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  1. FWIW means: f*****g inuit women in wales I can confirm the email has been sent, Ive been to busy playing with myself over my new toy to notice the move!
  2. Jony


    yup! insanely cheap for such an amazing car! there are some real bargain cars out there at the mo!
  3. should be fixed now and ye iv got it nailed ;D
  4. Id probably go for something abit more like:
  5. oh sod her george! that sounds like heaven! I LOVE hot roads, i just dont have the skill to build my own, yours sounds something abit like....... ;D I was going to post a pic of the kind I'd like but a quick glance on google images and i couldnt decide! i love them all!
  6. i did have one george, and it now read 13.5v so seems to be ok, and i sold the denso as Iv also lost quite abit on enthusiesm for it and trying to sell it, fancy something with abit more grunt and bigger, will still be sticking round and going to most of the shows though!
  7. yep! where were u at staffs george? i looked all over for ya! did you abandon us? i thought it was buggered as on the volt meter was only reading 12.5v when running and the same when not, but then i remember i had just charged the battery up full so that would probbaly be why, reads normal now and been out on a loooooong run, just me being a numpty!
  8. Iv been running my lucas pump for 4 years for for what its worth, trips to cornwall with baggage all round the pump, track days, stop in traffic, everything you could throw at it, and i have never ever had a single problem with it, i was wondering wether it was all a myth!
  9. I would also go down the turbo or supercharged (or both) route, sticking a V8 in a little car to me kinda ruins the idea of a lights well handleing sports car.
  10. the chassis doesnt need that much work on it, its more the bulkhead that needs all the work, though whilst it is all off the car it would DEFINATELY be worth it!
  11. Iv just got back and althought the stattic show is my cuppa tea and the stalls were abit poor, was still a very good turn out and emjoyed it very much, though after another great night with the TR YOOF group I now feel like a zombie!
  12. i shall be there in the yellow peril, I found stafford has been gettin better with Claire at the helm now, the only thing which i feel needs improvment is the choice of fancy dress on the saturday night, this year its a PJ party but ney mind! there is a rolling road and few traders and stands inside, always plenty of cars that are far too clean but usualy a good atmosphere, all depends on the weather aswell i guess for the turnout.
  13. voted! we all know youd thrash the lot of em!!
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