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  1. Nick B.

    Silicone sealant blunder?

    Good - I will be back in the garage next thursday and put the engine and gearbox back in the car. Better get some thread sealant that is meant for the job Cheers Nick
  2. Nick B.

    Silicone sealant blunder?

    Hello Alan Thank you - that is very much an option which I was hoping that someone would suggest as I were thinking along those lines. I will do so, and hope most of the silicone is attached to the bolt. Thankyou
  3. Nick B.

    Silicone sealant blunder?

    I did put the copperwasher on the lower bolt - thats good. I did however put a blob of sealant in the hole instead of the thread - less good.... Stupid me What to do, what to do. I think the sealant will cure an stick to the bolt, - and if it goes lose, it will probably worst case clog up the OD-oilfilter , and I can fix that at oilchanges. Cheers Nick
  4. Nick B.

    Silicone sealant blunder?

    Yesterday evening I reassembled the gearbox. And at 3AM this morning I woke up realising I might have made a blunder. When I reattached the bellhousing, I gave the lower blot a dab of silicone sealant, as I wante it to be oiltight and not leak out into the gearbox. This probably illustrates why you should not mess with gearboxes after 3 days straight work with insignificant amount of sleep. What I fear is that a pea-size blob of silicone will enter the gearbox. Will this be a problem, or will it just be crushed to atoms and do no harm? Cheers Nick
  5. Nick B.

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    Hello The design is really something extraordinary. They are also funny to open, as they are meant to be repaired opposed to most present consumer electronic products. The quality of parts are also nice, allthough the plastic goes brittle - that is the only part that lets them down. I have had this stereo since early 90'ies. It has been in service, though one could discuss how much is left of the original stereo. It comes with a nice beogram 2404 recordplayer. I used to have a beogram 1000 recordplayer, as this allowed for records to be played at 78 rpm Cheers Nick .
  6. Servicing the Beomaster 1700 amp today. Volume slider is broken B&O managed to produce some good looking stereos, allthough some of the solutions were a bit - er - empty headed. For example - the volume son my amp is a slider, which worked fine for the first 20-30 years. Here is the unit - nice acces :-) Unfortunately the sliders are made of rubber, which goes hard and break - like this Not to mention the rollers they run on - they have a fork which interact with a potentiometer should look like this But the old plastic breaks and go like this Fortunately I have a spare unit for spares and repair, so I got the thing working again Next problem is the friction discs in the potentiometer-control. The slider controls volume, balance, bass and treble. And the friction discs are worn. Fortunately these are actually spareparts that can be obtained - more or less the on ting for these beasts. Cheers Nick
  7. If the title of this post refers to the 'Engine and anc...' category, I would like to correct John a little (this might be my only ever chance to do that) The latest pinned post were from 2011. The last regular post were from june this year - not all is bad :-) Cheers Nick
  8. Nick B.

    10CR post mortem

    I have checked the oil pressure relief valve - actually expeimented with 3 different just to be sure. The oilpump (well spotted) is an optical illusion, It is almost at the bottom of the sump. I have not plastigauge the BE, good idea. The shells looked so fine, that I doubt there is any flow problems here. For now I have just reassembled the engine and ruled out excessive wear on the shells. If ignition-troubleshooting does not solve the oil-temp problem I will definately look into the oilflow again and plasticgauge the BE. I think it is fair to mention that the very hot oil is mostly observed when I am doing very long runs with high RPM or climbing stelvio (it takes a lot of autobahn to get from denmark to italy...) Altitude map on the stelvioday (meters on Y-axis, kilometers driven on X-axis) And with speed overlay A nice 13 hour drive (with good meal-breaks). Cheers Nick
  9. Nick B.


    welcome back
  10. Nick B.

    10CR post mortem

    Hi Sam It is a 1300 engine. I have no oil-cooler, but have thought about it, as my oiltemperature is high (when flogging the car) though watertemperature is low. Have a wide rad fitted, that probably helps :-) I ran on castrol classic oil on 10CR Cheers Nick
  11. Nick B.

    10CR post mortem

    Not working fast here. Shells were fine, and oilpump were well within tolerances. Put NOS oilpump in for good measure. No excessive sludge in the sump. Shells were complete and undamaged. There were some scratches on the crank on the far left, but nothing that commanded a reground. All other were fine. Still on std size. I am turning towards oilpressure problems being down to poor ignition producing very hot oil which makes oilpressure go down.
  12. Nick B.

    Mating new gearbox to used overdrive

    Hopefully the proces will be easy as I take the old gearbox of, and then put the new gearbox in just minutes after. Lets hope.... And then hopefully the box is good. I trust Gareth has put a nice box together for me, and I can engage third gear without resorting to violence. The syncro rings looked somewhat miscoloured on the old one, and there were quite a lot of yellow metal debris in the OD filter, very fine metal grit from the syncro rings. Cheers Nick
  13. Nick B.

    Mating new gearbox to used overdrive

    Oh, dear. I am slow Yesterday I actually managed to start pulling the box apart. I managed to remove the bellhousing and the shifter mech. Then I realised that I did not have enough silikone for the gaskets to complete the job. Besides, that I was missing the top selector gasket (slow delivery...) I decided to leave it all on the floor, also because I could not remember what Nick Jones had told me NOT to fiddle with. In short, I was to tired to do anything, and I abandoned ship. Next tuesday I have an agreement with the box that it will be put back together and mated to the engine. And hopefully engine goes back into car. Cheers Nick
  14. Nick B.


    Fingers crossed All the best Cheers Nick
  15. Springs are 'uprated' marked with a yellow dot as far as I recall. My watertemp is perfect in the middle, even when oil is very hot. My very hot oil is a problem related to going up and down alpine passes (10CR 2017) or prolonged streches of autobahn after my OD went AWOL. The melted plug were before I went for AAA needles - that was on AAQ needles. And it was on a trackday in second gear screaming round a bend in way to many RPMs (I did beat that AC Cobra though :-) ) My bet is that my ignition timing is buggered as I am running an old unit probably with a half way dead vacuum unit) I need to get the MJ sorted. Cheers Nick