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  1. Best Radiator Flush?

    I cleaned out a blocked heater matrix with white vinegar - magic stuff for loosening rusty muck - flush with water then fill with Toyota spec red OAT coolant
  2. Triumph Cp Tr6 Uprated Camshaft

    Tom Key runs a Newman hybrid cam PH3/PH2 40-80 70-30 - same overlap as a TR5 cam works well on injection and decent exhaust - he uses the TRE 6-3-1 - he has seen 185-195bhp (flywheel estimated) on Vesey dyno
  3. Craig's GT6 MK3 in Aus.

    Nick - I'm running MS2 V2.89 - would love active idle control but haven't worked out how yet - I run an IAC valve which progressively lowers cold start idle
  4. Craig's GT6 MK3 in Aus.

    Nice one - just need some thick tape to bundle up all that wiring and shes a good un
  5. Big End Shell Recommendations?

    I wouldn't use it - AE/Glaicier bearings are OK - I used a set labeled as VP but stamped with a G before I really understood these things (vandervell were taken over and towards the end used VP boxes for Glaciers) for 4 or 5 years in my track 2.5 - they were mint when I reshelled (I usually reshell every 6-7 years with my track car) Cleanliness is the critical issue to bearing life - most wear is during the first few miles of a badly cleaned new assembly
  6. Gearbox Off A Broadspeed Sprint

    http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/performance-tuning/clutch-gearbox-drivetrain/close-ratio-gear-set.html I think most CR Sprint gear sets were effectively this but with a Dolly input shaft - gives a very high first gear especially with a 3.45 diff I have this gear set but with the lower first gear out of a saloon box
  7. Gearbox Off A Broadspeed Sprint

    I got this off TR Enterprises - you can see the gear tooth count above the ratio
  8. Lightweight Saab Clutch Cover For A Triumph.....

    I've used Saab Sachs covers very successfully - lovely light clutch that will spin both wheels easily with my LSD
  9. Modifying Lucas Pi

    He used large strategically place inverted Merc Bosch filters to stop aeration reaching MU http://www.bits4benz.com/product_p/0024771701.htm
  10. Modifying Lucas Pi

    I'm here - although not much over the next week or two - 1 and 3 is wierd - Markus GT6M had some good theory proved in practice of aerated fuel lines - clear nylon allows this to be seen - Bosch pumps are the guilty culprit especially the one way valve on their exit - may be causing lean mixture on 1 and 3 - that would cause lean misfire
  11. Audi A8 - Talk Me Out Of It!

    Properly big ones!
  12. My experience of DS3000 is amazing bite from cold and completely consistent brake force even when toasty - this is on a PI saloon running Volvo calipers and vented discs - the pads were re drilled ones for a Ferrari 328 or Aston DBSV8 - they are very aggressive on discs - change the pads , change the discs DS2500 are very good for the track and road but you need to follow the instruction to bed them in - they are good on discs unlike mintex 1144's which are far more aggressive . No experience of 1155, 1166 or Hawk
  13. The critical thing with all high spec fluids is regular changes - no point having top spec Dot 5.1 full of moisture and some false sense of security. Also always use small new containers rather than having a large container with its seal broken - half full - collecting moisture in a damp shed. So bulk buying is really a false economy unless you use it all quickly - ie trade type use If you have a friendly decent garage they can test fluid for moisture content . If in doubt bleed it out - 15 min job and keeps the nipples freed off.
  14. Use a decent Dot 4 and fit some cooling ducts - dot 5 mineral / racing fluid is stupidly hygroscopic and I don't need it when absolutely hammering my brakes on a circuit. Change it every 2 years or so - just be sensible.
  15. Mazda 77Mm Pistons

    Mazda E3 engine - unfortunately very hard to find now - best just stick with 0.060" oversize and avoid the need for oversize/expensive gaskets