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  1. I'm busy spaceframing my car at the moment and am looking at making a fibreglass single piece rear clip with slightly wider rear arches. It'll be made to take the standard bootlid. I'll post some pics up as I make progress with the plug, but would anyone else be interested in one off the mould?
  2. itiejim

    St170 Engine Into My Spitfire

    I ran a Nodiz in my Ferrari 308 (on carbs) and got them to map it. I was always happy with the hardware but the (paid for) mapping wasn't great, the fella there really didn't have a clue what he was doing with down draft Dell'Ortos, leaving it far too rich. I could smell that it was way out without any tools! He wouldn't have it but I got it to run far better at home with some traditional tweaking.
  3. I'd speak to Rebel Racing or Reliant spares before spending big bucks for fabrication - they've been there before and there are some off the shelf bits available.
  4. itiejim


    Ooh, sounds like an uncomfortable couple of days, physically and psychologically. Lie you say though, sometimes these events really just allow you to appreciate good health (which so many don't enjoy). Glad everything worked out well and that you have no more than a good dinner time story and a bit more spring in your step! James.
  5. itiejim

    The mean spit

    Smartwater is well worth the investment. It you speak to your local police you may find that they offer a free or heavily discounted kit for burglary victims. Just make sure you mark all your kit, register it and put the stickers up in a very visible place. Evidence shows that it is a very effective prevention measure.
  6. itiejim

    Dashboard Top Coverings?

    I've used suede in the past. It's a bit more flexible than leather and doesn't cause dash reflections.
  7. I just cut one down. Chop off the top of the dash pot, tap a thread further down and shorten the damper rod. It was some years ago, buy don't recall it taking long.
  8. I've been making a little progress on my wide rear arches - managed to get a satisfactory mould off the wing and an arch off of that which I have now affixed with trusty Sikaflex! I'd really like to avoid having to try to replicate the arch mould on the other side so I'm trying to get a latex mould off of the driver's side and see if I can turn that inside out to get a satisfactory mirror image for the passenger side.
  9. itiejim

    Bulkhead Plug - Any Recommendations?

    Thanks folks, that really helps.
  10. In an effort to simplify (and waterproof) the bulkhead I have welded up all the various wiring loom holes and want to fit a decent quality detachable bulkhead fitting. This will only need to carry the bonnet loom plus horn etc - not everything for the ECU which will take another route. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good quality item which will do the job?
  11. itiejim

    Chris's Mkiv Basket Case

    I'd be interested to know the dimensions Nick. Particularly distance from tip of the input shaft to the gear lever and the width (is it wider at the back than an OD unit?
  12. itiejim

    Chris's Mkiv Basket Case

    Haha, found them: 3.483 2.015 1.484 1 0.762
  13. itiejim

    Chris's Mkiv Basket Case

    Let me know of you find the ratios for the year speed RX8 box. I had a look when I was looking at my gearbox options and couldn't find them. In the end I've just bought an upgraded Type 9 to replace my standard one. If the RX8 box has reasonable ratios I might look at getting one in as a spare and working out the mating up issues slow time.
  14. itiejim

    Supercharged K Series

    Thanks, that's a good suggestion. I might just get a profile gauge and use it to make sure they're both the the same. It's only the imperfections that make something stand out as bespoke (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).