't seem much about, surely someone can make them to order/custom? Cheers
  12. Hope this weather keeps up, I should be going in a white TR6 only spectating though.
  13. NO grip dry or wet, compound seemed very hard.
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